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  1. Thanks! Sometime I may want to ask you about combining TWTM & Sonlight. I'm obviously not there yet, but I'm doing lots of research and I like both curricula. PS - I sometimes think I'm the last person to have learned phonics in the US. I'm not extreme, but adamant she learn to read through them. It's critical for her, IMO, because she's being raised bilingual and the other language is completely phonic (each letter has one, and only one, sound).
  2. Oh my goodness you misunderstand! We have books EVERYWHERE here (my current problem is keeping track of library vs. owned), but what I'm worried about is her having these specific books in her hands. I don't know that it's a good idea for play with these specific early reading primers (Mat. Mat Sat. Sam. Sam Sat.) and learn what they say without learning how to actual READ the words. How will I know she's really reading if she's already memorized the words through play? I'm teaching her these letters (M, S, A, T). We're just not all the way there yet so I don't want to give away the punchline, as it were. I want her to get it herself. Am I thinking right or wrong?
  3. I'm new here and was looking for some help, if possible. My DD (almost 3) is showing interest in reading. She doesn't know all her letters, but she's picking them up rapidly. She's trying to jump to reading without learning them all so I'm jumping to teaching her letters as fast as possible. She's going like lightning, loosely based on Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading (sorry, haven't learned all the acronyms yet). I also picked up the BOB Books. DD found them and is now trying to read them without learning her letters. She gets the letters make words and symbolize the picture. (This is typical behavior for her, btw, she has a penchant for looking without leaping in all things!) Should I let her "play" read the BOB Books or put them out of sight until she's really got enough letter comprehension to truly read them? I think I know the answer (they're on top of the bookcase out of sight), but wanted your input. Thanks!! Hope
  4. Report it to the library - maybe they can track down previous readers and see if there's a pattern. Lord knows what this individual has been doing to other books.
  5. I take an antidepressant. It doesn't eliminate my highs, only elevates the lows. This really sounds like a bad side effect or the wrong drug for you. I also have leg pain (from a fused spine) so I understand what you're going through. Definitely talk to your doctor and see about switching drugs. Good luck!
  6. My nephew is John Henry. Now that's a heck of a name! My dad is Henry and is called Hank. It's ok for my dad, but I'd definitely go for Harry for a younger Henry. I love the name!!
  7. I'm a newbie here, but wanted to chime in. Please teach your child budgeting - the envelope idea sounds wonderful (and I will be checking it out shortly!). My dearest darling DH has a heart like your daughter and it gets us into trouble with bills. He'll spend money helping someone with rent but then won't have money for all our needs. Train her that it's fine to help others, but she HAS to take care of her own needs as well. And people have taken horrible advantage of my husband to the point where he's finally had to block some phone numbers and not answer his phone at times because of their pleas (which we've investigated and found evidence that they're not genuine). Good luck!
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