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  1. I own a Vitamix and have subscription to Consumer Reports and I read that as well, that the Ninja ranks right up there with the Vitamix.
  2. I own a Vitamix and have subscription to Consumer Reports and I read that as well, that the Ninja ranks right up there with the Vitamix.
  3. Does it exist? I'm looking for such and I'm willing to pay (doesn't have to be free) this is one subject I'd like to delegate. Need for grades 2 - 5.
  4. I own Startwrite and really like it but there's a particular font that it doesn't have the I found on educationalfontware.com. However, before I purchase the educational fontware, I'm curious how the software works. Is it the same as Startwrite as far as the tools you can use in creating your worksheet? i.e. can you have the red start-dot, directional arrows, choose whether you have the base line/middle-line,etc. I wish they had a trial version. What's the software like?
  5. I want to do my bikini line. If I haven't shaven there for like 10+ days and I shave, it looks smooth, but when I re-shave 3 days later, I get bumps and I can't wear a swimsuit without looking red/bumpy. So that's where I want to do it mostly. I think I'll look into the Tria for starters. Thanks all.
  6. Anyone had laser hair removal? Scars? Thoughts?
  7. Trying to compare instructional hours per year in our homeschool vs. public. 1. If you've been a public school teacher (grade 1 to 12) before, how many ACTUAL instructional hrs were there in a regular day? (not counting the standing in line, lunchtime, physical ed time, bathroom breaks, locker time, disciplining/gaining crowd control time, etc.). Please include the time you were instructing and the time they were actually working on assignments/worksheets/etc independently. 2. Also.....of the 180 schooldays, how many of them were actual SCHOOL days and not trips/test days/field day/etc.? 3. Please identify the grade level in your reply. Thanks!
  8. I see she's inside in the most recent pic(I know this is only because she's in rehab), but does she need a chicken diaper!?!!! (a friend of mine had told me that people have INDOOR CHICKENS and that they make actual diapers to fit chickens!) GUFFAW!!!
  9. Had one more thought.....If she (or another) isn't top chicken, then I've heard of the meaner/headfish girls snowballing and not allowing other "lessers" to get to the food or water supply. I'd have more than one water option, esp in this hot season.
  10. I've been keeping up with her...so glad to hear she's on the mend. YAY! I'd keep pampering her for the next 10 days or so lest she relapses. Perhaps keep her isolated for some time too as chickens tend to notice and peck on weak members. What a good chicken Momma you are to have nursed her back to health!
  11. Sounds like you're doing all you can do. If I remember correctly from your other posts, these chickens are new/young, right? One thing to rule out is whether she's got a busted egg stuck in her. This is usually an issue with really old chickens (like 5+ years old; my 9 year old chicken still lays --- RARELY...but I've seen her do it) because their eggshells get so frail/thin. On occasion my oldie gets a busted egg at her cloaca. I have to take her out and lather her butt up with Dial soap and spray her off (I know......but she's my favorite girl....although, knowing me...I'd do this for any of them if I saw the need). If they get the busted egg thing it CAN cause infection, but with your girls being so young, I just don't know if this is it. Has she started laying? If she's JUST starting to lay, then this(clogged cloaca) may be possible as their inner workings are new/nacent and their eggs are immature (that's why their first eggs can be ittybitty) and the shells could be more frail than they'll get with maturity. Rule that out, and other than that....who knows. Snake bite? Does her neck/anywhere look swollen like she's been bit? Chickens are frail but the best you can do is what you're doing and rule out infection. If infection (bacterial) which isn't likely, then she'll need antibiotics. Also, check her feet to see if she has "bumble foot" (swollen foot usually with some splinter/cut under it with pus oozing) === this is also usually a problem for older (obese) chickens like my favorite oldie (this kept happening to her so we lowered her roasting pole to like 6 inches off the ground so she wouldn't hop down and injure it); she's always been "portly". If she's drinking that's a really good sign. If it was heat exhaustion / stroke, she'll need to be pampered for MANY days to fully recover (if she does at all). I assume they have access to plenty of shade in your hot climate. Hope she heals soon, Alia P.S. At your local Farm Supply, they may have a product called Quick Chik which will likely REALLY help her. Here's what it is: http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/quik_chik.html
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