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  1. Velvasoft is a company in TX that makes fantastic weighted blankets and compression vests. They are expensive, but the secret is to call them and see if they have seconds with stitching flaws, older designs, etc. They sell them at a 25-40% discount. Just look at the website. Figure out what you need and call and talk to Mary. I've ordered a lot of seconds and they have been completely functional and for the most part the flaws were unnoticable. Velvasoft http://www.velvasoft.com M.W. Sales and Service, Inc. Phone: 830*303*2508 Email us: Info@velvasoft.com
  2. if you use natural remedies, this blog has lots of information http://www.gwens-nest.com/natural-remedies/category/Whooping%20Cough
  3. When I clean out DDs room, I tell her in advance that I am going to be cleaning out, and that if I take out any thing that she needs, then she can let me know and I'll get it back. I keep the stuff for about 2 weeks and then donate it. I usually have to dig through for 1-2 of many items.
  4. I just started Day 1 of this 40 day challenge. http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2012/06/8-weeks-to-a-less-cluttered-home.html#
  5. my credit union offers shredding as a free service. I've taken one copy paper box in at a time.
  6. When you get in with the feeding clinic three hours away, see if your local OT, or behavior specialist, etc. can attend with you. I have attended specialist appointments several times and it was helpful to me as a professional and great for the kiddos/families I was serving. I sold it to my boss as 'free professional development' that will probably help me help someone else someday.
  7. We take DD every year...whether she needs to go or not just to have a relationship with the clinic in case of an emergency. So glad we did this when DD broke her leg at a bounce house. I called and said, She broke her leg. Her bone 'snapped'. Do you want us to come in or get x rays first? We got the x rays, and it was a fracture, so the hospital sent us straight to an outpatient ortho. Saved us the ER copay and ER doc visit.
  8. another vote for murphy's oil soap. :iagree:
  9. I know a kiddo who wears stretchy terry cloth althletic wrist bands for this purpose. He changes them regularly throughout the day. It's less of a hassle than changing his shirt.
  10. Yes I think ABA can help you. I'm taking a 40 hour online CEU class about it right now. If he can't do a whole day schedule how about a first then schedule where you change it out after each activity. DD uses a file folder system with 3 work folders and three breaks. It works great.
  11. They're pricy, but my DD is really enjoying the tvteacher DVDs. She is a really reluctant writer, too.
  12. You should check out the book "Click, Clack, Moo" by Doreen Cronin the next time you go to the library. It's hillarious and we act out the story with our play typewritter. I'll be looking for a real one over the summer. Karen
  13. store ball pit balls in big mesh laundry bags from dollar store. Dump into dry bath tub. Hide bag of balls in laundry room and only get them out occasionally:)
  14. This will make a great conversation starter for dinner tonight...always looking to feed stomachs, hearts and minds at dinner time.
  15. I bought my dress at a consignment shop. My good friend ordered hers online cheap. We had a cake, punch, mints, nuts, coffee, iced tea only reception. I registered for some beautiful crystal vases, pitchers, and platters and used the ones I received as shower gifts as reception table center pieces. If she has a friend who is getting married or who just got married she may be able to borrow pew bows, centerpieces, etc.
  16. cover the keyboard with a pair of men's boxer shorts elastic at the top, hands go through leg holes
  17. The liquid is really bitter tasting. It's hard to be compliant. It really tastes bad. The capsules have no taste really. The liquid is easier to use topically....
  18. we have a box of Bible costumes mostly old robes, scarves for head coverings, shoestrings to tie on head coverings, a 'baby moses' basket, 'gold, frankensense, and myrrh (fancy containers from goodwill), swords, shields, stick horses, fake fern branches (palms), yard candy canes painted brown (shepherd's crooks), and homeade musical instruments- a 'harp', tambourine, etc. Most came from thrift stores. I also bought a few costumes from oriental trading on sale for cheap. Have fun!
  19. sugar snap peas, mini bell peppers, grape tomatos (all from Sam's) dips: hummus, ranch, plain yogurt, greek yogurt based dip. I bake egg plant whole in the oven like a baked potato (can be microwaved). f
  20. Dysgraphia is common among gifted kids, I think. Their minds work faster than their pencils. Great easy things to try are the readi-space paper by Mead. I buy it at Wal-Mart. It provides strong visual cues for sizing and spacing. Also First Strokes handwriting has a 'one hour to legibility' handwriting curriculum. It takes more than an hour for most kiddos, though, but it really helps as does their 1/3 space dashed line wide ruled notebook paper. If you are ready to put handwriting on the back burner. You can try keyboarding curriculum as an instead-I like the first strokes curriculum. It is teacher intensive, but it really teaches touch typing and has hands=on activites that kids like. After you teach typing you can try word prediction software to see if that will take out some of the glitches and make writing smoother. There are several free downloads. Just google word prediction software. That along with a phonetic spell checker (also free downloads) can make a huge difference in the quality of writing. Usually gifted kids can use these tools to get over their writing hurdles and then fade their use successfully.
  21. My optician told me to slip DDs glasses on just before she woke up in the morning so her eyes would begin adjusting immediately. It seemed to help. We also made the rule 'face or case' and every time she moved them from one place to the other I rewarded her with a mini-M&M. She wore them for meals and movies at first and then for longer stretches of time until she adjusted. That way when she took them off they were easier to find. When they were lost, really, really lost. I invited two older kiddos over for a scavenger hunt. I made a list of fun things and told them there was a cash reward for finding the glasses. Best $5.00 I have ever spent:)
  22. you know that after the grieving and even during the grieving there may be a sense of relief. Some parents feel guilty about feeling relieved of the burden of care, others are just relieved. You can support and encourage her that it's OK to feel relieved to enjoy a full night's sleep or an outing with just her younger child, etc.
  23. I take activated quercetin. It really works. I also take probiotics daily and use a netti pot. I put raw honey in my hot tea every day. I am off of allergy meds for the first time in years.
  24. I agree tight fitting clothes against the skin can help like underarmour or leggings, tagless if you can find them.
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