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  1. We will certainly do what we can. I imagine that means paying for their BS or BA at the local CC or local bible college. Both of our children are encouraged to dual enroll for 11th and 12th, as that’s free college (crazy not to take advantage- you can graduate high school with an AA here). Anything beyond that they will need to figure it out. I put myself through college and worked full-time (and was pregnant when I graduated). It is totally doable. Where there’s a will there’s a way. ETA - and of course scholarships and grants are available and encouraged to pursue.
  2. Subjects vary at our co-op. There are 4 class periods and lunch. The younger kids also get a recess (and all kids get a 15 minute snack break after 1st period). My son is in 8th grade & we both love co-op. He takes Apologia Science, Bible, Drama, and Study Hall. There were other classes as well but this is what we chose. Each class was $20 and the annual registration is $150. Our co-op is a year long commitment. In the past I’ve been part of co-ops that cost less and were quarterly. We meet once a week from 8:30-1:30. We have Assembly and then are dismissed to first period. All parents are required to stay & teach or assist (although moms get breaks - so you don’t work every hour). At my previous co-op we worked two consecutive classes and could leave for the other two classes to run errands (as long as we signed out). The co-op is for ages three through high school and everyone has a classroom (no one under 3). My previous co-op had a nursery, so all ages welcome. We meet at a Baptist facility school grounds type place. It’s basically like a small private school. Something that I love is a snack shack for the kids. It raises funds for the co-op and the kids love the option of buying drinks & snacks during break. They also offer different lunch options we can order, which is great. I think I answered all of your questions. I’m on my phone & cant see well, so forgive any typos ETA - at our previous co-op we had a yearbook, picture day, etc That was probably my daughter’s favorite thing carry that book around (she’s 16 in public school and still has it in her room😊)
  3. I have a keurig coffee bar type area, so with guests over we just put out creamers, different flavor coffees, etc. and people make their own. Then we gather around and chat. I have several tins of tea- so if someone preferred that I’d just heat the kettle. 😊
  4. I do understand what your saying. I just think biting and hitting can be redirected easily with most toddlers (and some don’t hit or bite at all). But I f you have a repeat offender that can’t be redirected or controlled in a classroom of 12 or so toddlers, it makes more sense imo to tell the parents of one to find other arrangements, rather than tell the parents of the other 11 to deal with it or leave. And I agree smaller classes, better training, etc. would be ideal of course. Anyway, OP, I do NOT think the behavior should be handled harshly with your nephew. I’m certain he will outgrow it. My thoughts aren’t to be unkind about your nephew. Lord knows I’ve been there when my son was little. Im glad your sister has figured out childcare in the meantime.
  5. I don’t know, I kind of disagree. My toddler (hypothetical) isn’t affected by another toddler being potty trained. Biting usually doesn’t result in suspension for first or second time offenders. It happens when it’s reoccurring and can’t be corrected or controlled by the teacher. Not to mention it often breaks the skin or leaves a bruise (and hurts and is scary for the recipient). I get that it’s developmentally appropriate but it’s not okay. The facility has to have safeguards in place not only for themselves but for the other children entrusted to them. The daycare has a specific child/adult ratio so it makes constant one on one supervision nearly impossible. My son slapped other kids when he was around one or two. It was really exhausting for me. He outgrew it of course - but he would have been difficult to care for in a daycare setting. He needed constant shadowing.
  6. I was a waitress in the early 90’s. I was a terrible waitress (not for lack of trying) and I always made really good money. I think people felt sorry for me, lol. I switched to being a hostess. I always tip great now, restaurant work is a demanding job. Congrats to your son!
  7. If the child is hurting other children, yes it’s common. Hot sauce is a horrible idea. What terrible advice she was given!
  8. I’m going to spend today looking through TG&TB & decide if and how we will continue to use it. I purchased Wordsmith & Writing with Skill 1 (not sure how I’ll use both but couldn’t decide on which one to purchase). Anyway. I’m really just not sure that supplementing and adapting to make this work is worth it. I may just cut my losses and move on. If my son just really loved it, I may feel differently. I already own Easy Grammar 8, we use already & if I add a writing curriculum... do I really need TG&TB? Maybe for sentence dictation and we can finish up the reading assignments. As I thumb through today, I’ll see what else we can keep.
  9. My son is in 8th grade. We are studying American History. I’m just making it up (at least through December). I used as our spine & we are using living books, movies, written narrations, drive thru history, and online history games. So far so good.
  10. I’ve never been to a party that charged a fee. However, just about every social gathering we attend is some kind of pot luck. I’m in the south and in the country and in a low income area. This is just the norm here. It doesn’t bother me.
  11. I totally understand burn-out. I put my son in public school in 5th grade due to it (not recommending that, he's back home😊). Maybe just adapt the writing portion to meet your son where he's at. For example write the assignment with him the first couple of papers & work as a team to make sure he isn't overwhelmed. Be available to answer questions and jump in. ...Or maybe you could use it for grammar only and do something a little easier for writing? What about Wordsmith or something? That would be a very cheap investment and much gentler. Good luck. Praying it all works out quickly ((Hugs))
  12. I focused on handwriting and reading K-2 and a writing program started in 3rd. ETA- sorry I think you are just asking about learning to write letters and such. I'd say they learned to write their names at 3 or 4. We used Handwriting without Tears when they were about 5.
  13. I'm introverted as well, and I find social activities draining too. We attend a co-op every week & I usually take a small nap when we get home. Shoot, today I took my son swimming with some friends and had to nap when we got home, lol. I really enjoy our co-op and being with friends - it's just draining for me, so I do get that. It sounds like you are also quite shy though if social situations are very uncomfortable for you and not just draining. Do new situations always feel uncomfortable? Do they get easier over time? If yes, I assume co-op will become easier over time too. In your shoes, I would definitely try to make it work. As far as being a lead teacher, I think it's okay to let the people in charge know that you just aren't comfortable filling that role & you prefer staying an assistant. I think that's totally okay. Hang in there. If your kids love it, I would focus on trying to make the best of it. Hugs.
  14. My daughter used BJU English for a couple of years (no other subjects). I'm not going to say I loved it, but she tolerated it well. I did like how they rotated grammar and writing. We omitted some things to make the workload lighter. When she entered public school in 6th grade she was a very strong writer and ahead of her peers. So if I owned it already? Yes, I would at least give it a fair chance. Tailor it however you like. Certainly you had to know BJU was going to be overly religious and pretty rigid. Just adapt it. If you hate it still, then switch. But that's a lot of money to toss out. What made you buy it in the first place? Just curious.
  15. Yes I have and would again. When you have to go pee badly standards become low.
  16. We are using Level 7 with my 8th grader. So far I like it well enough, but I don't know that we will continue with it next year (will make that decision in spring). I feel like the amount of writing is really lacking, so I'm hoping that changes and it's just because we are still early in the program. But overall I do like the layout & my son seems to tolerate it well.
  17. I love that movie. Last time I watched it a few months ago, I realized these women were supposed to be about my age, lol. That blew my mind!!!! It's hilarious though!
  18. I don't think make-up is necessary, and I wear it. There is a difference between wearing no make-up & looking like you rolled out of bed or have put no effort into yourself. I have a lot of friends that are make-up free but wear jewelry, dress really cute, and take care of their skin, etc. I would definitely look presentable & put together. But make-up? Not necessary imo. 😊
  19. I think it's a terrible idea, at least I would never use it. My son is dangerously allergic to tetanus (can't have it, needs hospitalization). So for us, only getting one shot at a time has helped us know what his allergy was.
  20. I really love movies too. I'm looking forward to seeing "The Mountain Between Us" & "The Man Who Invented Christmas" 😊
  21. I have a Brother SE 400. It cost a little more because it's an embroidery machine too. I had absolutely no idea how to sew or embroider when I purchased it (seriously, I didn't even know what a bobbin was). I have to say, it is amazing. It's self threading like the Singer you mentioned. Now, I can't compare my machine to a Singer because I've never sewn on anything else. I just wanted to say I've had my machine for a few years and love it. It is SO easy to use & well worth the investment. Just do your research, read reviews, and shop for the best price (my machine fluctuated in price greatly). If you aren't opposed to Brother, I highly recommend their machines. I have been so very happy with mine and have used it to make countless things (baby gifts, clothes, curtains, table runners, Christmas stockings.... the list is really endless). I think I sew well because my machine makes it that easy! Have fun! ETA- You can see my machine on amazon... it's about $300. You can buy a cheaper version without the embroidery arm.
  22. We supplement with I like it because it's free and I can tailor the assignments. My son is in 8th grade, but it covers all grades. HTH
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