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  1. I loved the Scarpetta books, but it was probably more because of the Italian food references! I even bought the Patricia Cornwell's recipe book. However, I wouldn't recommend the books for teens. They were pretty gruesome!
  2. Sorry, just saw this. I have a junior who used CLE from about 400 or 500 through 900. She just got her ACT results and had a perfect 36 in English. I call that success. Her sister is in 7th grade and in the 600 series right now. She's been a struggling student yet excels at grammar in spite of her learning difficulties. Needless to say, I ❤️ CLE.
  3. I'd like to see more information on what you are calling "Fantasy Literature"!! That sounds amazing.
  4. Is she doing the Advanced Mathematics over 2 years? That's what's recommended.
  5. I just use a teacher's plan book. There's a place for the grades in the back (one book per year per kid), and then write the books used, course descriptions, etc., on the Notes pages. It's not fancy but it does the trick. I use it for lesson plans as well. https://smile.amazon.com/Period-Teacher-Lesson-Horizontally-W101/dp/B00PUSNY5A/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1501820009&sr=8-3&keywords=teacher+plan+book
  6. Saxon Advanced Mathematics French 3 with private tutor American History and Government--Dave Raymond (Compass Classroom) and Crash Course Government American Literature--Lightning Literature and Composition, with some personal modifications American Christian Literature--Lightning Lit./ World Religions--still working on texts Health Drama/PE--local co-op Piano/Music Theory We're choosing to skip science this year and hoping we don't regret it later.
  7. So how do you handle credit hours for this method of slowing down? It isn't just 1 credit for Adv Math, is it? (Looking ahead to next year!)
  8. I think that might have been the video course that we found bumping up the speed a tad bit helped. It was just little slow paced. Otherwise, it was good.
  9. We started Foersters Algebra 1 in the middle of 7th grade. We got about 1/2 to 2/3 through the book, was liking it, was doing well, but seemed to have trouble retaining the information. That had never been a problem before in math. Then, as we were picking it up again in the beginning of 8th grade this past fall, I had an Aha! moment. Foersters is mastery, and we had always done spiral before. I had completely forgotten to pay attention to that. So we promptly switched to Saxon algebra 1 and have sailed through it. Plus, I think the review has helped solidify the concepts. A year and a half of Algebra might seem like overkill, but we aren't in any hurry to start high school credits. 😉
  10. I thought they looked so wonderful, but I now have several levels sitting on the shelf. Unused.
  11. I'm OK with staying with Horizons. I had bought several other Pre-algebtpra texts. We tried AoPS, Jousting Armadillos, Lials, but by 2nd quarter, we were both relieved to get back to Horizons. I was thinking (too much) about changing for the next level of math, mainly because there doesn't seem to be much support here for Horizons. I like the look of Jacobs, but I wish it were easier to find. Concerning Jacobs, is there much difference in the editions?
  12. My 7th grader is nearly finished with Pre-Algebra, and I think we should start Algebra 1 during the 2nd semester. There are so many choices! We keep coming back to Horizons, and she's using that for Pre-Alg. But I keep wondering if there's something we're missing. She's an excellent student and has done quite well with her math, but she's not a mathy math lover. It's just something she tolerates. :rolleyes: I'm totally open to suggestions. Checking previous threads only makes me want them all. I'm looking for something challenging but not overly difficult. Is there such a thing?
  13. I'm seriously considering SSL, and I tend to want to get ALL the books, CDs, etc., with a new curriculum. However, the song sample makes me cringe! Can I get along without the songs? I guess I could make up my own tunes. Any thoughts?
  14. Not at all answering your question, but about 45 years ago, I had a science teacher tell me that the reason H.S. courses are offered in this order: biology, chemistry, physics, is purely alphabetical. :glare: Might be something to his theory since it's been that way for decades!
  15. I've been looking at Liberty University online courses. http://www.liberty.edu/onlineacademy/curriculum/ I haven't seen that mentioned yet, so I'm curious if anyone has experience with them. We're considering a7th grade science course, not a full curriculum. I've tended to shy away from online classes, but we need help in science. 😛
  16. OK, folks. Don't believe any of the previous posts. I have several of these that I want to sell! :laugh:
  17. We're about to finish Mr. Popper's Penguins and Little House in the Big Woods. We'll probably do The Trumpet of the Swan next.
  18. Have you tried algebra tiles? I just ordered them, so I have no firsthand experience. Each side is a different color, one is positive and one is negative. http://www.amazon.com/Working-Algebra-Tiles-Grades-6-12/dp/1583242171/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1390607408&sr=8-5&keywords=Algebra+tile
  19. Well, we used Horizons 1-6. I kept second-guessing myself and strayed to some other programs, but we kept coming back to Horizons. Now we've tried a couple of different prealgebra (Lials, AOPS, and Joisting Armadillos), but we're back with Horizons and doing quite well. I intend to do prealgebra for the remainder of grade 6 and into gr. 7, so we'll keep the others as supplements.
  20. We used Horizons up until this year (gr. 6). My granddaughter started with K-B and went through 6. I occasionally second-guessed myself and would try something else, but we kept coming back to Horizons. Now as a 6th grader, we've spent the first half of the year in prealgebra, Lials and AOPS, but after seeing this post, I checked out the Horizons--again--and have ordered the set. I think we'll all be happier. :coolgleamA:
  21. We started using CLE in 5th grade and have moved through 5th and 6th. This was one program that my student actually requested to continue, so we are now into the 700 series (she's still in 6th grade). She's a natural speller, so that hasn't been an issue, and we're using additional writing programs. I think one thing that makes it so accessible here is that she's able to do the lessons independently which frees up my time to work with her little sis. I'm not sure how long we'll continue after this series though.
  22. I'm not opposed to the scored plastic rods, but having used both kinds, we are partial to the wooden Cuisenaire rods. We just like the tactile quality of the wood. We didn't care for the linking rods either.
  23. Art of Argument is informal logic, according to the first chapter.
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