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  1. We have four families that have established their JAM accounts, but we need ONE more person to get the $60 course (1 year access). We need someone that can create their account within 24 hours. This literally takes 5 minutes. For $60, you will receive one year access to the course of your choice- drawing, animation, inventing, cooking, and more!
  2. Friends, Jam.com courses cover one kid for one year and have topics such as inventing, cooking and designing a pop up restaurant, animation, drawing, etc. The starting price is $100, but the fine print says that if you can coordinate 5 students to register (all kids can choose different courses and be from different families), the cost goes down to $60 per course. Can you say educational Christmas gift that gives for a full year? We have four registered families and need one more student to create their account within 24 hours to get the $60 rate. This takes 5 minutes to create the account. You pay the company directly! Thanks for your consideration!
  3. http://www.taylorscience.com/index.pl?ac=taylorscience Check out Mrs. Taylor's Biology and Chemistry courses for $150. Self paced. Great reviews!
  4. Here is resource for Latin and Greek classes. I like the awesome guarantee and the offer to repeat the class as many times as a student needs for free. It is for students 13+ and is high school credit worthy. The price is the best that I have seen anywhere. The Lingua Latin is $294 for the entire year or $204 if you own Visual Latin. The Henle class is $250. Dwayne Thomas is absolutely hilarious. Check out your options here. Think Outside the Border classes by Dwayne Thomas.
  5. I want to add a new resource that I found. Bluefield College is a Christian college in Virgina. They offer duel enrollment courses to homeschoolers for $130 each online and in person. You can actually earn a general studies associates from them while in high school. The college is regionally accredited, so their courses transfer to Thomas Edison State College and other popular homeschool colleges. If you know what college your student wants to attend, make sure that they will accept these credits. However, $130 for both high school and college credit is an incredible value. Brenda Workman is a veteran homeschool mom and is in charge of the duel enrollment program. You can reach her at workman at bluefield.edu I found her to be very friendly and super helpful. The admission process is fairly simple.
  6. YES! 8/7 is one of the harder books in the series. You won't regret it!
  7. Thanks, Counselinggirl! The WTM Academy wasn't around when we started this thread! Thanks for keeping the info current! I have only heard GREAT things about the WTM Academy. :)
  8. The Edison Project- Physics classes for students 8-18. A college professor designed the classes. Each class is an 8 week module ($55). Your student builds projects, submits assignments, and completes quizzes and tests. I have friends that have raved over these classes. The website isn't great, but the content is super. Most of the beginning projects utilize the SNAP circuit kits.
  9. I will add the Homeschool Spanish Academy to the list. They offer private tutoring via Skype for one or two students together. You don't have to buy curricula, they give homework and grades, and keep records for you. In the middle and elementary years, the sessions are 25 minutes once a week. High school requires two sessions per week. If you can get to your homeschool convention, they will give you an offer for 30% off any package. You also get a free trial. You schedule the tutoring sessions when you want and change the time/day every week. You can also fluctuate between tutors if you like. With that discount, I paid $210 for 1 year of private tutoring for my kids (age 10 and 11). Without that discount, it would cost $300 for the year, which in my book is a steal. Check it out. spanish.academy
  10. Thanks to the ladies that posted about Timeline Builder! It is perfect for us! I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and and I couldn't be more excited about trashing the binder version of our pathetic timelines (you know the ones with millions of loose papers hanging out). High five!
  11. I am in the same boat. My 6th grade son is finishing 8/7 with similar results. I found the Algebra 1/2 used for a few bucks, so I ended up buying it and looking through it. Have you looked through both the Algebra 1/2 and the Algebra 1 books? That may help you decide. In the 1/2 book, there are only 20 problems per problem set. Also, after conquering the 8/7 "beast" it looks quite easy in comparison. My plan is to give my son the tests in the 1/2 book. If he misses a problem, then we will go back to the 1/2 book and work through the lesson that covers that. There are 35 tests for the 1/2 book, so if he can work through those successfully, I think I can feel good about him moving to the Algebra 1 book. I am looking at it as a thorough review before tackling Algebra 1. It may be worthwhile for you to invest $15 in an old 1/2 set and look at it/ or work through the tests. I certainly understand your feelings. You want to challenge your child, but not frustrate them (especially when they are already well ahead being 6th graders that have finished 8/7). :laugh: High five!
  12. GREAT to hear! We will look forward to that course whether it be 2014 or 2015! Thanks!
  13. Hi, I wrote to Amy and offered to get a few kids together for the course after reading your review. I only wish that I found this last fall when she offered the beginning Tune Up class. I also asked that she consider teaching a section using SOTW 3 next year as the kids currently in the class will be ready for the next level. She was positive about considering that option. If you would be interested in that, please let her know. I thank you for making the post last week as I would have never found her otherwise. I added the information you posted to a thread that I started yesterday entitled "Talk to me about online classes. . . " Thanks for bringing this one to light. If you know of any other options, please add them to the list!
  14. Oh, I forgot a really great FREE option. The Virtual Homeschool Group offers many live classes for free. The classes are run by volunteers, but the options that we have looked at are better than many paid classes. In addition to live classes, they also offer self-paced courses. For example, they offer most levels of Saxon math, which includes daily assignments, weekly quizzes, tests, video lessons, and a weekly schedule. Your kids can do the courses completely independently. The materials were honestly better than the DIVE or SAXON Teacher DVDs that I spent over $100 on for the year. If Saxon isn't your thing, they also have archived Apologia science courses and a plethora or courses in different subject areas. The live classes vary by the year depending on what the volunteers are willing to teach. I remember seeing Spanish and a Classics Club too. There are a ton of offerings! When I first visited, I found the website to be a little confusing. Just register for a free account, and then you can access a full listing of the courses that they offer. They also have an active FB group. http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.com
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