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  1. My favorite way to plan is to set each subject/activity out on the dining room table at a place setting after DD is in bed. I put out everything she/daddy need for each activity or it doesn't get done. They clean up as they go. I tried workboxes, but out of sight, out of mind. This works and if they don't finish then it's on the table when I get home and I leave it out for the next day. They are both realizing that if they skip it, they'll be seeing it again. Of course on nights when I don't get this done school doesn't get done. That's the bad part
  2. Right there with you. :grouphug::grouphug: Lord, give us wisdom to use the time you have given us well. Help us to show love to our families, to work with dedication as unto you, and to trust you to take care of all the details that slip away from us. Amen
  3. I just wiped him down with some foaming handsoap and dried him off and he seems better. I will perform surgery in the morning if he still isn't clean. DD just prayed for him during our bedtime prayers. Mr. God, please help Brady to get clean and well so I don't get in trouble with Mrs. Shannon. Thank you for the tips! I feel much more confident now!
  4. DD has custody of the preschool class bear "Brady" for the weekend. Like a Flat Stanley, she has been taking him everywhere with her and taking pictures. Breakfast and Kid's Workshop at home depot, to the photography studio for a sitting and a 'tour'. Home for lunch followed by a teddy bear picnic in the play kitchen where disaster struck. She got him wet with real milk from her teddy bear picnic snack. I don't want to take a stinky bear back on Monday. This has been really fun until now:001_huh: If wiped him down with a damp cloth, and dried him with a white towel. He's still very sticky. He's recovering from his beauty treatment wrapped in a doll towel in DD's room. I've read the instructions on the Build a Bear website about going to a store to have the sound box removed prior to washing. Can I just do the 'surgery' myself to remove the sound box and unstuff him, then wash him in a pillow case and then reassemble him? Has anyone tried this? If he were my bear, I'd be doing open bear surgery as soon as DD falls asleep, but since he's not mine, I'm hesitant. So, can I wash the bear?
  5. decorate cute flip flops to wear after pedicures foot spa nail art our Dollar Tree has a lot of manicure supplies...
  6. a sheet of stamps/roll of stamps nice stationary Art by your children framed (portrait of grandmother, etc)
  7. For Small Hands a Montessori Catalog for families. I love their products, but I've never ordered these. http://www.forsmallhands.com/bookmark-magnifier-4511 (plastic) http://www.forsmallhands.com/swivel-magnifying-glass (glass) http://www.forsmallhands.com/3-in-1-compass-tool
  8. Meals on Wheels-we used to take crafts to deliver with their lunch trays.
  9. I'd include him, but I'd also enlist his help to buy/organize gifts.
  10. I am sorry for your loss. Words just can't express.
  11. I'm in North Texas. I felt it. I couldn't figure out what it was until I woke up this morning.
  12. The flow might be helped by giving her a list of transition words to work into her paper. Early in the .... then in the mid... Not only does.... but also First, Then, Later, After..., then Also, In Addition, Throughout therefore however Finally I think I found a great list online once on an ESL website...
  13. When I found out, I got to help 'be' Santa. I knew it would not be fun if my brother found out, so I didn't say a word.
  14. First I'd have her read it to you aloud at a conversational pace and volume. Then I'd have her listen while you read it aloud. She should 'hear' some of the verb errors, etc. Then I'd help her develop a good thesis and conclusion sentence. Then, look at the content of the body of the essay to see if it is easy to read and makes sense.
  15. Any can't miss Veteran's Day books out there? I have a 5 year old DD.
  16. Have you tried an epsom salt bath for temporary relief? Sometimes I just put some in the bath water. Other times DD soaks her feet in a bowl of warm water with epsom salt. It might help.
  17. We're working on Off to Plymouth Rock! by Mackall. DD almost has the book memorized! It'll be perfect by Thanksgiving.:auto:
  18. We are using both with my 5 year old. HWT starts with capitals. PR starts with lowercase. Because of DD fine motor difficulties, we started PR 1 using leap frog letters for phonogram practice and spelling words, and that's what we are still doing. We do everything else by dictation right now. We are doing HWT capitals about 2 letters/week for 5 minutes per day for 4 days then we review. You can teach HWT and use PR with manipulatives. If your son is already writing, then you can say this is how we make an 'A' in a HWT grey block. This is what it will look like in your notebook. If you can just work on handwriting during 'handwriting' maybe you can avoid some of the 'battle' over school work in general. If you want to start with lowercase, then look into the first strokes handwriting curriculum. It starts with lowercase and follows the letter intro for PR almost, I think. But it is not grab and go with activities like HWT
  19. We have a Our Generation and an AG. The AG has held up much better. I bought her on shopgoodwill.com for $50.00 with shipping and she looked like new. So if you are OK with used, you could look there. Also the AG has the doll hospital if something tragic should happen. That's worth a lot to me.
  20. Can you post a writing sample for us? I love Mead's reddi space paper-I buy it at Wal-Mart. It's a great training tool. Do his hands get tired when he writes?
  21. I love those! We have the world map panel still unquilted, not even hemmed, in our school stuff. Maybe DD could make an alphabet quilt with scrapbook paper, that would be a great project.
  22. What are your favorite Thanksgiving read alouds? Picture books, chapter books, etc... We just read I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie Off to Plymouth Rock Mackall
  23. activities with tongs of all shapes and sizes
  24. Thanks for the warning. We'll sort simple and compound leaves instead and discuss the types of pigment found in different colors of leaves. We'll do the chromatography thing with marker-permanent and waterbased in the colors of leaves. I know that works. thanks! Karen
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