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  1. I love 'The Pencil Grip-jumbo' especially for kids who hold on too tight and don't have a nice open space between the thumb and index finger Also you can try putting a sheet of fun foam under her work to teach her to use less pressure. practice writing big letters, eyes closed on newsprint to see how well she knows her letter formations write/color draw on a whiteboard/chalk board on the wall to work on shoulder strength try a block eraser and pencils without an eraser so she puts down her pencil more frequently. make sure she learns to keyboard under close supervision so she develops good habits.
  2. Thank you Jann. I'm bookmarking that site! Any other websites to know? I usually go from San Antonio toward Blanco. I heard that Blanco had to be evacuated. Are there any road closures there?
  3. Traveling this weekend for my niece's b-day from North TX toward Victoria. I googled txdot, but I can't tell if it includes information about road closures due to fires. Thank you for your help!
  4. Call the non-emergency police number. Tell them what you have seen/smelled. i.e. I've noticed a lot of traffic in my neighborhood. People are comming and going from this address all day, especially in the evenings. I've smelled a strong chemical odor the past two Friday mornings when I've gone walking.
  5. Perhaps the wise parents of the land will issue a decree that the princesses shall earn their apps and, perhaps, earn their ipad time as well. Thus restoring balance to the kingdom.
  6. We are working through MUS Primer. I have pulled some memory work from the DVD lessons regarding place value and a right angle, but I don't remember to do it regularly. Has anyone already compiled a list of memory work for K math? I hate reinventing the wheel. I just want to keep the chevy rolling. Thanks!
  7. That is absolutely the kindest way I have ever heard that explained. May I borrow your words? My DH also had very Victorian parents. And I'll be the one giving the talk around here. DH would just blush. and stammer. and scare them to death.
  8. for HWoT PK all you need is the student book, the teacher book, the CD and probably the wood pieces and mat. The roll a dough letters can be just made with playdough, the stamp a screen is not necessary or can be hand made. I think you can even make the HWoT 'wood pieces' out of other materials. It is a great early learning program.
  9. DD is 5 too. We are calling this kindergarten. DD is a summer baby and she is beginning to read, doing almost all K math. So this year doesn't matter We are doing formal reading/math and lots of great read a louds and calling it school. This is how I answer that question every day. Next year she can either be a Kindergartener again or a first grader. I really don't have to decide until next year. We'll know what she's ready for after we've had her at home for a year (big smile.) Thanks for your concern :)
  10. DD takes the Nordic Naturals DHA pearls. They were suggested by her eye doctor. He did tell me to take her off of them before major dental work and to let drs. know that she takes them if she has to have surgery. The fish oil is a mild anticoagulant. She only has to wear her glasses for seat work now and her attenton span has improved. I'm not sure if that's because her eyes are working together better, or if it because of the fish oil. Either way, we'll keep it up.
  11. we're following epi Kardia's sequence, too, but we are using the books available in our library. We're doing this for Kinder. I ordered both the K-5 complete and the daily lesson plans. Probably you would want the K-5 if you don't need the day by day hand holding. DH is teaching and the hand holding keeps him accountable, without me telling him what to do.
  12. I'm sorry this happened. I don't have any advice and I have no idea what I would do in your position. (I just couldn't read and not post.)
  13. DD dictates and I write to give her the visual and the modeling of handwriting stroke sequence. I love magnetic letters:)
  14. It does look good. If you wanted to further refine it you could work on connecting strokes at midline like between two 'o's and on consistent slant. Her writing is somewhat large for the lines and the overall neatness could be improved by double spacing. It is legible, the intent is clear, and the words are sweet. What more could you want?
  15. :grouphug:noidea about the mama cat and her kittens, though. Maybe someone else will chime in?
  16. It's easier to fly wiith a baby than a bottle of hair spray. It's of course, harder to fly with a baby when you don't have the birthdate in advance. This is just too ironic for words... I'd call and talk to someone:) for sure
  17. I freeze some leftovers like sliced chicken breast then put in a cooler with a frozen H20 bottle. They are perfect at lunch and I just eat them with my fingers. I eat leftovers for dinner. I love my little cooler. Yard Sale .50 cents filled with frozen water bottles to keep it cold.
  18. :grouphug: thankful for the good news and new perspective....continuing to pray.
  19. :grouphug: I will continue to pray for you and for Johnathan.
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