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  1. It is my understanding that a reading specialist needs a masters degree, but I could be wrong.
  2. I am aware schools have changed a lot ( my husband has been a public school teacher for 28 years). I may try to get a job at a private school and eventually want to tutor dyslexic kids since two of mine are dyslexic.
  3. I passed the Texes core EC-6. I live in Texas. I have a huge 27 year gap on my resume; I worked a few part time jobs teaching tennis camps and gymnastics. No coops. I did teach a few enrichment classes to our small homeschool group as well as run a 4h homeschool group. I have had a full time job in a daycare the last two years.
  4. I am ending my homeschool career and am pursuing teacher certification, I have already passed my elementary one and going to take the special education one in a month. Will it hurt me if I list my 22 years homeschooling on my resume? I am hoping to secure a job for the fall.
  5. Personal development (miracle morning) And special education
  6. $425 per month for 21 hours per week competitive gymnastics, $75 per month ( during season which is May-September) for select baseball and third child is in public school playing tennis so we only spend a bit on privates once in awhile. It's the gymnastics that kills us and thus the reason I work full time while homeschooling.
  7. i am looking for options for my 12 year old dyslexic daughter for listening to text being read. She can read close to grade level, but her comprehension when she reads to herself is lower. When she listens to me read her comprehension is very good. However, I do not have time to read everything to her. She listens to most of her historical fiction and literature on Learning Ally and the library, but she has a science and history text that is not on Learning Ally. I work full time so I am finding it hard to read those subjects to her everyday and focus on the biggies like spelling and writing.
  8. I am looking too for my dyslexic 7th grader. I have looked at the ones mentioned plus Liveonlinemath.com and Thinkwell. I am still undecided and open to new options.
  9. Has anyone used liveonlinemath.com? I am looking at the video only course, but I don't completely understand how it works. My dad is dyslexic and needs audio/ video presentation plus I will be working so I am looking for video options. Does the student type in answers in to the computer and it grade them? Does is keep a record of lessons/ tests?( I am wanting something similar to teaching textbooks format) She will be doing 7th grade basic math not pre-algebra.
  10. Discovery education science tech book. Buy through homeschool buyers coop.
  11. We are zoned for the high school that is 19 miles away but live 9 miles from another one. We are right on the edge of the two districts.
  12. Homeschool buyers coop has individual subscriptions available.

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    I have the Teacher manual, DVD, CD, and flashcards. $55ppd. Paypal please.


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