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  1. Hello! Y'all are so sweet to think of us! We are fine here in Izmir. I live away from the main protests in a quiet neighborhood. Usually quiet, but the past two weeks at exactly 9pm the cars would start honking horns and the housewives would start banging pots and pans. Tonight is the first night of quiet. I always knew the protests would fizzle, but after two weeks I had grown accustomed to the chapullers. I just hope the backlash is not too bad. I've not seen much personally, but what I have seen has been peaceful. Social media is the only way to get news as all the Turkish media is busy showing penguin documentaries. Last night they cut the feed to CNN International. That's when I knew the end was near. DD is happily playing with her Cuisenaire rods while watching Disney Jr. while I surf the interwebs. Her last day of school is Friday and we are fine. Thanks guys for thinking of us! It warms my heart!
  2. Bat in the living room! AAAIIIGGHHH!!!!

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    2. Giraffe


      Also I'm in Turkey, not comfortable with open windows tonight - too much happening.

    3. Giraffe


      Batty appears to have found the exit!

    4. swellmomma


      I'd be going batty if that happened here

  3. Lost about 15 pounds, gained some of it back right at the end of the pregnancy, but not all of it if I remember correctly. I didn't have HG, didn't vomit, but had almost no appetite during the entire pregnancy and felt sick most of the time. I did have the weight to lose, fortunately, and DD came out healthy & hale at 8 1/4 pounds.
  4. Yep. Recitation is the problem. Manipulatives make things much easier.
  5. :rolleyes: :headbang: Nothing with this child is easy. Nothing. At least I know this too shall (we hope) pass....
  6. 16 is fuzzy, but she recognizes 1-10 easily, just can't count in sequence. Her addition/subtraction is with numbers 1-10. I'm going to treat her as if we are starting from scratch and adapt as necessary. I'm just wondering if this is a common stage.
  7. I got all the Miquon books from CurrClick on PDF. Good to know Rainbow Resource has them too. It's not lingual, she has the exact same issue in both languages. I've never seen anything like this. I'm baffled. ETA: stubborn IS her middle name....
  8. DD is 6, just finished K at a private school. She can count to 5, but gets confused on 6-10 and lost beyond that. BUT she can add, subtract, and knows how much each number is (e.g., can just jump 9 spaces on a Monopoly board or pull out a 4 and a 5 Cuisenaire rod to represent 9). She uses an abacus to help her with addition and subtraction, but can also do it in her head without it. DH is freaking that she can't count, and I'm a little worried too that it just won't "stick" in her head, but she gets addition and subtraction. Is this weird or just a stage? Yes, I'm working with her and starting Miquon Orange for the summer, but I'm less concerned than DH and wondering if he's right or overreacting?
  9. It's kind of heavy - witchcraft, satanism, poisoning, abortion and infanticide are all present. If you're feeling fragile you might want to skip for now. It was just such a change from my studies and nothing I was required to read that it felt frivolous to me. I could see the end of the story a mile away, too, but that might have just been me. It appeared well-researched, reasonably well-written.
  10. OMG I read a book! I've been AWOL for about a month while I took a course to become certified as an ESL teacher. For a month I did nothing but live ESL. I had no idea it was going to be that intense and busy, but it was. My daughter got any scrap of energy or attention I had left. Books - hah! But this weekend - I READ A BOOK!! Hooray!! It was The Oracle Glass, a lovely little historical fiction set in 1670s France. Completely frivolous and wonderful!! I am totally behind on achieving 52 books in 52 weeks, but I won't worry about that now. I'm certified, can look for a job, and have my life back. And I read a book!!!
  11. I do not know that book specifically, but my husband loves Make. They ARE very expensive, and the parts and tools can certainly be sourced elsewhere, but for your purposes (given your location) it may be easier to just buy the kits. I'll be interested to hear what others say, though.
  12. Currclick.com has a variety of curricula available as PDFs, including Miquon Math. MEP math is all online and free. Elementalscience.com has ebook versions of their programs. Visual Latin is downloadable. Peace Hill Press has PDFs. Scholastic has a variety of e-books. Classical House Of Learning has some downloadable, free curricula for use with SOTW,
  13. I have heard very good things about this book. Maybe it could be a spine? http://www.amazon.com/The-Middle-East-ebook/dp/B00309CNI0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1370558516&sr=8-3&keywords=Middle+East
  14. Putting the exploded pieces of my brain back together again...

  15. Having just spent a month learning grammar to teach ESL, I am on Violet's side in this. "Had to" is a modal verb.
  16. Interesting time to be in Turkey...

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    2. Giraffe


      We'll see what happens tomorrow when the work week starts.

    3. Starr


      Praying they all like their jobs. :)

    4. Giraffe


      They also like freedom. Lots of people wearing black today in protest.

  17. BBA in Accounting, minor in Economics. Tomorrow I hope to get my CELTA certification as an English as a Foreign Language teacher. It's been an intense month of study and work!
  18. Take pictures to torture him later in life!
  19. I'm so glad he's home! Little stinker.
  20. You should be able to find Nutella (or a similar product) in Israel. Peanut butter will be more difficult, so go ahead and bring that in your checked bag. It shouldn't be a problem and the worst that could happen is that they inspect your bags (unlikely) and take it away (also unlikely). No big deal. I haven't been through CDG in years, but virtually all international airports have signs in English and like a PP said, A25 looks the same in French and English. You shouldn't have to retrieve your bags and recheck them in France. Just make sure when you check-in in the US that they check your bags all the way through to Tel Aviv. Check the luggage tags as they put them on. You can do this without being obvious by just being aware of what they're doing and watching. Be prepared to go through security more times than you think reasonable (getting off the plane, heading towards your next plane, etc.). Be prepared for friendly people asking probing questions. That's security in Europe. Read up on what it looks like in Israel. I've heard it's different there. When I get nervous or anxious, I research. Forewarned is forearmed and knowledge is power. Google "what is security like in Tel Aviv airport" and go from there.
  21. I started and then had to stop. Will be picking it back up in June. I'm with you, OP, this program makes the most sense for DD and is how I was taught (though I didn't realize that until learning the method to teach her). And Ellie's right. Resistance is futile.
  22. In the US we have 6in the backyard and 2 indoors. Only one was sought, the rest found us. Here there are cats nd dogs everywhere outside and they all know I'm a sucker, but we seem to agree that this is a feed only arrangement. They prefer staying outside. Go find it, make sure it's ok, and name it.
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