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  1. Hi, I have been looking for a book that I can actually write in to keep track of grades, courses, credits, etc for each year of high school. I have found various worksheets by visiting the sticky links, but not an actual book. I know I could make my own, but wondering if a book like this existed? Thanks!
  2. Are any of these classes "live" with video interaction? I thought home2teach was, but it is just thru a chat box I understand?
  3. I would be interested in buying some generics if anyone still has them available.
  4. Starting fall planning and both of my kids would like to take some more online classes next year. This year we used Veritas Press Self Paced History and Science Shepherd. Unfortunately, Science Shepherd's only online class is the Intro class which my 9 y.o. took this year. We will probably stick with Veritas for History. I would love recommendations for writing, grammar and science. Math we will stick with CLE and LOF. My DD will be entering 8th grade and my DS will begin 5th. They are both average students and I don't want a curriculum that is too rigorous that would frustrate them.
  5. Have you tried TeachingTextbooks? It is on dvd and would probably keep your daughters attention if she is a visual learner.
  6. I ordered the 500 series. It hasn't arrived yet, hopefully it will be here tomorrow. If 500 seems to hard we may have to back up some more, but the Key To series seems to be helping.....and she is reading LOF, so fingers crossed. :)
  7. I was just looking at that, but it looks like it incorporates grammar and writing. That would have been ok, but I already purchased WWW and GGG. :/ ETA~ Maybe I was looking at the wrong thing though because I was looking at Iowa Virtual Academy thru k12. I will check out just the independent course, maybe it is different.
  8. Trying to wrap up what I need to get for my DD12 for 7th grade Reading/Lit. Last year we just did assigned book lists and discussions. This year I would like to get a more structured curriculum, but nothing overly difficult. I have looked at CLE Reading 7, Memoria Press and Lightning LIt. She reads on grade level, but doesn't like to challenge herself at all. Do you think any of these would be a good fit, or any other ideas?
  9. We haven't done the Pathway readers at the K level, but we did for 2nd grade. We didn't care for it. ETC on the other hand I have used with all 3 kids, even their online program. They are quick and easy and the kids learn a lot. Logic of English is the only curriculum I know of that offers cursive workbooks at the K level. It is not really a supplement though, and would be too much with another curriculum.
  10. . He will write if given copywork, but complains about it. I have had him journal, but that is a struggle as well. Really the only thing driving my choice is something that isn't too demanding of him. If it requires a lot of writing right of the bat, it will just end in tears. It sounds like EIW would work out better. He really has very little writing skill. We did Logic of English last year. Independent is good, but not a requirement.
  11. We have done both. I think AAS is probably a better program, but honestly, I got tired of teaching it to 2 kids on different levels. So now we use the SS on DVD. They both like it and so do I.
  12. My 9 year old DS hates to write. Which one of these programs would work out better for a reluctant writer? We will be doing 4th grade this year.
  13. Thanks for everyone's assistance. I ordered CLE. We are also going to continue to work thru the Key to series as well and might go back to reading the Life of Fred books. She did enjoy them, but it wasn't enough. I think starting at Epsilon in MUS would work too, but will give CLE a shot first! :)
  14. My DD12 is going into 7th grade. She struggles with math. Over the years curricula we have tried are TT, MM, LOF, and R&S. She muddles through, but has very little retention. She has weak understanding of decimals and fractions. I currently have her working thru Key to fractions. We have also supplemented with Khan academy. I am wondering if there is a curriculum I can use that covers all of elementary school math? Addition and subtraction are not a problem. Multiplication and division up to 2-3 digits are not a problem, but the rest is sketchy. Would Lials Basic College Math do that? Or maybe just work thru all of the Key to series? I have gone back to TT twice, her grades are ok, but the retention is not there at all. I want her to get a good foundation in basic math but at this point I am not sure where to go next. I also thought about CLE math OR MUS as we haven't tried that yet. :confused1:
  15. Hi, just wondering if there is an all in one 9th grade English curriculum that covers grammar, writing, vocab and literature? Thank you!
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