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  1. this is so true! thank you for helping me to see things clearly. because i do think you are correct. i just feel burnt out. making a change might not be what we really need... i might just need a break, lol!
  2. hello guys, i haven't been around in a long while but i missed the awesome topics here so i came back:) i have a question about CC. this is our first year in the books, in Foundations, and my kids have all loved it. me however, i love what my kids are learning but i can honestly say i don't "enjoy" it like i hoped. i think i get bogged down in the memory part and don't find it as enjoyable as when we did MFW. i find myself missing those MFW days. and before you say it, no, we can't do both:) i cannot afford both. but i wondered if i was alone? did anyone feel this way about CC? my ki
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