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  1. I need to find an accredited Geometry course for my daughter and have found these two options for live classes. However, I can’t find much info on either, especially the VPSA. I’d love feedback on ANY classes you’ve taken from either provider, how easy is the administration to work with, what is the teaching format like, how are the classes structured, how easy is the technology to use, how accessible are the teachers, etc? If you have experience with a specific Geometry teacher, that would be great too.
  2. Has anyone used the Veritas Press Online prealgebra course? or even the algebra course? I'm looking for feedback on what you liked or didn't like about the course, the pacing, amount of homework, specific teacher recommendations, etc. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I agree, the programs that I really wish he could take and feel he'd get something out of, aren't accredited.
  4. Anyone else have experience with an accredited program that they would recommend?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't realize OnlineG3 offered accredited classes.
  6. Calming Tea~ Thanks for the recommendation. Is it best to start with the first book and work your way through them all? Or can you pick and choose based on interest? ETA: I also saw these horse science books on the 4H site: http://www.4-hmall.org/Product/horse/horse-science-set-of-2/CO203.aspx Have you used either of these?
  7. My oldest is no longer homeschooled, but because of the unique curriculum path he took prior to high school and the willingness and flexibility of his current private school, we are in the position of searching for an online English course for him to take. The only catch is that the course must be accredited. Does anyone have a recommendation? He is open to lit or composition. It just needs to fulfill an English credit and be accredited. He typically does well in his English courses and likes a challenge, but he is going to be taking 3 AP courses and a college course this year, so an easy
  8. Thank you everyone for the great information. It sounds like WP deserves a second look. The Coursera course also looks really good. Lori D~ what a terrific list of resources. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for an Equine Science program for an upcoming 6th grader who spends her every spare moment at the horse barn where she takes riding lessons? She is learning a lot through hands on experience at the barn, but she has a desire to learn everything she can on the topic. I'd love to take advantage of that passion and try to center her science curriculum this year around her interests. She is a strong reader and has read a lot of the books on the market geared toward elementary and middle school aged kids, so she might be ready to move up to something more meaty
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for an accredited, online pre algebra program? Or even an algebra program as I look to next year? My ds is going to be attending a local private school next year, and they aren't going to give him credit for the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 he has completed because they were homeschooled classes and not from an accredited source. As I look ahead to the possibility of my daughter doing the same in a few years, I'm thinking switching her to an accredited, online class might make the transition easier. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Merry. How would you compare their coverage of the research paper? Also, help with including sentence variety, verb choice, etc?
  12. Can anyone compare these two levels? How big of a jump between the two? Is the content pretty similar? Does he break down the writing process as much in 9 as he does in 8? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I did see your post in the other thread as well and really appreciate the information. Still trying to narrow things down, but your post was very helpful. Can you expand a little on why it was such a good fit for your daughter who dislikes brainstorming and prewriting? Thanks!
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