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  1. We have an external disc drive and the cd’s work fine. I don’t have a chromebook (or laptop), but the drive is connected to my Azulle quantum byte. No issues. HTH
  2. My son attended middle school for 6th & 7th grade. He is now in 8th grade and homeschooling again (he had homeschooled through 4th and then went to PS). Our middle school is good & his teachers really were available to me whenever I needed them. We pulled him mainly because of the academic overload; it was really sucking the joy out of him (and he isn’t the most organized guy, which was really stressful). He had a ton of homework & the pace was incredibly fast; I feel that it left gaps in his math and we are remedying that now. My son made A’s & B’s, always did very well on state testing, served on student council, and loved the Drama/Choir program his school offered. He asked to return to homeschooling though. He really missed the freedom of it and pace of school at home. We are so happy with our decision & have no regrets. He will homeschool through high school. We do attend a weekly co-op, which we both really enjoy. For us, that was a great trade-off because he gets a day with new friends, still has a “school†he can talk about & they have a drama class that he really loves! ETA - And like you, my older child attends public school. She’s in honors classes at the local high school and thriving. She will start college courses this summer through dual enrollment & doesn’t struggle with feeling bogged down. Every child is just different :-)
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland
  4. I just woke up from a nap. My husband is still asleep next to me. We went to church this morning & woke up very early. I’m about to make green bean casserole, biscuits, and creamed corn... then we have to be to our friends at 4:00 for dinner. Tonight we plan to watch Polar Express ðŸ‘🻠My parents will be here tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to that â¤ï¸
  5. At 7 I would decide. However, if she is social, I do feel you should accommodate that. If you & your son are not social at all and she is, I think you need to be willing to meet her half way (especially since she doesn’t want to homeschool).
  6. It’s your responsibility to fix the fence. But having said that, you have every right to chase away an aggressive dog (or any animal) on your property. I live in the country & an agressive dog entering a fenced property (or not even fenced) would probably get shot here.
  7. Unfortunately, even non-STEM majors have to take some math in college (at least I did). If your son doesn’t have the required classes to get accepted, they will probably have him take remedial math courses (which cost money but won’t give him credits). So either way he will probably still need to continue with more advanced math beyond Algebra 1. It’s either now (or later when he starts college). I would think doing it at home where he can take his time would be better suited for him. You could also talk to the college or community college that he wants to attend, their requirements are really all that matters.
  8. For K-3 we used a mix of Magic Schoolbus videos Beakmans World “Let’s Read & Find Out About...†series Christian Liberty Press Nature Books Fun with Nature book More Fun with Nature book Lapbooks from homeschoolshare And Nature Journaling
  9. Five Kingdoms series Gregor the Overlander series The Unwanteds series Septimus Heap Series We are Legion series These are series my son listed off the top of his head
  10. My son (13) pretty much listens to anything Billy Joel all of the time, including school (especially math).
  11. Typically, we follow the same schedule as the local public school. My daughter is in 10th grade in PS so it really simplifies things for us. But even when she homeschooled as well, we tended to loosely follow their schedule. We would start two weeks before them so we’d have more days off, but we would end at the same time. This worked well with their friends schedule, summer camp, family vacations, etc.
  12. The currclick is live and recorded (so if you miss the live class, you can still watch it). I believe Essay Rock Star is recorded, but you have total access to a teacher available for assignment review, questions, grading, etc. So there is still guidance and hand holding.
  13. I’ve been looking at different online writing classes for my son next year (he will be in ninth grade). I have not used these, but they are my top considerations. Hope this helps you too. - IEW Writing (look under live classes and the instructor is “Stylistic Scribeâ€). I’ve been emailing her about fall classes and she is helpful and kind.
  14. My kids are 16 and soon to be 14, so I’m still learning. My advice would be: How you parent changes. When they are little you make decisions for them, but as they grow the responsibility shifts. It transfers from me being in charge to teaching my children how to be accountable and responsible for their own lives. With the above comes failure and life lessons. It’s okay to let them fail and experience natural consequences. It is much better for a child, tween, or teenager to learn from their mistakes then to be shielded by their parents. It is a disservice to them as they enter adulthood if you always buffer their fails in life. But love them and support them through every failure. Don’t have an, “I told you so†attitude. Be willing to share your own failures and life lessons. Don’t let friends replace family. Make sure that quality family fun is part of your schedule. Build relationships with your childrenâ€s friends and their parents During disagreements, talk WITH your children, not at them. Include them in the conversation and allow them freedom to openly share, give their point of view, explain why they think you’re wrong, etc. The process of learning respectful conflict is really an art that only occurs through modeling and it’s important for healthy adults to know. This really starts at a young age and carries into the teen years. I’m sure there are more things I’m learning as I navigate through this, but the biggest one is to simply enjoy them. They are a precious gift and the years are going much faster than I like. I really just try to stay interested in who they are and keep my relationship with them a priority.
  15. It’s Scroll down to “Steps to Reading Programâ€. My kids really enjoyed this. Hope it works for you too!
  16. I would probably use Letter of the Week. It’s free, easily adaptable and fun for little people.
  17. What you’re doing is very normal, and how most people I know choose to homeschool (including myself). In all honesty, your friend’s children will probably hate an all online curriculum for every subject.
  18. Siri never replies to my conversations, but I can be talking about something very specific and random, only to find it on my google search engine later or an ad tailored to me on that very topic. It’s so creepy!
  19. Ours went down, so we aren’t complaining at all. It’s still terrible Insurance with a high deductible... but we are saving money so I’m thrilled.
  20. My daughter started PS in 6th grade & is in 10th now. My son is homeschooling again (he’s in 8th) but did attend public school for 5th, 6th and 7th. Things I would focus on. Note taking from a black board. The teachers here give a lot of notes and move quickly. My kids adjusted fine, but they both commented on this when starting PS Writing. It’s very specific where we live and common core aligned. They use the PEEL method & it is really drilled into the kids from elementary through high school. So in your shoes, I’d talk to the school about how they teach writing. Math. Again, I’d probably check in with the school. Our math curriculum is pretty close to Khan Academy, so I’d simply use that as prep if my son were ever to return (which he isn’t). Aside from that, your son will adapt easily I’m sure ðŸ‘🻠No worries.
  21. FWIW, melatonin has very adverse affects on me (and I’m 46), so I would not continue with that, especially since it isn’t working. Also, I would focus on a strong night time routine if you don’t already have one. I’d lay in their room, do bedtime stories (books or making them up together), talk about the day day tomorrow and the fun things planned. Have her pick something out that belongs to you & see if she wants to sleep with it. My daughter did this when she was younger. She liked having the faint smell of my perfume and my scent close to her for snuggling. My son liked to sleep with a family picture inside his pillow case when he was little. It made him feel like we were in bed with him. Lastly, talk to her pediatrician to get a perspective you may not have considered.
  22. I have Easy Grammar Grade 8 Ultimate Series: 180 Days & I only own the teacher’s manual. The front is the blank student book & only the last pages in the book have the answer key. I find the student book a waste of money.
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