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  1. Shredded would make them hash browns. Cast iron optional. Fresh would work.
  2. You missed the refrigerated option. Simply Potatoes brand. Using leftover potatoes, cubed, fried in a cast iron skillet=pan fried potatoes, not hash browns. And for the record, I hate Waffle House hash browns.
  3. Just so you know, Since he is over 18 he does not need to meet the requirements for first time licensees under 18, including a log of driving hours. He passes his driving test, supplies needed documents and he has a license. Dd got her license on her 18th birthday.
  4. I am so sorry to hear of the latest development. Please know I am rooting for you and believe in you and your worth, no matter what STBX says or does or is awarded by the court.
  5. We have had this happen and dh got them to redeliver that same day.
  6. Yes, I think it is very common. Around here, it is hard to find a doc that will allow you to go past your due date, and there is a lot of pressure to induce at latest by your due date.
  7. The Mormons explicitly teach this. That people existed as spirits who then inhabited fetuses, as you stated, and then continue as spirits after the mortal body dies.
  8. I totally relate! One warm sunny day I took my fast food lunch to a parking lot that had a row of 12 or so parking spaces, all empty, that were mostly shaded. I parked near the end of the row, rolled down my window and started to eat my lunch. Another car came along, and you just know where they chose to park. Yep, right next to me on the drivers side. The driver gets out and the passenger stayed, rolled down her window, and proceeded to light up a cigarette! I had many thoughts about parking psychology in that moment lol. It took me all of 15 seconds to decide to move my car to the other end of the row.
  9. First of all, huge hugs! I have been following this saga from the beginning and am always interested in updates, so please continue. It is truly shocking what some people think they can do and how the rules only apply to others. Otherwise, I am speechless.
  10. I am on Armour 90mg and Cytomel 20mcg (T3) and my TSH is very suppressed (0.004), but that is what it takes to get my Free T3 close to the top of the range. It’s not the answer to everything, but it feels a heck of a lot better than Synthroid! I wouldn’t mind trying Naturethroid, but am afraid to rock the boat lol.
  11. I hear how upset you are! You can tell them that you are not available on Mondays. You don’t need to tell them why. If pressed, you can say that having Mondays off is one of the reasons you took the job in the first place.
  12. Ugh. Tone in written communication is so hard! I get it wrong all the time! I, also, am very sensitive to any perceived distancing by others. That said, I do think you are being overly sensitive, and she may be as well. She may have interpreted your email as criticism or a complaint. Since you don’t know exactly why she requested you to use the other email, try not to assume it is personal.
  13. Lawana


    We used Frio cooling cases for dd’s insulin.
  14. I am concerned that the 6yo may be getting the message that she is entitled to touch and hold another person. Of course a newborn can’t express autonomy for herself, and requires the physical care be done by another, but the mother absolutely has the right to establish autonomy on behalf of her baby. The mother of the 6yo needs to be teaching her children to respect autonomy, not feel entitled to violate it, even if it is a newborn baby.
  15. Only when you are practiced. I am teaching cursive to 2 middle school kids and I had forgotten how slowly new learners write.
  16. I think it is the up and down motion that records steps. Wearing a Fitbit on my wrist, I get credit for steps while playing the piano—no back and forth motion, just up and down. And pushing a shopping cart does not record steps—no up and down with the wrist.
  17. A bit of mindfulness? Look for 2 or 3 things you have never noticed in your house, or looking through the window. Identifying as many sounds as you can hear. Be aware of your breathing. Touch something and really explore how it feels.
  18. I have been journaling today to help me with an ongoing issue. An option?
  19. BTDT with MIL and facing it again with my mother who is 83 and declining. Dh and BIL forcibly took over their mother’s affairs when she refused to allow them to make needed repairs and deal with her rat infestation. She came to live with us and died after 11 years—much longer than anyone would have guessed based on her declining health at the time. It was about 5 months at the end that took intensive care giving—toileting help, transferring between bed and recliner, bed sore care (she had a bed sore before her fall that started the end, but she hadn’t said anything nor sought care) in addition to providing meals and routine housekeeping help. We did get hospice for her for the final 3 months, and they were invaluable, but it still became too much, as I was essentially on call 24/7. We had just decided to move her to a nursing home when she caught the flu that went through the family and died within a week. During that time dd became very depressed and I was too busy to notice. I deeply regret that now. Then after MIL’s death I became depressed, and kind of checked out mentally, furthering the cost to my family. We moved my mother 2000 miles to be here so I could help her as she aged, but after going through the experience of my MIL, it depresses me to think about the months? years? of potential care. MIL was tiny in the end—only 75 pounds, and my mother is double that. I could lift MIL, but no way can I lift Mom, who expects me to care for her by keeping her out of a nursing home, as she did for her mother. But her mother was mobile until 36 hours before her death. My mother has many health issues at 83 that her mother did not have at 99.
  20. Try stretching the fabric slightly as you stitch, which will add in more length of thread for a given length of fabric. (Which is what the zigzag stitch does— stretching the fabric will do it even more.) It will likely make a wavy looking seam, but should straighten out just fine when the headband is stretched. Good luck with your project!
  21. Ds used the mesh kind at the dorm as a freshman. It carried his flip flops as well as his shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, razor.
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