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  1. It is my understanding that a reading specialist needs a masters degree, but I could be wrong.
  2. I am aware schools have changed a lot ( my husband has been a public school teacher for 28 years). I may try to get a job at a private school and eventually want to tutor dyslexic kids since two of mine are dyslexic.
  3. I passed the Texes core EC-6. I live in Texas. I have a huge 27 year gap on my resume; I worked a few part time jobs teaching tennis camps and gymnastics. No coops. I did teach a few enrichment classes to our small homeschool group as well as run a 4h homeschool group. I have had a full time job in a daycare the last two years.
  4. I am ending my homeschool career and am pursuing teacher certification, I have already passed my elementary one and going to take the special education one in a month. Will it hurt me if I list my 22 years homeschooling on my resume? I am hoping to secure a job for the fall.
  5. Personal development (miracle morning) And special education
  6. $425 per month for 21 hours per week competitive gymnastics, $75 per month ( during season which is May-September) for select baseball and third child is in public school playing tennis so we only spend a bit on privates once in awhile. It's the gymnastics that kills us and thus the reason I work full time while homeschooling.

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    I have the Teacher manual, DVD, CD, and flashcards. $55ppd. Paypal please.


  8. I'm 50. The older I get, the less I know.

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Amen to that. I remember when I knew everything, lol. Especially about parenting. You know, when I was single!


    2. RootAnn


      I was a perfect parent before I had my first kid. Now that I have five, I don't know much about parenting. Happy birthday!!

    3. ....


      I know, right? I feel that way, too!!

  9. LLMom

    Math U See Gamma


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    I have a teacher manual and the DVD for MUS Gamma. $35 ppd paypal only.



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    Veritas press history series CD 1815-present $5ppd Stratton House science kits (microscopes, light, and insects) with supplies. (missing common household items that were useable like honey, , Dixie cup, index card,bubbles, ticky tack. ) also missing multi-faceted viewer, light stick, and bug ID booklet but can purchase on site for $1 each. Light sticks you can get at most dollar stores. $30ppd Shurley English level 1 practice booklet and 2 cd’s $12 ppd Rod & Staff Building Christian English Series Beginning Wisely 3 student book $10ppd Swallows and Amazons $8ppd Peter Duck $8ppd



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    MODG First steps calligraphy $6ppd Faith and Life Student text 2nd grade $7.50ppd Abeka Laminated bird cards (used in 4th grade MODG) $15ppd 2 St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism $4ppd eacg Warriner's English 4th course $10ppd Hammond US history atlas $6ppd SETON The Federalist papers and cliff notes $5ppd Reading comp. 4th grade $8ppd Reading comp. 4th grade $6ppd Religion 5 $11ppd Health grade 5 & 6 $7ppd each Seton readers: Book of Gratitude $5ppd Book of Fortitude $8ppd Book of Sanctity $6ppd MISC. Catholic math activities CHC $6ppd My path to heaven $6.50 ppd The Children of Fatima Mary Fabian Windeatt $5ppd A mother's rule of Life $6ppd Faith and life 6th grade student text $6ppd


  12. Dyslexia sucks. That is all.

  13. I have my homeschool burnout workbook/workshop done!

  14. I finally published my ebook on my journey of sending my children to school after homeschooling. I hope it is a help to others.

    1. bodiesmom


      Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a great help to many!

    2. LLMom
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