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  1. A really fun get-together. I’m in the south.
  2. I’m not on FB. I deleted it about 8 years ago. I dont do social media except for Pinterest- I love that site. It feels productive, while ((for me) other social media sites feel like time wasters.
  3. Yes. We allow sleepovers at our house with select kids. We also allow our kids to sleep out at other homes with selective families. Basically, our kids know spend-the-nights happen with families we know very well and trust very much and the friendships are ones my husband & I feel really good about. My daughter isn’t going to a slumber party because a girl at school invited her for their birthday. We just wouldn’t feel good about that. In those scenarios we let her go & just pick her up at like 9 or 10. Same applies to my son. ETA- kind of off topic, but we also have secret texting code that would alert us to come pick them up— whatever the reason, we would know to go ASAP
  4. chili, beefless stew, potato soup, veggie pizza, quesadillas, burritos, spaghetti, lasagna, farmers plate (mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, biscuits), stir fry, cheeseless mac & cheese... really anything you would normally eat there is a vegan healthy version. I don’t buy fake meat & all of my meals satisfy my carnivore husband ðŸ‘🻠ETA- On my Pinterest I have some yummy recipes pinned: hope that helps youðŸ½
  5. Before I had kids I was a nanny. I thought I was an expert on children. Then I had children, lol. So all of the things I was certain my children would never ever do... Ive eaten a lot of humble pie over the years to say the least 😊
  6. Oh. And I have a cool story! When I was about 18, some friends and I drove to FL to see Nine Inch Nails (they were opening for The Jesus & Mary Chain). Trent Reznor was talking to us & telling us they were coming to Atlanta. He said he would put us on the guest list. We wrote our names on a cocktail napkin, and months later when they were in ATL, we actually were on the guest list like he promised. That was pretty cool!
  7. Yes, kind of (famous depending on who you ask, right?). The Black Crowes went to my high school, so it was pretty cool when they became big for a time. They used to do R.E.M covers and were Mr. Crowes Garden in the 80’s. I also knew Kristian Stanfill when he was a teen. I worked at a large church & he was the worship leader for the youth group when he was in high school. One day, a few years back, my husband was preparing a worship set. He was listening to Kristian Stanfill & I saw his name on the computer screen... I was like, “How do you know Kristian?†I had no idea he had gone on to create a career for himself. I was so happy for him. Oh, and my sister is best friends with Travis Tritt’s sister, she also went to our high school. His dad was a school bus driver for years after he became a country singer. So I don’t know him but I know his sister & dad. Does that count? 😊
  8. These are great. Thank you! Off to do research on these now. We purchased The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts Level 7, but the writing is just not enough at all. My son was in public school last year & the writing was just SOOO much... but now it’s barely at all (aside from a written narration here or there & a paper he wrote on why YouTube gaming is a great career). I just find myself at a loss trying to figure out what he needs. I purchased Wordsmith and Writing with Skill 1, as I found these copies for really cheap on Amazon. But I bought them sort of blindly & really have no idea what will work. I’m just hoping these will get us through 8th grade & now I’m looking ahead to next year (I definitely don’t want to be in this position again in 9th grade, as I feel aimless). Thank you all again!
  9. Okay. I’ve really enjoyed the the other two threads regarding middle school curriculum choices for various subjects. What are you all using for writing? What are your plans as they enter 9th grade? My son is in 8th grade & I feel the most pressure with writing. Thanks in advance! Amy
  10. Apologia General Science. We meet with our co-op one day a week and finish out work at home the other 4 days. We both love it.
  11. Sounds like a migraine. Here’s what works for me when excedrin migraine doesn’t help... Sleep Benadryl (a friend told me this & it does help.. I do this at night so I’m not passed out all day) I find relief with peppermint oil added to my temples and base of the neck. I don’t use a carrier oil. When the peppermint wears off my migraine is still there usually, but it’s wonderful temporary relief. I also own a tens unit & I’ll put that on my shoulders. Again, this is just temporary relief, but helps while I’m wearing the unit. I will also have my husband massage my neck and shoulders as hard as he can (I’m sore the next day) but it really helps. Lastly, if I pinch my eyebrows using my thumb and pointer finger (starting by my nose & work my way out). That’s a pressure point area that can offer relief and it really helps. Weird I know, but it helps.
  12. Yes. I wouldn’t say it’s life consuming (at least not for me), but it is definitely time consuming, thought consuming, and an expense (And I only homeschool my son & he's 13). When my kids were smaller it involved a lot more from me, now my role has shifted, in terms of what is now needed from me. But it’s all still time consuming (and totally worth it).
  13. We are co-parents so we really try to support each other. One rule we have always had is don’t parent on top of each other. I’m a lot more relaxed with my parenting style, so if I’m in the middle of handling something my husband knows not to step in. And vice versa, I don’t step into something he’s handling. The exception is if we clearly need support and want back-up. In front of the kids we stand united but behind closed doors we sometimes hash it out. Neither of us have ever used corporal punishment, so our differences are really just that, mere differences. As far as picky eaters, bedtime, etc. we can come to an agreement that suits us both. If I think the kid will simply outgrow being picky and my husband thinks they need to eat everything - our compromise might be that they at least try it, just a taste. Or if they really don’t like it they can eat a PB&J but they don’t get a special separate meal from the family. This honors the child and both parenting styles. As for bedtime, I’d say you don’t have to go to sleep but you must be in your room by 8:00 and no getting up. Again, everyone feels respected. Having a kid on my floor would make me and my husband both bonkers, so we would definitely enforce if the sun isn’t shining don’t come in, lol. But that isn’t really helpful to you. My kids are teenagers now and really easy, but those younger years pulled and stretched me. Kids go through stages and phases, but trying to stay united with your husband through it all works best imho. Hugs
  14. My niece is Sarah Marie, so I think of her. It’s a lovely name imho 😊 ETA- I also think of the Jimmy Fallon skit, “Sarah with an H is ewwwâ€, lol
  15. Is mastery? It would be worth looking into. We use TT pre-Algebra & I agree the spiral is very redundant. My son uses a calculator except for tests. This helps him work through a lot of the spiral problems more quickly, but he’s still reviewing everything. He tolerates TT very well, so for us it’s fine.
  16. Salad and garlic bread. But I wish I ate the Buddha bowl.. that sounds delicious
  17. Talking Word Factory by Leapfrog focuses on blends. Here’s the intro: My kids really liked this.
  18. So far.... Hits: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Apologia General Science Seterra for Geography Misses: The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts 7 (Although I do like the sentence dictation and reading selections, so we will continue with those)
  19. The Little Broomstick is a very cute chapter book that a 7 year old girl would love ETA - ok, I just looked and it’s very expensive! The copy I have is going for $80 on eBay. But if you can borrow it or find it at the library, it’s a great classic chapter book about a little witch.
  20. I don’t know any preppers, or if we do, they hide their crazy well. Or maybe none of them live here. I’m in FL by the beach so apparently it’s going to be flooded today. It would only make sense that they all left.
  21. Some companies will pay for part or all of your college too. Whenever I go to Starbucks in Tallahassee the employees there are all students working to receive the benefit of Starbucks college program. It’s pretty awesome. Several companies do this.
  22. Great childhood. I was born in 1971, so cartoons were on Saturday morning only and a Disney Movie was on Sunday night and we had afterschool specials. So TV really wasn’t something I did a lot. No internet. No phones. Our first Atari was in middle school. I grew up with three sisters in a large suburb of Atlanta. Everyday we had a neighborhood group of kids that would hang out. In the summer we all went to the neighborhood pool My parents were pretty free range, so I was gone from dusk til dawn. For sports, I remember playing soccer, swim team, my favorite was ice skating. I took horse back riding lessons in middle school, and that was really fun. I was in band in middle school too & played the violin. In high school I was a cheerleader. I never felt overscheduled & all of my extracurricular activities were of my own pursuing. ETA- and also babysitting. That was my cash flow. I did not get any allowance. My first real job was at Mcdonalds when I was 15 (the uniform traumatized me, lol)
  23. There are some neat idea of how to repurpose an old wedding dress & create keepsakes. I know you said there’s no sentimental attachment, but even having an ornament or necklace with a small piece of fabric, etc. might be kind of cool. There were some really great ideas just glancing over google images.
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