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  1. While I think having a conversation with dad is a good idea. I am guessing she doesn’t really know what thinning and layering are. Maybe take the time to explain it to her. Or have the stylist do it.
  2. It impacts so many businesses. It is unfortunate for those going without pay check and having to wait for back pay, but there are a lot of people who will lose income and not get it back.
  3. Neuropsychologist don’t always push medication. In fact, my son’s doesn’t prescribe at all. If she or the patient feels there is a need to, she will refer patients to another doctor. It is just their offic policy to get tor the root of the problem without medication at all. I chose them not because I was against medication if needed, but because I wanted answers. I felt like they would provide them. They did!
  4. I have no idea if we qualify. Waiting (either way) is holding us up for getting insurance. We are foster parents, so some of our kids have it. We are rural. Our county has one person. I have spent many hours chasing her down for foster kids, and she won't do anything quickly for me! I am not her favorite person anymore because I have done that numerous times. Haha. So I had dh call her. She is out of the office today. One of our main issues is our income fluctuates. I am self employed and dh is commissioned.While we might qualify in Jan - March, we won't April to Sept. It is so fru
  5. I have looked but I can't find it. I have called, but they can't tell me unless I apply. We keep being denied, so I assume for some reason we don't qualify. But I have no idea why we don't, and I have no idea why the Marketplace says we do.
  6. Wondering what other people do...Is the process truly this insane? Or are we doing something wrong? We have had insurance from the marketplace since 2015 because dh's job stopped offering it. Every year, we have had to go through a ridiculous process ending with a medicaid denial. Every year it is different. Every year we get an different story from different people. Each year it has worked out by calling a dozen times to the marketplace until someone could get us coverage. Every year it takes me MONTHS to work it out!! Apparently, in some states denial is quick. The lady I talked to
  7. We only have 2 options where we live. Kaiser is the cheapest, but has no doctors in our area! The closest is 2 hours away in another state. I find that so frustrating. There isn’t even an hospital close. The other option is $2240 a month!
  8. I had to laugh at this! Because this is exactly what my grandma did. She refused to ever come visit us in CA (my dad was stationed there and stayed for many years) because of earthquakes even though she lived in the Midwest with lots of tornadoes!
  9. In my house, the kid that is coming home today said “you have to let me cook at least a couple meals! I don’t ever get to cook!†We are all a little bit excited especially since no one else cooks that. Yesterday one of my teens said I have had to do so much cooking I can’t cook anymore! This was after making pancakes for themselves and putting a frozen meal into the oven on the same day!
  10. I put other because it depends on the schedule. The activities aren’t a lot of the timing of them works well. Things like: Are they at the same time and locations or are you all running all day? Do you have time to get school done? Do the kids feel overwhelmed? Etc (you don’t have to actually answer but for us it would depend on those questions if it was too much!)
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