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  1. It's not just you. This book is incredibly creepy. My mother in law gave it to us when my son was small. I read it to him once, and after that I made sure it got lost. Notice that while the man has a baby at the end of the book, there's no wife mentioned. Probably she ran away because she was so creeped out by his mother climbing through their window and getting in bed! Also, toward the end of the book, doesn't the old mother tell him he needs to come visit her because she probably won't live much longer? Maybe if she wasn't so darn creepy he'd visit without having to be ordered to.
  2. Mice on Main! http://www.miceonmain.com/mousehunthints.html
  3. You can have the battery changed. This company does it: http://www.digiexpress.us/ . We've used them before and been pleased. In fact, we have an old ipod nano with them right now getting a battery change.
  4. Somebody is doing laundry just about every day here. Each person does their own. I generally do the towels and the bedding for DH and my bed.
  5. Farmer Boy! Every time I read that, I want pie, cake, rye 'n' injun bread, popcorn, and all the hundred million other yummy things the Wilders have to eat.
  6. DD has listened to all 7 Narnia books on audio. She's also listened to The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring. She's currently in the middle of Two Towers, but taking a break from it for a bit. DS read the three Lord of the Rings books, and I think The Hobbit. Not sure if he read any Narnia or not.
  7. DD is 13 this year, and she knows pretty much everything she's getting. She picked out most of it. I do miss everything being a surprise a little bit, but I'd rather get her what she really wants. And shopping this year was a ton easier! DS is 18 and hard to buy for, so he knows most of his gifts as well. I do have a couple of surprises for each of them though!
  8. I bought my DD a cheap Brother from Wal Mart as a beginner machine. I think it was $79.99. It isn't super awesome or anything, but it's been a great beginner machine. She's been using it for about three years now with no problems. She's done some beginning quilting on it, and made a couple of outfits.
  9. My DD enjoys classes there a good bit. She likes Mrs. Rhodes (Lessons Worth Learning) and Mrs. P (4 Little Penguins). She and DS both like Mr. G. Science Jim is awesome for elementary, and maybe middle school. We did not enjoy classes from Founders Academy. I think that was just the teacher not being a good fit for us. Many of the classes are not super rigorous, but I am okay with that. I feel she's learning on grade level stuff.
  10. We usually take several classes per semester, and love them. We've only had a couple of classes we didn't enjoy, and that was more of a matter of the teacher not being quite right for us. Mr. G is great! My son has taken both German and French from him, and my daughter did summer French with him. They both like him. Currclick does offer your money back if you hate a class after the first meeting. This only applies to classes that meet more than 4 times.
  11. Zoo Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Fernbank Museum of Natural History Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Walk through Oakland Cemetery Stone Mountain Atlanta History Center Centennial Olympic Park World of Coca Cola
  12. Happy birthday to your DD. My DD is thirteen today too! :party:
  13. I wanted spiral bound, so I went to FedEx/Kinko's. They cut the binding and spiral bound them for me. I seem to remember it was fairly cheap, and it made them so much nicer to use!
  14. My son really likes Mr. G's French class over at currclick.com.
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