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  1. I've been using the Canon Imageclass laser printer recommended here a couple of years ago, but it has died. My primary concern is toner cost. I was purchasing replacements for that one on Amazon for about $12 and they last. Black and white is all I need, autofeed a must, printing and copying. What do you have and where can I get discounted cartiridges?
  2. Ugh! He knows better! It was on Netflix and I have now set the parental controls.
  3. My son was watching Orange is the New Black without me realizing it. I've never seen it, but when I told him I'd watch a few episodes he dropped the subject real quick. Ugh! Can we get some recommendations for interesting dramas? He isn't into science-fi, crime shows, or super heroes.
  4. Yes, I'm a seasoned home schooler, but this little one doesn't seem to stay occupied and doesn't want chill with the teens while I work with another. She wants to be ON ME all the time. She isn't fussy, just hyper and distracting! All of my old tricks aren't working!
  5. My 11yo is acting out in order to fit in. She's causing a lot of drama at home, church, etc. Talking to her right now doesn't seem to work because I think she's in a stage where she thinks our ways are prudish. She is pushing hard for her way in everything. She wants to go to her own church. Wants to go to public school. Wants to date. Is doing things to get the attention of older boys. Wants to do...basically anything we are against. We are struggling with her. Dh and I are seeing that she is trying to get more attention and making efforts to spend more quality time with her. She claims to be saved, so I'd like a Bible study that just she and I can work on together. Any recommendations? And, yes, other advise is welcome. She is really hard after two fairly easy boys.
  6. Timez Attack...kids love it, are learning, and all operations are available.
  7. My 5th and 6th graders have never mastered their facts. I finally signed up for Timez Attack last week, and this is the best money I've spent in a long time. Even my 9th grader plays for fun and has increased his speed. My 5th grade dd LOVES it and plays for fun. My 6th grade ds thinks it's okay and doesn't complain because it's better than flashcards. He enjoys it, just knows it's "school" so he only does whatever limit requirement I set. My 9th grade dd got on after watching the other two and loves to play for fun. Great product!!!!
  8. Is it true that there has only been one release of Teaching Textbooks level 6?
  9. Oh, yay! The tracking just updated and says out for delivery! Saves me a trip! I knew it was odd for Priority to take three days.
  10. I had someone ship something Priority mail, which always gets to me in 2 days, because I needed it today. I will not be home to receive it tomorrow. Per the tracking info, it did indeed ship (not just label printed) on Monday. The package is now sitting at my PO, but not due to be delivered until tomorrow. What are the chances they would let me pick it up? Is that possible? I am in a small town and a frequent customer, so I chat with the clerks often.
  11. Thank you. I know we will have it worked out before his 16th, but he was really wanting to test for his learner's permit on his 15. We only have a couple of weeks, so I don't think that is possible. My fault! I should have researched this sooner.
  12. Ds will be turning 15 later this month. I am mailing in our request and money order for the packet of info today. How long does it take to get it if you choose the email option? After receiving the packet, do I have ds do the online course, then go test for his permit, and then do the driving hours? How long is the online course? Please walk me step by step through this process. I know we should have gotten started earlier, but I was under the impression that they had to be 15yo to start driver's ed. Now he is frustrated with me because he was planning to get his permit on his birthday.
  13. I have come to hate this part of my life. I don't mind cooking, though with our schedule it gets dropped quickly and we resort to convenience foods. I hate this because I am at heart a low carb, all natural, Paleo type. Plus, we are spending way too much. I want someone else to at least tell me what's for dinner. I am tired of the same old things. Our requirements: no fish except shrimp and no odd veggies because my family won't eat anything green. I need a planning site that allows me to delete meals that I know won't work for us. Help!
  14. I have four packages of nitrate free bacon in my fridge that say freeze by 5/29. I typically am okay with expired items if they smell normal, but bacon?
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