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  1. Abuser 101: become the victim
  2. I'm so sorry! Hugs and sleep... I cannot function without sleep.
  3. Breakfast will be a handful of Brazil nuts. Typical for a not working day. Work days I add a couple of eggs or some fish or ham or something protein. Brazil nuts because they are very high in selenium and while not technically deficient, my body does a very poor job of converting thyroid hormone which needs selenium.
  4. I just looked up my order from September. $13.99 for organic. I wonder why I always remember paying less than I did? Wishful thinking?😅
  5. The raw honey is more than the amount I paid for the berries. Still way cheaper than buying the syrup.
  6. I wonder if the current flu season is driving prices up.
  7. I do. A pound from Amazon for about $12 I think. I have made 3 batches and still have over half the berries left. ETA. The brand I bought is currently not availableðŸ™
  8. I have Hashimoto's and I take elderberry. What are the symptoms of a cytokines storm?
  9. Oven cleaner. The low odor kind or you will wish you had lol. Seriously, that is what worked on a shower that had every other imaginable cleaner used on it and still was discolored.
  10. i agree with pp about looking into the insurance before deciding. Is the best rate from adding on to your existing policy or creating a separate policy. I don't know if it varies by state, but when we bought dd a car, she was moving out of state and needed a separate policy, which required the car to be titled in her name.
  11. Buy 2 get 3 free? For clothes at a mid level retailer.
  12. What!?!?! I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!
  13. Nordstrom also carries a lot of less common sizes.
  14. That is big pot! I wouldn't have room to store it!
  15. Soup for freezing. 2 or 3 chuck roasts. Braising ribs. Edited for autocorrect
  16. As far as I know, I have never had the flu. I haven't been ill with anything other than a cold for 5 decades. I suppose it is possible one of the colds was really the flu, but no fever, no body aches. Of course I can whine about a cold with the best of them😆
  17. A couple thoughts.... Our society does not have stock phrases for serious chronic and terminal illnesses. We don't want to openly acknowledge individual mortality. So we get a kind of paralysis around the subject. And while we feel awful and horrible about the situation and want to communicate that, we literally don't know how. So we pull out the stock phrase of "Get well soon," because we do know how to say that. Grammatically, the imperative covers more than commands. It also covers wishes, entreaties, requests. Look at the Lord's prayer for a Christian example. We are certainly not commanding God to do anything, but the majority of the sentences are imperative.
  18. abrathatfits reddit is an amazing resource for fitting bras. Bra manufacturers want to pigeonhole you into sizes they make that will maximize their profits. So Victoria's Secret will try to put you into a 32 D when you actually need a 28 F.
  19. There is no stopping a family culture of secrecy, at least for some. I was given an opportunity to disclose sexual abuse, by a caring, safe adult, but could not, at 14, overcome the family "no talk" rules to do so. When psychological abuse happens early and often.... never mind, too painful
  20. Two of my remnants are the inability to spend on entertainment and decorating. I waste a bunch of money on expensive and convenient food. Used to take the kids out to eat a lot. But go to a movie?!? Buy a ticket for a show? Buy something that its only value is it's nice to look at? Forget it. Also, my kids always had nice things to wear while I wore a few very cheap things.
  21. Without a doubt, LDS self-identify as Christian --the name Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reveals a clue. They do not consider themselves to have a shared heritage with the historical church, believing true authority died with Peter, then was restored to Joseph Smith. And to answer the pp's question, they consider themselves to be monotheistic, despite believing in three separate beings of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. The oneness comes in *one in purpose*, rather than one in being. Viewed from outside, the classification of Mormonism comes down to defining terms, as it always does. If your definition of Christian includes belief in God according to historical understanding of His nature, then an argument can be made that Mormons are not Christian. But they believe in Jesus Christ and His saving work (accomplished in the garden of Gethsemane, not on the cross, creating yet another major distinction from historical Christian belief), so what does one do with that? Lawana, the exmo (exmormon)
  22. That sounds ideal lol. In my fantasy world, everyone would like the things I like, and prioritize the things I prioritize. Reality gets in the way lol
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