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  1. I’m only homeschooling my son in 8th grade. He does everything independently. For history, we use books, videos, online resources & then once a week he writes a summary of what he’s learning. I read it. That’s it. He does history 4x week & Id say he spends 30-45 minutes a day on it. ETA- I spent time putting his assignments together before school started, so I really spend very little time each week doing anything for history now. Maybe 10 minutes a week, plus any trips going to the library.
  2. My son is not taking Biology, but he also takes Apologia at co-op. We use Quizlet to study for all of the tests. You can just download the app for free & search whatever module test you need. Other moms have done all the work. This helps my son tremendously & may be worth looking into. Hope this helps.
  3. I would love some help choosing a writing curriculum. I am trying to look ahead to ninth grade next year for my son. I’m particularly interested in these courses and am wondering if anyone can give me feedback. My son has no special needs but is not a huge fan of writing (especially creative writing). I would say he is average for his grade and doesn’t struggle with the process of writing at all, he just doesn’t enjoy it. I’ve been looking at: • Writing with Skill 2 (we currently use WWS 1 but am waiting until the end o the year to decide how well we like it). • Essentials in Writing 9 • Big River Academy online (Writing ER) • (Essay Rock Star) • Bravewriter online (most hesitant about this one because of cost and our budget) Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you!!
  4. So sorry that happened to you. It’s incredibly thoughtless & rude to not even reply to you after you sent out a reminder and your cell phone number. I would be frustrated too. I totally agree with pp that said collect their money and not their answer.
  5. My kids are 13 and 16. My 16 year old got a flip phone at the age of 12. She then received my husband’s old iPhone 5s. She now has an iPhone 6 (received it last year for Christmas). My 13 year old also received his phone at 12. He started off with my daughter’s old iPhone 5s. That died, so he got my husband’s old android. We are on Total Wireless & our monthly bill for 4 lines with 25 gb shared data is $104 after taxes. So it’s really affordable & keeps me in touch with my kids when they aren’t home. ETA - And yes, we have rules and restrictions with the phones
  6. My daughter has been in PS since 6th grade. She’s currently in 10th. I think 6th grade was the only time she had a textbook (it was the year before Common Core began). My son went to PS from 5th through 7th grade & is back home. He never had a text book (he started PS the first year of common core here). All homework is worksheets and online assignments. The schools here heavily depend on Khan Academy for homework. My son also frequently was assigned tenmarks (online and common core aligned). I’m thankful they didn’t have a math book. Their backpacks were SO heavy without it - I can’t imagine one more thing to carry.
  7. I would think maybe there is something bigger at play. I’m 46 and I’m not as thin or as in shape as I was in my twenties. My husband has put on a little weight and his hair ain’t what it used to be :-) But he still makes my heart skip a beat and he makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the room. So in my opinion, physical attraction is a subjective term. Having said that, if it felt like one of us just stopped caring about ourselves, that would be a problem. We don’t need to have beach bodies but we do need to strive for optimal health (neither of us have any health issues so for us this is reasonable and attainable). We want to grow old together and enjoy our future ... so both of us commit to ourselves and each other to eat right, take care of ourselves, and we’ve always tried to put effort into our appearance. If life throws us a curve ball and this becomes unrealistic, we will still love each other and adapt. That’s marriage. You figure it out.
  8. Do you use the tamper? It should give a nice, thick consistency throughout in the vitamix for banana ice cream.
  9. Skydive and deep sea scuba ETA- I should have read the replies first. Time traveling and winning the lottery sounds much better! I’ll take those answers instead 😊
  10. My food processor stopped working & Ive been fine with just my vitamix. I do have both a mandoline and spiral slicer, but I use my vitamix for everything including grinding grains & it’s been great. I don’t feel the need to replace my food processor. My vitamix has multiple speeds and can pulse though, while my sister’s only has two speeds - so that might make a difference.
  11. Yes. My extroverted son attended middle school for 6th & 7th grade. He is back home now in 8th grade. He is doing SO much better & has much more time to enjoy activities and opportunities outside of the home now.
  12. I’m an eclectic homeschooler (meaning we use what works & have no commitment to a style or publisher) and our primary focus is raising Godly adults. We desire for my son’s education to exceed what he was getting in the public school (he attended 3 years). Not sure if this counts as our “philosophyâ€- but there ya go 😊
  13. Yes. They like them closed or the cats will torture them.
  14. My husband and I don’t share everything people confide in us. It doesn’t have anything to do with our marriage and it’s not my information to share. However, with our children, it really is based on what the information is, does my husband feel excluded, is my child being fair in keeping the information from that parent. But in general we both have conversations with our kids that both parents don’t need to be in the loop. Some things my son may feel comfortable just discussing with his dad (or maybe just me), and that’s totally fine with me. Or if my daughter just needed to talk with me privately, my husband wouldn’t think twice about it. If there was a real problem, of course, we would spill the beans... but just general conversations, it’s great that our kids can choose who to go too.
  15. I would create a visual aid that shows clearly when screen time occurs. The first few times he ask, walk to the display and show him how he can determine when he will get screen time again. Once you are sure he understands, no longer have a conversation about it. Simply tell him to check the board.
  16. We use Okocat- it’s the best I’ve ever used.
  17. My son doesn’t have special needs (but reading this thread it’s like we are talking about him, so maybe he does and I’m clueless). My son also needed downtime when he was in public school. We would eat a snack & do homework. He could play on his computer once homework was done. He really needed that. I had to sit with him every single night through homework. I would go through his back pack & help organize papers that had literally shoved in there as wads of paper. He lost his pencil every single day! So I had to make sure he had one for the next day. We would discuss every single class and any upcoming tests or assignments - discussing it would help him remember. As a reminder. I would write in sharpie on his hand. Sometimes it would just be an “X†but it would trigger him to remember to turn things in. If he had multiple things to do, we would make a list to keep in his pocket to help him remember things (and an X on his hand helped him remember the list). Anyway. No real advice. It’s honestly why he’s back homeschooling this year. It was exhausting to try and help him keep up with everything. He made good grades, (and he is over the top smart)... but his ability to keep up was just non existent. We were both miserable by the end of 7th grade. Ironically, he now self manages his entire day with almost no supervision from me. I just hand him his to do list and he marks it off with a highlighter as he completes his day. He schedules his own breaks and everything. And the best part is, we haven’t lost a pencil 😊
  18. Subway. I get a loaded veggie sub with vinegar, salt & pepper on a whole wheat toasted bun.
  19. My family & in-law’s weren’t supportive when we first homeschooled. It was just really weird for them & they couldn’t wrap their brain around it being a legitimate option. Over time that changed (it was clear my kids were doing really well). Also, my mom was meeting homeschool families, which made it seem more normal for her. In the beginning, I really didn’t allow an open dialogue about it, not even with friends. I don’t discuss how I parent, nor do I need unsolicited advice or approval. That’s between my husband and I. So, I approached homeschooling the same way. I also started a blog when my daughter was 5 & if they really wanted a peek into our lives, I invited them to follow that way. As the years passed, it just became a non-issue & everyone was supportive (or kept quiet). That first year though, I do remember a lot of opinions from family and friends, so I just shut them down.
  20. I think as long as the kids/teens want to dress up there should be no cut-off date. My kids are 16 & almost 14. Neither want to trick or treat anymore. But if they wanted too, it wouldn’t bother me.😊
  21. We are having a “Too Old to Trick or Treat†Party. We will have a potluck & cookout. Some fall festival type games for teens and watch a movie on the side of the house with a projector (maybe Alice through the Looking Glass). My kids are too old for fall festivals and trick or treating, so we thought it would be fun to just have a get-together with friends. It won’t really be Halloweenish spooky thing, just fall fun. That way all of our friends feel comfortable coming, since not everyone we know let their kids trick or treat. I definitely want to carve a pumpkin too 😊
  22. I enrolled my son in 5th grade (he is homeschooling again now). It was very easy to enroll him here. I just called the front office & explained our situation and asked what they needed from me. My son had to have his immunization records, birth certificate, a physical, and his most recent test scores (we had used SAT10 so I just gave them that). That’s all it took. He did very well & adjusted fine. ETA- and yes, he was placed in his grade based on birthdate. Here kids take a STAR reading test & that will place them in their AR Level
  23. My son in 7th grade was very disorganized. I was involved and the teachers were so wonderful in partnering with me so I could help him from our end. I never questioned how they did things, I simply asked for ways I could help my son from home. Had I not been involved my son would have made terrible grades (for work he was more than capable of doing). All of his teachers said middle school (particularly 7th grade) was notorious for dips in grades because of all the hormone changes. So wait if you want, but if the grades continue to be low just contact the teachers. Thank them for all they do and ask for any input on how you can partner with them to help your son.
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