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  1. I got Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. And I got an Ipad! Can't wait to download some books! :lol::party:
  2. We are in WWE two, and we do two days of work in one day. Days one and two together, and days three and four together. I'd say it generally takes us around 20 minutes each day, maybe just a tad more.
  3. DD- Playmobil Pyramid, second Roman Mysteries book, Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs, colored pencils, snap circuits, Calico Critters Persian Cat Family and Persian cat babies, KidPix software, Creativity Express software, Tales from the Odyssey audio book DS- Refurbished green 16 GB Ipod Nano, newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, Yu Gi Oh playmat, Yu Gi Oh cards, cd, Age of Mythology computer game, Lego Rock Band DS game DH- Despicable Me DVD, something from the kids Me- Probably nothing. I'd love an Ipad, but it's not in the budget right now.
  4. My 9 year old reluctant reader just finished the third book and will begin the fourth today. She loves them! She has asked for the rest of the series, and I think I'll let her try them. If she doesn't enjoy the high school ones as well, we'll just put them away for later--after I read them! I somehow missed these when I was a child, and I'm enjoying them along with her. :D
  5. I'm using SOTW 1 with my 4th grader right now. She loves it. :)
  6. Their money is their money to do with as they wish, within reason. They can't buy things I've forbidden, but I place very few other restrictions.
  7. Thank you for that site! I think I'm going to get the Globetrotting with Cinderella and Globetrotting with Folktales studies!
  8. My 4th grader is loving the Betsy-Tacy books right now. She also read one of the Roman Mysteries books recently and liked it.
  9. My DS14 will begin 8th grade on Monday. He's enrolled in an online middle school, and this is his lineup: 8th grade English 8th grade Science 8th grade Social Studies (American History) Algebra 1 French 1 He takes chess as an outside class, and I may add in some US geography.
  10. Have you looked at Keystone? My DS just finished thier 7th grade and is about to start 8th. It's online based, and they write a LOT of five paragraph essays. There are teachers for each subject that students can email. I thought my DS needed accountability to someone other than me, and Keystone worked beautifully for that.
  11. My 7th grader uses Mavis Beacon Deluxe.
  12. Not pills, but I take the shot. I haven't had a period in, well, I forget how many years. I love it. Normally I have no bleeding at all, but last month I did have a little spotting.
  13. Kids and I all had it a week ago. I didn't get that run down the back of your throat feeling Erica mentioned. Neither of the kids had any reaction to it. It made my nose run for a day or two, but I didn't feel bad, just the runny nose.
  14. Only five? My 13 year old once ate seven bagels for breakfast. And claimed to still be hungry! :001_huh:
  15. Agree that it is probably a hormonal thing. I would become totally hateful and unable to control my anger during my periods. While it was happening, I could sort of see that I was behaving badly, but I was unable to stop it. I figured it was hormonal, but no one else believed me. That is, until my doctor put me on Depo Prevara after the birth of my second child. It was sort of like magic. No more angry screaming fits. EVERYBODY at my house is much happier. Definitely take your DD to see a doctor! Hopefully they will be able to help her.
  16. I'm using Time Traveler. We're only on week four, and have only studied Egyptian art. I like the pieces of art we're looking at, and some of the activities. Some of the activities I've just skipped. I wish I'd skipped making an obelisk out of floral foam. That was a mess! In retrospect, it would have been easier and neater to model it out of clay. I guess I like it, at least enough to keep using it. I'm probably going to tweak it as I go though.
  17. I'm using WWE1 with my 4th grader. We do four lessons (a week's worth) in one day. She needed the grounding in the skills, but is able to move through it rapidly. We're nearly done, and will move on to book two in a couple of weeks. We may slow down then, I'm not sure yet. I am using the workbooks, it makes it so much easier for me. Our only complaint about them is the wide primary ruling of the paper.
  18. I'm thinking of ditching FLL4. It is seeming to be below my DD's level. Thinking about just going ahead and moving her into 5th grade grammar. She wants to do this, she says FLL is too easy.
  19. We are using Calvert math as well. I'm very happy with it. My DD and I have done their third grade, and now are in 4th. I intend to continue with it all the way. :) It isn't broke, so I'm not fixin' it! :lol:
  20. Just this morning decided to swap Trail Guide to World Geography for Trail Guide to US Geography. I'd started my 4th grader on the intermediate level, which is too hard for her. I had already bought US Geography for next year, and was browsing it this morning. I realized that I don't particularly care if we do the Primary level of World Geography, but I do want to do the Primary level of US Geography. So we are making the swap, and will try again with the Intermediate level of World next year. :D
  21. Pat, I'm not sure what happens if they get all the words right on the pretest. That's never happened for us!
  22. I'd thought it was just me! I have to really help DD, and sometimes I have to look it up online because I can't find it in the atlas. I do really like the program though, so it's worth the annoyance to me.
  23. Just bought a Whirlpool fridge, and rather unhappy. When it runs, it's pretty loud, and it makes this sort of high pitched noise too. Someone is coming to look at it Friday, but I'd really just like to return it. :glare:
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