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  1. We used Making Math Meaningful when my kids were little & liked it. https://www.christianbook.com/apps/easyfind?Ntt=Making+math+meaningful&Ne=0&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&event=ESRCG ETA- I don’t really remember using manipulatives but in looking at samples it seems you’ll need too at times. I dont remember them though, ...so they must be very small, basic things.
  2. I love it too. I’ve never tried anything other than chickpeas (I didn’t know you even could, lol). I always buy unsalted and add a little cream of tartar before blending.
  3. Yes, I’m sorry. I’m really comparing the panhandle to Clearwater. Really confusing & incorrect word choice on my part ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  4. I live very close to Panama City. The beaches here are just beautiful. My suggestion would be to vacation somewhere off 30A (we particularly love Rosemary Beach). 30A is sort of in-between Panama City & Destin. There’s tons to do there & it’s beautiful. When we go to PC, we always stay at The Calypso - I would highly recommend this resort if you’re open to Panama City (it’s on the beach and across from Pier Park and close to everything). Clearwater is a great place to vacation, but the beaches really don’t compare imo. The sand here is white & often the water is crystal clear. If you come to the gulf, I highly recommend St. Andrews state park and go to the jetties there. It’s across from Shell Island, which is also fabulous (but you would need to take a shuttle boat over). Wonder Works is a lot of fun too, it’s a museum. You can’t go wrong with any destination on the gulf or in Clearwater - they’re just very different beaches— but both fun places to visit.
  5. This was our experience too. Both of my children enrolled in public school in 5th & 6th grade. They had always been homeschooled up until that point... the school was very low key & nonchalant about it. I came prepared with current portfolios and standardized test grades - they weren’t interested. I would definitely talk with the guidance counselor ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  6. At our co-op most of the classes are parent led. However, the art class is a hired instructor. She charges $150 per student. So I do think co-ops will pay, assuming it’s a class in demand that the parents either can’t or don’t want to teach. I’d definitely call around. I’d be prepared to have an idea of what your syllabus will look like, homework load, etc.
  7. Yes, we switched to Monarch for a few subjects. My son can work independently and he loves it. Im happy that he’s happy with it ðŸ‘🻠And it’s very easy to set up and use.
  8. Yes, the protein thing is a total myth and drives me crazy. As for food, you can turn any favorite food into a vegan version. I love pizza! I make the dough & add sauce, veggies, and in lieu of cheese I use nutritional yeast (although they sell processed vegan cheese). Mexican is another favorite, in place of meat, I love mushrooms tossed in taco seasoning. I also add spanish rice and beans to my burritos. Chili is also yummy. In place of meat I add brown rice. Today I just made 5 minute salsa & baked corn chips. Last week I made seitan and used it for fried chicken sandwiches. Really. Anything you normally eat, it’s really easy to make a vegan friendly version of it (cheese Queso from eggplant, Mac & cheese, etc). You can be as healthy as you want or a total junk food addict as a vegan. As for healthy sweets, I love banana ice creamâ¤ï¸
  9. Agreeing with others. Believe me, she knows she’s gaining weight. She doesn’t need her mom to tell her the obvious. Don’t say a word. Hugs.
  10. Since I don’t require an evaluation with her, I may just text her in the summer & ask if she needs anything from me before we part ways. My son will take a standardized test so if she needs anything, I can show her that plus our portfolio. She’s very nice, but I’m paying $200 a year for a service I just don’t need. My county is very friendly to homeschoolers. I think I just was nervous approaching high school and felt like an umbrella school would benefit us. But it doesn’t. And I really feel more comfortable approaching community college dual enrolllment and Bright Futures registered through the county.
  11. I love all of the ones listed, especially Helen. I would also add Dahlonega, GA
  12. I just emailed them today. They said the online version should be out soon. Right now it is by invite only. They were having issues with payments over the holidays but they are on the brink of fixing it. He said he would send me an invite when it was resolved.
  13. I ask questions. I have small talk A LOT with people I either just met or don’t know well. I’ve found asking questions and showing interest in the other person is waaaaaay easier in making conversations painless and less awkward.
  14. Thank you! Great advice! I totally wasn’t thinking about it being mid year. So, I will wait to submit my letter of intent in August. My question now is regarding this year, 8th grade. Do I have to meet with my current umbrella school to close out this year? Or can I just submit my letter of intent to the county in August and that’s sufficient? I just don’t want to overlook anything.
  15. Hi, We currently homeschool but we are registered through a private school (or umbrella school). I do not want to continue with this option. My son will be in ninth grade next school year & I just want to go back to being a homeschooler registered with my county. My question is, to do this, do I just mail in my letter of intent? Do I need to tell our umbrella school, or is my not paying during re-enrollment sufficient? Should I act now or wait until the summer when this school year is over? And lastly, should I get an evaluation for this year & have it sent in to the county? Normally I would meet with my umbrella school over the summer for a review, but if I’m leaving them I’d rather not go that route. It will just be weird... she’ll try to talk me into staying & Im not assertive and it will be uncomfortable. I hope this makes sense. Thank you so much for your time!
  16. I’m a part-time merchandiser for American Greeting Cards. I love it & have been doing it for almost 4 Years. I work a few hours a week (a little more during holiday changeover). Maybe you’d like something like that? I get a schedule on Sunday & I can go take care of my assignments anytime I feel like. I work alone, wear regular clothes, I just organize the card department & put an order away if I need too.. It’s really easy and fun for me. I only have 4 stores, but some people have a lot more. I used to have 10 stores, and that was still very flexible and easy. For me, four is perfect though because it’s just so low key and I can do it all in one morning. I just put my paycheck in our savings account. It really adds up over time 😊 Just a thought
  17. It depends on who’s saying & what they are apologizing for. Without context, it’s hard for me to see any difference between the two.
  18. My honest opinion. I think it’s only annoying if you’re overly pushy. I live in a very rural area & there are SO many people here that sell things at house parties... 31 bags, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, some nail art thing I can’t even remember, Origami Owl jewelry.. it just goes on and on. I don’t mind being invited to these parties. They’re usually pretty fun & I get a night out with friends and free food. If I go, I do usually anticipate that I’ll buy something, even if it’s very small. If money is tight or I’m just not interested, I politely decline. I’ve never had friends here be pushy & I don’t mind that they’re looking for ways to make extra income for their family. Having said that, when I was much younger a new friend at church offered to give me a facial. Yay! Right? I’m assuming she’s an actual aesthetician. Um, no. She sold Mary Kay. She put make-up on HALF of my face. I told her I can’t wear foundation, and that my skin was incredibly sensitive. She applied it anyway...to HALF of my face. It was awkward. I hated it. The friendship ceased to exist, and I learned free facials don’t exist, lol. All that to say, if you decide to do it, have fun and treat people how you would want to be treated 😊
  19. I used it in 5th grade with my daughter, but I’m sure it prepares students just fine for high school writing. It was not difficult to use at all, in fact, I’d say the program was fairly easy to implement. In third & fourth grade my daughter had used BJU Writing & Grammar with the dvd’s, so she really was fairly strong in writing already and was working on 5 paragraph essays. We started with IEW at at the beginner level, so for her it was very basic and easy, but she did like it (pick 3 words per sentence and drawings or symbols were free if I remember right). She went on to public middle school (she’s 16 now & amazing😊). I ended up selling IEW & making more than what I paid - so resale is great! With my son, I just don’t use a curriculum at all. He’s in 8th grade and for writing we use ACT prompts and focus on outlining and papers (not keyword outlines), and this works very well. I had used EIW with him previously & it’s closer to how I teach, so I prefer it. And money is a huge factor, so having used both I would return to EIW if I had to choose between the two.
  20. I stand corrected then. I saw them frequently in 2012 and that’s what I was told then, and I assumed that was accurate. Sorry OP. I guess it just means they are catholic and they can vote, lol
  21. It was a direct response to Obama’s healthcare regarding birth control and insurance
  22. Cruise! Hands down for us. My husband & I love cruises!!
  23. I would personally get rid of them. You can’t wear them & someone else can. But I purge stuff constantly, if we aren’t using it we give it away. My mindset is why keep what someone else needs and at best serves as a “just in case†for us.
  24. I voted “other†because the question is just too hypothetical for me. In reality, I have no idea what we would do. I don’t have an issue with tattoos at all, but it would depend on what they wanted, where, and the cost. I would also want to make sure we went to a reputable artist, as there’s nothing worse than a shotty tattoo that was poorly done.
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