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  1. duct tape old phone books together to make a stool. You can trace their feet and put it on top and put self liner the non skid kind underneath to provide support. Sometimes I let kids stand to write if the desk is the right height and they can stay in their area. When the feet are supported it causes the proprioceptors in the ankles to fire this inceases focus and attention. It's really important for wiggly ones.
  2. totally agreeing with the epsom salt soak. If it looks less red after a soak and in the am, then he can wait. If he starts to run a fever....straight to the dr.
  3. We'll be glad to add our prayers to yours. Agreeing with you for your husbands promotion.
  4. does he stay contained in the bath tub...play baths with bath toys as long as you can hear him playing....
  5. Children are a blessing. I'm blessed to stay home with my children. I know that the right opportunity will present itself at the right time.
  6. This thread explains why my Puerto Rican roommate was so excited to register to vote and vote in college.
  7. I just use fruit that is slightly overripe and blend it in the vita mix with the yogurt and a couple of ice cubes. Blending it in really adds sweetness. If the fruit is very tart I add 1/8 tsp stevia to about 2 cups of yogurt. How do you make your yogurt?
  8. I have checked ebay. Shipping seems crazy....I did bid on a set of horses, though. We have a new TJMaxx! I haven't been in there yet! I'll have to check it out. I knew you ladies could help me out:) Thanks! Any other ideas?
  9. green smoothie popsicles...mystery pops:) Yum
  10. but they are no longer sold at Target. I found one at Tuesday Morning on Clearance during the 1/2 off of clearance sale. I have seen them online stores, but I can't seem to find any sales or coupon codes. I would be OK with buying them used, but they aren't that common at Goodwill. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. My parent's rule was you have to keep the tank above half (better for gas milage). If they noticed the tank below half, I lost my driving privlidges. (not that I loved that rule...) I still keep my tank above half.
  12. industrial baking sheet check a montessori catalog....I like small hands:)
  13. Our church is too small to have a VBS. 60 adults, DD was the ONLY child for a long time. We are now up to 3-8 kids, most attending with their grandparents. (One week, when I taught the lesson, a sweet little girl crawled up in my lap and asked me, So what makes Jesus so special?...lesson plan changed on the spot.) DD went to VBS at my parent's church. DH volunteered and helped out the entire week. They charged for t-shirts, but we didn't buy one. I was a VBS hopper as a child. We had fun. DD may go to one other VBS this summer with a friend. I'll probably help her mom teach their class. VBS here is free. Big churches seem to all have VBS the same week. There are more evening VBS than daytime ones.
  14. I also ordered the K lesson plans so that *someone else* can tell DH what to teach. He takes direction from a book well. From me, not so much. I think I may return the K lesson plans for the reason above. I think their return policy is very generous. It eased some of my fears.
  15. I just got the K-2 complete program and the K lesson plans in the mail yesterday. If the 3-5th is layed out the same way, then I think you will like it. The CD that came with the complete program has a lesson plan framework that you can fill in to help you plan. I think if I had known about this I might not have ordered the lesson plans. I love the book list, too. I checked out several titles from the library before I ordered the program. I had to get a TexShare card so I can check out some of the other books from the local university's library. I haven't used it yet, so I'm not sure exactly how that works. The activity suggestions aren't the most exciting ever, but all of them seem 'doable' so we'll probably do them and supplement some with other hands on things. I didn't read much about it here. Maybe because it covers the history of the world in one year instead of the classical cycle. I'm really enjoying looking through the materials. PM me if you need other information:)
  16. When we lived in Taiwan we took nice American flag pens, tiny bottles of maple syrup from Cracker Barrell, and Cheese sticks (not string cheese). We also took angel food cake mixes and I baked angel food cake to give as gifts. I'm sure there are other things, though. Regional foods are a great choice, tiny tiny jars of jam (they're heavy, though).
  17. my mom says that if you keep plastic wrap in the freezer, then it doesn't bunch up/tangle. It works for her and she buys the cheap stuff. I don't keep mine in the freezer b/c I can't seem to remember that it's there:)
  18. We're going to use Epi Kardia K next year with the MUS primer. That may muddy the waters, though.
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