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  1. Do Classical Conversations Cycle 1 at home? I really like it. But I absolutely have no time for a group. Nor is there one in a 3 hour driving distance. (I will not start one) I'm looking at K-9th
  2. We have been going to speech with the Kaufman program for almost 8 years. Prompt is not offered around us. I own the 1st 3 levels of the Barton reading program. It helped my 12 year old some but my children struggle with expressive language. Barton has been no help with my 8 year old. His therapist and I are kinda lost on what to do next. Public schools is not an option with my dh. We live in the U.P. Of MI there isn't any resources around here.
  3. I'm a mom to 12. I birthed all my children. Normally when I meet other large families with all the learning disabilities like mine, the children were adopted. (Don't take this wrong. I love adoption)A lot of the children have problems stemming from a birth mother on drugs/alcohol during pregnancy or physical abuse.i never did any of that. I have several children with learning disabilities.Hannah(14) with dyslexia, Rebekah(12) with severe dyslexia and audio processing. Nehemiah (9) severe verbal apraxia Gideon (8) really severe verbal apraxia.adhd, Severe dyslexia, audio processing and keep the pen out we are still "labeling" him. Titus(7) severe apraxia levi(3) showing all signs of apraxia. Some days,I'm losing my mind. Everyone needs one on one reading help. Some days, I wonder if I could have done something different to prevent some of this.some days, it feels like I'm getting no where with them and destroying any good relationship between us because of the frustration of " I know you know this! We just memorized it yesterday!" I think I mumble phonic letter sounds in my sleep! There is a big curriculum fair coming up. I so want to go and look at the books. But then it's like BTDT with every curriculum trying to find something that works.im burnt out looking/trying Curriculums. I'm to the point where I want one straight box curriculum for everyone. The famous "if they went to school they would have one curriculum fits all!" But then I realize they would be in special Ed and their teacher would custom their education to fit their needs. Like I need to.you see large families like the Duggars "We use such and such curriculum " me:" Which kid which grade and what subject" the "Erika jumps around curriculum " makes me cringe!!! No! I customized! It's like I have a dozen cookies but not all chocolate chip. I have one of each kind. I feel stretched thin! Some days it's my dh doesn't seem to understand the extent of their learning disabilities.( He's a die hard homeschoolers.) but there is one of me and 12 of them and don't forget therapy appt. Drs dentist sports etc... Sorry for venting :( hopefully I'm not alone. I'm just hanging on to the very end of my sanity right now. I guess when I decided to homeschool I had a a different picture in my head. Kids eager to learn units studies and crafts. Not phonics everyday, all day for the last 100 years! ( but if you have any curriculum or workbooks,flash cards games etc that really helped you out let me know. I'm going to the curriculum fair)
  4. I'm looking at HOD but considering Abeka video LA to help with the teaching. Will it make for a really long day?
  5. I have 12 children and 11 of them are school age. This year I'm doing straight video. I'm not sure I like it. The teachers are great. Everything is organized for me etc. but it's really chaotic trying to keep up with grading and testing etc. So next year I'm thinking of going back to HOD. But it never felt like my kids were giving it their best shot. Kids seemed lazy.But,With the kids in Sports and speech HOD is way more flexible. My kids loved HOD. But I had 7 kids learning to read at the same time.i felt like I was drowning try to keep up. The video teachers give them more then I could. Now I believe next school year they would apply themselves more if we returned to HOD. I have this feeling they will miss a good education by not doing video.But long days with lack of flexibility is driving me crazy! I'm torn between it!
  6. Can anyone compare them? Why did u choose one over the other?
  7. When will the other grades be out? I love what I see!
  8. What is the differences between Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd edition and Saxon Algebra 2, 3rd edition?
  9. He has been doing Kaufman for 3 years. The program has worked wonders with my other children. But we are just at a lost with him.
  10. He's 7 1/2. He'll be 8 in November. He has severe verbal apraxia, phonological delay, dyslexia and if I labeled him more ADHD. We are still learning letter sounds. His speech therapist is specifically trained to work with kids like him . And she said he's the worst she's ever seen. We are working on the letter G in speech. Now all letter sounds are G. It's like his brain is frozen on g.
  11. I ♡ strawberrymama idea of manageable groups. When I think of group learning they are all over the place. But smaller groups I know it can work. Thanks. I also like the reading for an hour and audio books.
  12. I did TOG and I loved it. My DH and kids did not. My DH tho he wont say "do this" I think he would like more textbooks. But he always says do what works. It just seems nothings works. Some days I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Some days I don't even want to homeschool. But I have to other option.
  13. Last year we did a little bit of everything then I just grabbed books off my shelf and read them. Yes, they are getting it 2x a week. And my dyslexic kids are not good readers
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