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  1. Sorry for the poor formatting, but I'm on an iPad. Lol, it's a date :) In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to tear apart, purge, and organize my daughters room, while she is with her grandma. Gotta have a place to put the new Christmas crap! Lok
  2. What FraudyCat said, pretty much. My belief is both physical and metaphysical. On the physical level, since we all came from the energy released in the "bang" that started our universe, we are connected thru that energy, much like we are connected to our family by blood/DNA. On a metaphysical level I believe we can influence and manipulate that energy. This, I feel, is where the power of prayer and positive thoughts work. It is also where we can muster up superhuman feats, such as the ability to lift a car off a trapped child, or what have you. Stuff that shouldn't be physically possible, but becomes so anyways. It is also the connectedness that causes people to perform heroic feats for another whom they have no other connection to. I don't believe that it is limited to humans, as there are numerous examples of animals doing similar things, and human/animal relationships that are extraordinary, like the Lion Whisperer dude. Hopefully, that is a little clearer. We really should be having this conversation over a couple of drinks, lol. I'm pretty sure alcohol helps me wax more poetically ;)
  3. Ha! I tried to, in a concise way, but I know it's not a very satisfactory answer, lol. It would be impossible for me to list all the sources and experiences that have contributed to my beliefs, so I answered with the most scientific one. Anecdotally, my experiences with dying people have shaped my belief that there is *something* that separates from the body at death. During a code (I'm a nurse), I can feel the difference between someone who will survive the code, and someone who has already checked out, so to speak. This is something that is obviously difficult to quantify, as it occurs at a metaphysical level. I choose to describe it as an energy, because I know that is something that our entire universe was created from. We are literally made up of the energy that released in the moment the universe was created. We are all connected to each other by that energy. That, to me, is our soul.
  4. I think that it is at least partly responsible for personality. I, personally, can't imagine animals *not* having souls. Even when I did believe in heaven/hell, I couldn't imagine animals not being there, with us. What kind of place would a heaven be, if my dog wasn't there, you know? I see the energy or essence of a person as the voice in our head. I know that when I allow that voice to be negative, it affects those around me. When I make a concerted effort to be positive, it affects those around me. That voice and our energy are intertwined.
  5. To me, a soul is the energy of the person. I believe that it is the energy of the universe; it came from the universe and will be returned to the universe. I came to this conclusion after learning how the universe came to be, via the Big Bang, and my rudimentary understanding of the physics of the whole thing. I was raised in a fundamental, evangelical religion, and became an adult convert to Catholicism. I would love to believe the doctrine that there is afterlife we will be rewarded in, and will *hopefully* see our loved ones in. But, I don't believe, no matter how hard I try :( I just can't make myself.
  6. I'm so agnostic that I can't commit to a belief in reincarnation, but I don't rule it out as a possibility ;). I tend to think we are recycled after death. Our physical bodies certainly are, and if we have an energy component to our souls, then that energy would go somewhere.
  7. I'm sorry that you are having pregnancy complications in the midst of all of this drama :(
  8. As a NICU nurse, I'm so glad to see you kept them inside until 35 weeks! That is awesome! Glad to hear they had a short NICU stay and are doing well. Congrats!
  9. It's ridiculous until it isn't :/ Unfortunately, it can be *incredibly* serious for a newborn to have a fever. You can't really take a "wait and see" approach, because it could be too late.
  10. The HIG is part of Singapore math. I made the mistake of not using it, and later realized it contained a good portion of the content I didn't realize we were supposed to be doing. Singapore style math is more than just what is in the text and work books.
  11. Yeah, this is a good time to flip out! I'm not sure what I would say in your position, but it would definitely include the phrase "Are you f---ing kidding me?!?!?!" There is no need to be diplomatic or spare feelings. Call this woman out! She should not be allowed to drive in a carpool! I would be beyond pissed if somebody knew this is how she treats the safety of children, and didn't tell me. If my child got hurt and you knew it could happen, my response to you would also include the phrase "Are you f---ing kidding me?!?!?!"
  12. My 9 year old is still going strong, and I know a couple of 10 year olds that are, too. I feel no need to squash that belief, because once it goes, so does a lot of the 'magic' of childhood. There is plenty of time for reality, but such a short window of time that allows for that pure, innocent belief that anything and everything is possible. I have intention of going to any great lengths to encourage the belief, but as long as she wants to play along with it, then I am more than happy to, as well.
  13. I'm a NICU nurse, and have often dealt with repeat families, some of those of the 'problem' variety. I have never been less than welcoming and professional, and have never observed my coworkers being anything but welcoming and professional. Yes, you may likely be remembered, but so what? Healthcare providers are used to working with people under less than ideal circumstances. You can and should be expected to be treated with the same level of care and respect given to non 'problem' patients.
  14. Joining the referral link bandwagon;) http://homeschoolgiveaways.com/bf-freebies/?c21758Le
  15. Would it be possible to link to what you are referring to? It sounds interesting! Thanks!
  16. I hate top sheets, but I'd be weirded out not having one on a guest bed, unless I was using bedding I brought. I'm not pretending that makes any sense, lol.
  17. Meh, if someone tells me they are homeschooling, I tend to just believe them. I'm not really interested in a pissing contest over who are the REAL homeschoolers vs the impostors. Making that distinction just comes across as another battle in the mommy wars.
  18. The placement tests are free online and will you tell you what you need to know.
  19. This thread has some seriously gross comments. It is one thing to continue to watch a show starring a sex offender, but it is entirely another thing to defend the sex offenders by blaming their victims. That is disgusting and thoroughly shameful behavior. In much the same way that the behavior of Collins and Cosby has tainted otherwise good shows, those that are posting in defense of theses scumbags are also tainting my view of them as posters here at a forum that is dedicated to CHILDREN. Yuck.
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