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  1. A tuna sandwich?! My word. Never have I been so glad we eloped. Best decision we ever made.
  2. Thanks all. She worsened today and we took her to the doctor: respiratory infection. Poor thing. The bakery was able to reschedule the cake too so all is well. Going to go snuggle my girl and work on the fluids and meds.
  3. Decision's been made. I'm rescheduling. Calling bakery in the morning, sending slips to school to send home with kids. I just can't, in good conscience, have a house full of kids when the birthday girl is sick. She's not showing any signs of getting better, and in fact just got up and fussed about drinks - something she only does when she's SICK (not just sick). (Oh by the way, it's 3am here.) Here's hoping it's not too late to move the cake making/delivery....
  4. I haven't taken her, but I did get a look in her throat and it's normal looking, not red or white or splotchy. I've been giving her ibuprofen and kept her home from school today. If she's still feverish tomorrow (not school-worthy) I will probably cancel. I'm a little too happy about this. I hate parties.
  5. Ugh. I've written up the notes apologizing for rescheduling. I'll decide in the morning. Thanks for the input. I'll check back in the morning. FWIW, my instinct is to cancel, but I'm introverted so any excuse to cancel a party works for me. DD is the extrovert. I really don't want to disappoint her but I also don't want her known as Typhoid Mary....
  6. Anyone to ask? Not really. Most of my family here is not clued into kid culture and those that should be are their own brand of crazy that I don't trust. The cake could be a very expensive problem. I'm calling them first thing in the am if I have to cancel.
  7. I don't know. That's part of my quandary. I would actually reschedule for next weekend, not out and out cancel. Hopefully I can reschedule the cake. There IS a cultural expectation of a big bakery cake, fancy decorations and all. Ugh.
  8. Make me feel better about my decision: DD is listless, weak-eyed, 100.6 fever. I'm supposed to be hosting her very first birthday party (besides just family) Saturday. It's currently Thursday evening, and if I cancel I have to do so tomorrow morning in order to get the message out to her classmates (she goes to B&M school). We are overseas and I'm desperately trying to integrate DD into the culture and encourage friendships, etc. WWYD? Cancel or go forth? See poll.
  9. Not working on my tablet but I can't wait to check out the South. We have so many variations depending on coastal, inland, lowland, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, etc! I try to explain this to people and they just don't believe me. So glad someone did this.
  10. TWTM (3rd Ed. again, 1st Ed. first time thru) The Liping Ma book on mathematics Learning Teaching by Scrivener (I'm training to be an ESL teacher) Simplicity Parenting (like PP I started, skimmed, want to go back) How To Tutor How To Read A Book (again) Strong-willed Child Or Dreamer? Smart Kids With Learning Difficulties Edited with most of my list
  11. This. Absolutely. You have plenty of time to cover the rest. Asking her opinion, buying the curriculum, then changing everything will only discourage her and start the year off with a huge block between you two. You have five more years after this one to cover other subjects. You could, even, do a six year cycle of history, going in-depth on each area and taking your time with it.
  12. Nope, I haven't yet read it either. One day. I'm going to have to live vicariously through y'all for a few weeks. Starting a 4 week intensive course to qualify as an ESL teacher. If it isn't the course or DD it's just not getting done between now and May 31. Gulp.
  13. Giraffe


    Can't allow it -against school dress code.
  14. Just spent the past hour introducing DD to the Gaithers and gospel music. Thanks for the reminders!
  15. Turkey. But we were occupied by the French for a while and every now and then I find commonalities. Perhaps this is one?
  16. That's it. I ordered it through Amazon UK. More expensive, but also more likely to actually make it here, since they use UPS.
  17. Moved to Turkey. Fell in love with the country and stayed. (DH is Turkish; we met in the US.)
  18. I switched high schools the summer before my senior year. No one let me go back and attend my old school's commencement ceremonies, even though most of my friends were there. Same rules apply here. You attend the graduation of the school from whence you are graduating.
  19. At least they're refunding my money.... Still don't know how I'm going to get the book, though. :(
  20. Book is not coming. Got lost, Awesome Books refunded my money. Guess I'll have to figure something else out....
  21. Yep, they are predicting 50 oC for an extended period later this summer. Fun times, fun times.
  22. All of the above. I joke I have a mind like a steel sieve. I used to be smart. I really did. Then I got pregnant and couldn't remember a simple 5 item shopping list at the grocery store. DH couldn't believe it when I called him and asked what I was supposed to be buying. I hadn't been away from the house for more than 10 minutes. It doesn't help that I'm having to remember things for myself, for DD, and for HIM. That's really frustrating. Since when did it become OK for the guys to abdicate their memory in favor of us doing it for them?!?! DD is turning 6 and I'm just starting, barely, to feel the fog lifting. I still need a notebook with me at all times; I write down everything. I find that if I don't get enough red meat the fog descends again. I take extra vitamin B, and am trying to get into the doctor to get my Vit. D tested. What Aelwydd said about toning your brain resonated. I am starting a class to become an ESL teacher. Its intensive, and I'm intimidated, but it will be good for me - and for DD. A mommy that can think is a better mommy, I believe.
  23. It's already ungodly hot here, in the 90s. The forecasters are saying we'll hit 120s regularly this summer - desert heat coming up from Africa. I'm getting faint just thinking about it.
  24. Ordered the 1st Edition. I'll have all editions when it comes: 1st and 3rd hardcopy, 2nd and 3rd Kindle. Yes, I have multiple copies of the same edition. I used to think those of you with multiple copies/editions were crazy. Sign me up for my straight jacket!
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