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  1. I enjoy her. She’s a wacky homeschool mom of two teens. I’ve tried many of her recipes and enjoyed them allðŸ‘ðŸ»
  2. I love soy curls. I don’t really enjoy a lot fake processed vegan meats, but I do use soy curls occasionally & they are yummy! They’re 100% natural, non GMO whole dehydrates soy beans. I use them to make meatloaf, chicken salad, shredded bbq sandwiches, etc. They are also awesome in chicken stir fry. Happy to share any recipes. Jill McKeever on youtube has a ton of video recipes too.
  3. I have a Brother (SE 400), and I absolutely love it. Mine is also an embroidery machine so I’m sure you can find one much cheaper that just does sewing. I bought mine as a birthday gift to myself when I was 40. I had never sewn before in my life & now I can sew anything. I give credit to having such an easy machine; truly it’s fool proofðŸ‘ðŸ».
  4. I don’t think doodling is rude. My 16 year old doodles in church the entire time but is still listening. However, if the teacher says don’t do it, then don’t do it. It’s not an unreasonable request imo. My 2 cents.
  5. Quit. I promise you won’t be the first or the last person to leave that place. I understand that they spent time training you. I understand your cousin’s wife gave you the recommendation. Therefore, leave with kindness and tact. But please, don’t stay because you have some kind of guilt or concern over what others may think of you. Doing what’s best for your family trumps it all. Hugs to you.
  6. I discuss it all as “Mexican†food and don’t differentiate. But in fairness, we live in a small town with two restaurants. The local Mexican restaurant is owned by a Mexican family and is called El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant. So if they don’t call it Tex Mex, it seems weird that I should. Unless the restaurant name specifies, I just refer to it as Mexican food.
  7. Pizza and breadsticks here. I’m down with a fever so I don’t feel like making anything.
  8. If I had to choose, I’d say I most relate to dolphin and elephant. I think my husband and kids would agree.
  9. It’s been years since I’ve been there, but I used to frequent the forums at They have a vaccine subforum and Dr Sears was a regular on it. I’m sure there’s a plethora of information on those boards with all kinds of links, so that may be a good place to look. The book was excellent imo & I found it to be very fact based (ingredients, side effects, concerns), and he was very clear when he was sharing his opinion (alternative schedule & why he felt it was better, etc).
  10. When my kids were babies, I had a Dr.Sears book that I found very helpful (The Vaccine Book). He isn’t anti vaccination, but he shared an alternative schedule & I thought he was very fair about the concerns parents should weigh. It felt like a balanced book & allowed me to move forward carefully. My son has an extreme unusual allergy to tetanus (so no Dtap & Tdap - it can kill him), so I do understand wanting to look at cons and weighing the decision. Hope this helps.
  11. The book that goes along with the free video lessons is available on kindle unlimited (otherwise I’m sure you could buy it for fairly cheap). I’ve not used this curriculum, but I stumbled upon it last week and thought it looked very good. If you don’t like that, another option is: I’ve used a few of their guides before & really like them. ETA- here’s a 10 week middle school essay course from 7 Sisters:
  12. Agreeing the difference for me is terrain. I have a walking partner. We just do 3 miles a day & it’s on a paved trail through the woods and by a river. I would not walk there alone.
  13. Tanglewood Education is CM (but I’m not sure if they’re even around still).
  14. I have my B.S from Kennesaw State University 😊 I attended the campus for all classes (it was back in the 90’s), but it’s great that they have online options now!!!
  15. I like to eat peanuts with the shell on. It’s weird.
  16. My daughter is in public high school & they use google docs for everything. ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  17. If you are trying to teach your child the standard 5 paragraph essay and struggle to do so, I just stumbled upon a curriculum that is either free or very cheap. I thought it was worth passing along. It’s called Hands on Essays Videos are free and go along with the lessons: The book is free on Kindle Unlimited. Anyway, this is probably best suited for a child who has had no introduction to the standard 5 paragraph essay. My son is too old for it, but it is something that I would have utilized and appreciated. If it’s been shared before, I apologize. I just thought it was worth passing along & Id not seen it or heard of it.
  18. Honestly, it may just be my phone, so I would call TW and definitely ask them. I was with Verizon and kept my Verizon iPhone. On TW, I cannot use my hot spot and I cannot get WiFi calling. It literally won’t let me as it recognizes my Verizon phone but knows I’m not a Verizon customer. My son has a TW iPhone. When he gets back I’ll try to look at his features. Hopefully it’s just my phone & Im wrong about the hotspot feature. Also, TW advertised some hot spot gadget before, but I never looked into it. That may be a solution as well.
  19. My son will be in 9th grade. I’m constantly changing my mind! He really wants to work as independently as possible, so I’m trying to stay in a certain budget but accommodate that. Here’s our tentative plan: Teaching Textbooks - Algebra 1 Apologia Science (either physical or biology) - this would be at co-op World History - not sure, maybe ACE English - Essential in Writing & Essentials in Literature or BJU English 9 online - not sure Home Economics (with me) Spanish 1 - not sure yet Co-Op 1 day week - their schedule is not out yet, but hopefully he will take two academic classes and 2 electives - depending on what’s offered may change above choices
  20. Okay, well that’s good! I giggle at the thought of replying, “Thank you so much for the information. I’ll try to make sure she wears underwear that dayâ€. But seriously, I’d just reply with a thank you & that you’ll be sure she’s dressed modestly as always. The teacher gave you a ton of unnecessary information. I wouldn’t try to read into it, but just assume your child needs to wear her usual attire. ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  21. If this was a group email it seems very weird to me. It feels like a private conversation she should have had with just you but included other parents. Really strange.
  22. We use Total Wireless and have for a while. We switched from Verizon and kept our VZ iPhones (although my son did get a TW iPhone for Christmas & it works great). We are very happy with the service. I get the exact coverage as I did with VZ. I cannot use a hot spot though, if that matters to you. We have four lines with 25 shared GB and our bill with taxes is $104 month. We have saved so much money by switching. No regrets here at all.
  23. Okay, that sounds weird and yummy all at once. I’m going to have to try this!!!😊
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