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  1. Monday not so hot here. I didn't sleep well, my stomach was hurting. Finally fall asleep only to be awakened by college son coming in the door at 2am. Husband's alarm went off at 3am and woke me up too. Finally rolled out of bed at 8:30am. Behind on my lesson plans, behind on my biology class, printer not working, still nursing a cup of tea, not showered or dressed. What happened to my weekend? You'd think after 11 years of homeschooling I'd have this down. Monday, you stink.
  2. So I just deactivated my facebook account. It is literally driving.me.crazy. I can't control what I want to- nothing in my news feed works the way I want it to. People keep adding me to group parties like LulaRoe, Pampered chef, etc. And I'm sick of all the political non-sense. Everybody complains about everything, the same statuses keep popping up at the top of my news feed over and over and over again even after I change my settings. UGH!!!!! I just simply could not take it anymore. And, I allow it to suck me in, you know? Anyone else NOT using facebook and getting along fine without it? My biggest fear is that I've become so facebook dependent that I'm going to miss out on something. Tell me I did the right thing!! (over here feeling anxious already!!) (I'm still on Instagram and I really like it)
  3. Any mamas trying to finish their own college degree while homeschooling a child? My daughter is 13 and I'm slowly working toward my BSW with 91 credits afte this summer semester. Anyone else doing colege while homeschooling?

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    2. Crimson Wife
    3. IsabelC


      I am studying Grad Dip Psych will home educating my three.

    4. homeschoolmama37


      I will look for that group. Thanks!

  4. I would agree also that CLE's grammar is in-depth. Not only that, but having used it for a while in the past, I would also that is very spiral based- each grade builds on what previous grades have been taught. Did you try the placement test to see where your 8th grader would place? This year, I am using Daily Grams and Fix It! Grammar for my 8th grader. She's a terrific writer and above-average reader, but really struggles with remembering parts of speech and usage. For my son we graduated last year, we had used Rod & Staff for many years and loved it. He did great with it. I would start that series with book 5. I always had him read the lesson, then we would do one class exercise together orally, or I would have him do it on paper, then one written exercise each day. I never assigned all the exercises. I always recommend checking Cathy Duffy's website for her reviews for curriculum before I make the decision to purchase. www.cathyduffyreviews.com
  5. Any moms looking to award credits to the transcript for an 8th grader? And if so, what kinds of credits? I'm looking at biology, writing and possibly ASL.

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    2. mom31257


      Ds is doing Algebra 1 and Spanish 1. We've started some toward 9th grade English and toward Geography, but those will be mostly next year.


    3. homeschoolmama37


      I was thinking about foreign language and science. She may be able to get an english credit this year as well. My options for ASL did not work out as I had hoped, so that's not going to happen. Thanks for your ideas!

  6. Facing the mid-year slump! How do you keep your motivation going when you're ready to be done for the school year??

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    2. fourisenough


      I sprinkle things I enjoy into our days: cleaning a closet, putting away all the snow gear, making summer plans, etc. Total Type A here!

    3. SunshineMom


      We took spring break early. I didn't even think about school. I am also doing all my planning for next year now so that in about nine weeks, we can go on summer break. I am also planning out our summer activities. We have so much to look forward to which makes the goal of finishing easier. Hope this helps.

    4. homeschoolmama37


      Great ideas. Especially taking one day at time. Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to finish the entire year.

      We did take a small spring break- 3 days I think, so that helped.

      And yes I'm planning my next year too, which gives me a little motivation and excitement that we are almost done with this year.


  7. I'll chime in here and give a few opinions are what we are doing. It's great to read everyone's feelings on so many different things. Math- Rod & Staff- the jury is still out on this one though it is working well for now. English- We LOVE EFRTU, but are not loving Building Spelling Skills. LOVE The Exciting World of Creative Writing. My girl is eating that one up. Bridge to the Latin Road- again the jury is still out on that one. Spanish- Mango. When we get to it we do really like it. Science- Exploration Education. Not loving it at all and right now it's getting the job done and that's it. History, Bible, Geography- Heart of Dakota Revival to Revolution and that's a big win here. The only thing I struggle with is checking off the boxes every day. Sometimes more of a task list than an enjoyment, but we love the books and activities. That's it for us!
  8. Thanks all for your comments. Yes, I've noticed everything has to be built correctly in order for it work right. I think the biggest issue has turned out to be that my daughter is not a physical science lover. We did this topic a couple of years ago with Jeannie Fulbright's Physics & Chemistry and the topics are exactly the same, just different format. I think that's where the real struggle is- it feels repetitive. Part of the issue was the car not staying together properly. Hopefully we have fixed it again. Yesterday she did lesson 7.2 with the fulcrums and she really enjoyed it. ???? I don't know. Maybe just getting into a groove was difficult? The other issue is the math- math is not her strong point and she is really struggling with understanding the formulas presented. Math in science is a new thing for her. I am definitely going to call the company and talk to them about it. Thanks everyone!
  9. Has anyone used this? I'm at my wit's end with the first project, the racer. We are not succeeding with many of the experiments/projects and I'm looking for some tips. Basically, the racer doesn't do most of what it needs to do in the experiments to give the intended result for the lesson. I can't find any reviews of it online. It seems not many are using it. And I know why- it isn't very user-friendly for us and I'm just wondering if anyone else used it and had a hard time, what did you do? TIA!
  10. Starting week 7 of 7th grade here. Everything is going rather well except for science. I'm looking for other parents who have used it. I'm off to the forums!

  11. Maybe check National Geographic for some resources. I would also check the library and see what you can find. Maybe some online resources as well. Most of the geography courses I have seen are workbook based and use mostly maps. Maybe what you are looking for is a topography/cartography course. It sounds like this might be something you could design yourself if you had the right library/online resources.
  12. I used them and I did not like them at all. Are you talking about the ones from Joanne Calderwood? Here's what I didn't like- odd bulky size, blank black and white pages with boxes that didn't have a good amount of space. I did fill them in for my daughter, and for my son who was in 9th grade at the time. Honestly, it really was the size and horizontal orientation that did it for me, and the size of the boxes on the pages were not ideal to fit in what I needed to write.
  13. If you can find an older copy of Biblioplan (I used for elementary and middle with my son which was about 6-8 years ago, it has a great schedule that uses MOH and SOTW, plus maps, questions, and timeline pieces and we really enjoyed it. It was 3 days a week and I only used the parent companion from time to time. I've had a friend tell me that she also left BP because of the choppy companion especially in the high school years. I wouldn't recommend it for that age, but I didn't use it for that age. But I really liked it for elementary and middle school.
  14. Awesome! I'm sure you'll have a great first week too!
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