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  1. Thanks for all the comments, condolences, etc. I guess this is an area where we'll have to work on with more concentrated effort. I also think that this problem is exacerbated by more people/kids (i.e. more people to comment), extroverted kids and the open concept home. And always "togetherness" which is part of our rural location, homeschooling, shared hobbies, etc. I am also a slightly burned-out, tired homeschooling momma. I thirst for quiet. My idea of family night, is snacks and everyone get a good book and a comfy spot in the family room and don't say a word! (The only ones who think that sounds awesome are my adult homeschooling mom friends!!!) My 85yo mom lives alone and has a quiet life and I always tell her, semi-jokingly, "You're living my dream!" The hardest part is the "constant" part of the comments. They just never end and no subject (cinnamon as spice rub ingredient) is too trivial. You are all great! I appreciate you Lisa J, mom to 5
  2. Thanks for the squirt gun idea. i like it. I am trying to enjoy more light moments and laughter with the kids. They'd like that altho I know they'd (boys!!!) one up me with bigger guns & I wouldn't find that amusing. As far as the mentioning something aloud, I usually don't. It is just when anyone mentions anything aloud, including dh.... then all the kids comment and it turns into a disagreement or lengthy meaningless dialogue. Five talkative people too. Just constant commenting disorder Thanks for all the replies! Lisa J
  3. So I have 5 kids; 2 are grown and on their own. It was never this bad when they were teens. I have the equivalent of 3 teens at home: 12.5yob, 15yob, 17yog. The 17yo is a constant "problem child" in our home, in a rebellious stage (but improving). She is constantly complaining about fairness between her brothers and herself. And she is constantly stirring up trouble. 15yo son is a in that "I know it all" teen stage - but usually compliant and helpful. With our "problem child", our motto is to not engage in her attempts to argue and stay calm and keep parenting! They comment on EVERYTHING; interrupt my husband and I, boss each other around, etc. The oldest two at home are very much typical oldest children - very bossy and competitive with one another. (My husband and I are working on their interruptions, having not noticed as soon as we should - and are having some progress. Now without dissecting my many and glorious parenting flaws, how can we deal with this? Mostly, I use nonemotional MYOBs, please don't interrupt, let it go, stop the bickering..... etc. Constant reminders are not working. Warnings, etc. The problem is constant and the topic is completely irrelevant. (It is noteworthy that our home is an open concept home where the three main rooms are all combined so all 5 of us are often within earshot of each other.) Here's an example: ME: I have got to remember to turn in my team T-shirt. (I have missed 2-3 opptys when it was with me.) BOY 15: Oh I reminded you about that. (At an unhelpful time like in the middle of an algebra lesson) GIRL: YOU didn't turn yours IN? I turned mine in the NEXT DAY! ( judgmental tone - I washed it and gave it to her) BOY 12: It is on the dash in the car. (True, unnecessary tho cuz I knew that) BOY 15: No, its not. Its in the laundry room. GIRL: What, you haven't even WASHED it YET? (judgmental tone) ME: Yes, its in the car. I guess I need to write myself a note. (no signs of exasperation usually - really, veteran parent) BOY 15: No, its in the laundry room, I saw it. (3 days ago) BOY 12: It is NOT in the laundry room. I put it in the car for mom. (2 cents worth) GIRL: Its in the car but its in the trunk. (its not, never was) BOY 15: No, its not in the car. I'm positive it is in the laundry room. (3 days ago) ANNOYED HUSBAND: Mom said it's in the car. Not DROP IT! (slightly raised voice) GIRL: Mom ASKED us where it was!!! (I did not) MOM: I DID NOT. I just mentioned returning my T-shirt. (Annoyed, Exasperated, Tired) So, as you can see, most of these comments are useless. Most of the time *I* don't even say anything - I don't even say the original comment because I realize what will happen (the above) and it exhausts me. Recent topics are chores, other people's homework, pets, is it allowance day, etc. I know I'm not alone because my two walking partners have grown children and they assure me it is normal. So advice, thoughts - gentle ones please - condolences..... :) Lisa J, mom to 5
  4. The soda poll got me thinking.... About 2 years ago, I quit drinking diet sode (diet was my habit but I quit regular soda too.) I am not opposed to occasional soda but am wary that I will succumb to a habit if I start again. I drink very diluted juice, water or water w/frozen fruit. About 4 years ago, I started walking 4-6x a week about 3miles each time. These were major changes that I was actually surprised I could accomplish. I did them to lose weight, and be healthy. I quit the diet soda and all aspartame and artificial sweeteners because I am convinced they are unhealthy (at least in "regular" or high amounts.) The impact on my life, quality of life, and energy were astounding. My current goal is to redeem my time better - to have a better grasp of a regular schedule for myself and our home. (School is very regular but my input/progess on tasks is not as productive as I'd like.) What life changes/habits have you enacted in recent years or months? How did you accomplish them? What was your motivation? Why did you succeed? Lisa J
  5. Thanks, that's $712 per year. Yikes, can't afford that! Lisa J ---
  6. I need a self-teaching precalculus class for my grade 11 (junior year) daughter. She is medium-strong in math but really hit some walls in Alg. 2. I am too busy to help her and don't really want to. She is likely liberal arts-headed for college, but I don't want her to finish pre-calc at least. Since I am not concerned about math proficiency nor rigor, can anyone comment on the self-teaching aspect of Teaching Textbooks. (Just a note, I am well aware of TT's strengths/weaknesses. I am not worried about it preparing her adequately for a possible calculus.) (When an older daughter did it, she was using the problem-solving teaching video to "DO" the homework (cheating); so it ended up being a big problem.) That really "killed" the wonderfulness of the TT program. I plan to keep better tabs on it the CD/answer keys. I would like to keep it cheaper of course. But up to $300ish? Anything online for that realm of pricing? (I do not want to create anything from scratch? I would like to be as uninvolved as possible.) Has anyone used TT PreCalc successfully? lisaj
  7. Bump for Jan. 2014 I would love an update on Mr. Murray's online classes, the curriculum and how it is working in the OP's (& other's) home(s)? This looks perfect for my son. Lisa J
  8. bump. Anyone have some feedback? The lecture we watched, (one of the ones we watched?) Gilgamesh, I didn't find Etter to be as engaging as I hoped? I'm sure he's a fine teacher, I just wondered if my distractible children would stay focused? Lisa J
  9. I would LOVE to hear about OLLY vs ULtimate Homeschool Planner. And will the OLLY app work on iphones or just ipads? Timely discussion for me. Thanks OP & flyesq Lisa J
  10. I am newly considering this. The special price is through the end of June. Any other comments? I am actually comparing this Omnibus Primary with MFW AHL. I really am torn. I was all set to buy AHL but now I see this and I wonder: __Is Bruce Etter interesting - does he hold the student's attention? __How often would the student watch the lecture? __How much time would it take (Omnibus Primary) on a daily basis? __How much discussion is there with student/parent? (same as without the videos?) __How would it differ from MFW AHL? __Anyone else want to tell me what they think? Lisa J -
  11. Binders. Big 4" binders. If the drawing is oversize (& it is not save-for-a-lifetime precious) - fold it, fold the edge/margin, 3-hole punch, put it in. If you or your child want more organization - make a tab for each child. As a collecting tool, some drawings that overhang edge of binder are still better than drowning in art. So as not to crush ego/creativity/budding artist's career, etc. - either give them their own binder (our artist's binder goes on his closet shelf) or put the binder as a "show to dad each night", etc. After 16 years of homeschooling, let me tell you now... binders are second only to bookshelves as a homeschool mom's best friend. Lisaj, mom to 5; 2 grads
  12. I am guessing you know about the self-paced omnibus primary internet special that is running right now? I am interested as well but am actually struggling with the exact same decision, albeit with a 8th grader and 10th grader and different concerns questions? And btw, I am not really clear on what Omnibus entails exactly, neither their new primary offering and their other offerings. But I have scanned it many times and have a friend who has been doing it. Omnibus or MFW AHL? Lisa J ===
  13. All the above is accurate of course. But, I always wanted to make sure "if" my children needed to move into the local schools during high schol, we would be covering what the state required and they wouldn't have to take 9th gr classes when they were in 11th, 12th, etc. (in our case, that is state history, mostly). I also think local and state history are actually worthwhile subjects :0). But my main reason is being in line with our school district in case we would enroll them. Of course there is no guarantee that the credits would be accepted at the local high school - because in our state, every school district can accept or deny homeschool credits for high school enrollees as they deem appropriate. Lisaj, 2 grads; 10th gr; 8th gr; 5th gr
  14. My children averaged a "science" class or study area about every other year of grades K-6. We did Rainbow Science in Gr 7-8 and then Physical Science in gr. 9. For my nonscience-minded 1st and 3rd borns, these years of concentrated science paid off handsomely in high school. We finished with Biology, Chemistry and A&P Biology in gr 10-12. It is kind of like Latin (or many other subjects); if your students starts Latin about 3rd/4th grade and continue on for 4-5 years, their high school Latin study is easier, less confusing, less stressful and includes a lot of review and includes a great knowledge base to build on. But, they can still start Latin in 9th grade and master 2-3-4 years of high school Latin w/o too much trouble. I like making the high school years "easier" (so to speak) by having very solid foundations from the earlier years' studies. Now, as many posters have said, there are numerous ways to establish that foundation - textbook, grade-level, precept upon precept is just one approach. I am very glad we did jr high science studies! Lisa J, mom to 2 graduates, 3 still hsing Lisaj, mom to 5
  15. I think this is a common way that classes recite things for a presentation. Basically the teacher says something like, "States & Capitals" and then the students (rehearsed) step out one by one and say, (first student: Alabama, Montgomery"' (next student: Alaska, Juneau) etc. etc. I can't remember what this kind of presentation is called? Anyone? A quick reply would help me! Grrr - Lisaj - mom to 5
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