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  1. I’m a part-time merchandiser for American Greeting Cards. I love it & have been doing it for almost 4 Years. I work a few hours a week (a little more during holiday changeover). Maybe you’d like something like that? I get a schedule on Sunday & I can go take care of my assignments anytime I feel like. I work alone, wear regular clothes, I just organize the card department & put an order away if I need too.. It’s really easy and fun for me. I only have 4 stores, but some people have a lot more. I used to have 10 stores, and that was still very flexible and easy. For me, four is perfect though because it’s just so low key and I can do it all in one morning. I just put my paycheck in our savings account. It really adds up over time 😊 Just a thought
  2. It depends on who’s saying & what they are apologizing for. Without context, it’s hard for me to see any difference between the two.
  3. My honest opinion. I think it’s only annoying if you’re overly pushy. I live in a very rural area & there are SO many people here that sell things at house parties... 31 bags, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, some nail art thing I can’t even remember, Origami Owl jewelry.. it just goes on and on. I don’t mind being invited to these parties. They’re usually pretty fun & I get a night out with friends and free food. If I go, I do usually anticipate that I’ll buy something, even if it’s very small. If money is tight or I’m just not interested, I politely decline. I’ve never had friends here be pushy & I don’t mind that they’re looking for ways to make extra income for their family. Having said that, when I was much younger a new friend at church offered to give me a facial. Yay! Right? I’m assuming she’s an actual aesthetician. Um, no. She sold Mary Kay. She put make-up on HALF of my face. I told her I can’t wear foundation, and that my skin was incredibly sensitive. She applied it HALF of my face. It was awkward. I hated it. The friendship ceased to exist, and I learned free facials don’t exist, lol. All that to say, if you decide to do it, have fun and treat people how you would want to be treated 😊
  4. I used it in 5th grade with my daughter, but I’m sure it prepares students just fine for high school writing. It was not difficult to use at all, in fact, I’d say the program was fairly easy to implement. In third & fourth grade my daughter had used BJU Writing & Grammar with the dvd’s, so she really was fairly strong in writing already and was working on 5 paragraph essays. We started with IEW at at the beginner level, so for her it was very basic and easy, but she did like it (pick 3 words per sentence and drawings or symbols were free if I remember right). She went on to public middle school (she’s 16 now & amazing😊). I ended up selling IEW & making more than what I paid - so resale is great! With my son, I just don’t use a curriculum at all. He’s in 8th grade and for writing we use ACT prompts and focus on outlining and papers (not keyword outlines), and this works very well. I had used EIW with him previously & it’s closer to how I teach, so I prefer it. And money is a huge factor, so having used both I would return to EIW if I had to choose between the two.
  5. I stand corrected then. I saw them frequently in 2012 and that’s what I was told then, and I assumed that was accurate. Sorry OP. I guess it just means they are catholic and they can vote, lol
  6. It was a direct response to Obama’s healthcare regarding birth control and insurance
  7. Cruise! Hands down for us. My husband & I love cruises!!
  8. I would personally get rid of them. You can’t wear them & someone else can. But I purge stuff constantly, if we aren’t using it we give it away. My mindset is why keep what someone else needs and at best serves as a “just in case†for us.
  9. I voted “other†because the question is just too hypothetical for me. In reality, I have no idea what we would do. I don’t have an issue with tattoos at all, but it would depend on what they wanted, where, and the cost. I would also want to make sure we went to a reputable artist, as there’s nothing worse than a shotty tattoo that was poorly done.
  10. If I has to choose one of the two, I’d go with Essentials in Writing. Why? Price, easy to use, aligns with expectations for ACT & SAT, includes short videos that teach, has option for grading. Having said that, I’ve used both and now use neither. Sorry. I just realized this thread was resurrected and is old😊
  11. Our gentle 3rd grade would be: History - read aloud from selected books. I really like Heritage History selections and they’re free: or we would just go to the library Language Arts - Part 2 of Primary Language Lessons (or Part 1 if you needed even gentler). It’s free, but I’d probably buy this version: Science - We used and loved Christian Liberty Press Nature readers, “Let’s Read & Find Out About†book series, and Magic School Bus & Beakman’s World. Math - I’d just use something gentle or look at district standards and make up our own. Third grade is very easy. We would always have a fun book series we were reading aloud together & they would read books of their choosing from the library independently to reinforce reading and comprehension skills
  12. This is how it is here as well. My daughter is enrolled in public high school. She will begin dual enrollment this summer at the local CC. She will be taking English 1101 first summer semester & English 1102 second summer semester (3 credit classes). These will meet graduation requirements for both 11th & 12th grade English.
  13. It looks just like a boneless chick-fi-la piece of fried chicken... but maybe not quite as big. It fits perfectly on a whole wheat toasted hamburger bun 🽠ETA - here’s what it looks like -
  14. My daughter was able to take and get her permit without taking any other test at all. It did state that some people can be randomly selected to take the written test (I guess to make sure someone else doesn’t do the work for you online), but my daughter wasn’t one of them. The DMV was able to see that she completed the course from their computer & we got her permit with no issues. Maybe FL is different than other states though.
  15. So jealous!!! We are right outside of Tallahassee and got nada!! So bummed!
  16. Yeah, I knew I could freeze it - but I usually do so covered in broth. Have you just frozen it on its own before? I just wasn’t sure how well it would freeze fried. I think I’ll just go for it. I made too much & it will be the perfect lunch for some upcoming field trips and when co-op starts back next week. Should I just make my sandwich with it frozen and let it unthaw itself? My co-op has a microwave too I could zap it in before lunch. I’ve just never messed with seitan this way so was hoping someone else could help me 😊
  17. I made a batch of seitan fried chicken today. Can I freeze it? I want to save some for future lunches but can’t find whether or not fried “chicken†will freeze well. Can anyone advise? Thank you!!!!
  18. My daughter did It was really boring, but the trade off was she didn’t have to take a written test. We just drove to the DMV & she was able to get her permit. I don’t think it counts toward 10% insurance discount though, but please correct me if I’m wrong (my daughter is 16 now and ready for her license). My son will use FLVS, as it’s free for us and meets the graduation requirement of needing one online class. My daughter just preferred a different route. Also, our district offers drivers ed for free by the guidance counselor, so you could check into your district options as well.
  19. Thank you! That’s a good idea! I will look now. I’m currently registered with a private school (which is really just an umbrella school), so I’m wondering if they would just be the same thing? I’m not even sure that I’d ever enroll my son for every single course or use the Academy option..., it struck me as very odd when looking at their website. I couldn’t understand how he could graduate with a diploma from an online school unless he was actually enrolled in their school.
  20. I just got a reply if anyone was wondering the same thing. ————————— Hello Amy, You would not need to register to homeschool in Florida. In essence, your student would be enrolled in an online private school based in Kansas City, Missouri. If your student is currently enrolled in public school, we can provide documentation to show that your student is enrolled to facilitate that transfer of academic records. In terms of applying for college, Acellus Academy would provide official transcripts to show the coursework that your student has completed. For the purposes of allowing your student to participate in dual enrollment, we can provide documentation to confirm that the student is enrolled. As an alternative to dual enrollment, we offer numerous AP courses. Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding any further questions. Kind regards, Joshua Billings Acellus Academy
  21. Hi, I’m looking at options for my son next year & entertaining the idea of online classes. Acellus is really affordable with their homeschool and tutoring options, but I noticed they also have an academy option as well. It cost more money but offers teacher support, a diploma, and is accredited. I’m not even sure that I would want to outsource every single class, but my question is, if they’re accredited and offer a diploma, why would we still be registered as homeschoolers in our state? Under parent information, it states this and I don’t understand why? I emailed them last week asking for clarification but no response. Anyone know the answer? I just assumed $500 month would mean you were actually enrolled in a private school & the diploma reflected that you graduated from an accredited school.
  22. I’m interested too! I was just looking at this today. I had read it was $30 month but it looks like the homeschool version is only $10 month now. With that price I’m really considering letting my son try it out & give me his thoughts and feedback. I’m looking for more self directed learning as he approaches ninth grade & this looks like a nice choice.
  23. My son was in public school last year. I found cymath helpful. It’s free in the App Store. It was helpful for me as the parent to see the steps & know we were doing it right. There’s also photomath and yhomework that we’ve used. I’m sure there are many other apps, websites, YouTube, Khan Academy etc. I had to utilize it all because I’d have to learn what my son was being taught just so I could explain it to him. And my son was only in advanced math for 7th grade! lol. And we had a tutor once a week too! So much homework... It was crazy.
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