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  1. would you stay outside of philly and drive in each day or stay in the city near the historic district? I need CLEAN and CHEAP. (I am totally OCD about cleanliness - a real germophobe)
  2. I am so grateful for the replies. I do not want to control my dd. I want her to learn, to live, to love, to be free. My fear is that she will "lose" herself in this relationship. I am not sure that she has enough sense of herself and may focus on the boy to her own disadvantage. I also know that the boy has lied to his parents about this. They do not approve of any romantic notions AT ALL until he is much, much older. I understand why he lied to them when confronted but it is dishonoring to my daughter. She ends up looking like the besotted girl chasing after him! And, she has b
  3. either your own or your dc, please share how. This is not going away. It has gone from long-term crush to full blown "we're in love" and they are 14. If you were these kids or have kids who went through this and came out okay on the other side, please share your story. Thanks.
  4. Can someone tell me about visiting Philadelphia? I've never been there and can't wrap my brain around it: what to see, where to stay, how long to stay.... I know it's a big city and there's lots to do but I am just interested in the colonial/revolutionary sites, a clean and safe place to stay, and some good eats. Thanks.
  5. thanks! please others chime in too. are there any special places to stay while visiting these attractions? any great places to eat local specialties?
  6. I need help. :001_smile: Please share your ONE favorite read aloud for ages 8-12 on: Colonial America Revolutionary America Louisiana Purchase War of 1812 Oregon Trail Santa Fe Trail Civil War Yep, we are studying American History and I want one read aloud for each topic. They will do their individual recommended readings. I find reading aloud difficult for me - they LOVE it. Please share your favorites and maybe I will find it easier! :001_smile:
  7. What are the: must-dos must-sees must-eats must-experience must-stays? What's the weather like late September/ Early October?
  8. This is what I am learning and doing now too. I wish I would have learned this earlier. I also think that when our dc are acting up and we want them to change, it is time to start looking at ourselves and seeing how we have to change.
  9. my poor ds (8) lost his all-star game today. this is the third time he has made the team and then lost the big game. he LOVES baseball. he LIVES baseball. he is MISERABLE. what do I say? what do I do? :sad:
  10. I never said that or implied it. My friend has always been anxious that her son NOT become romantically involved before he is 25! She has told me time and again that he is not allowed to have any intimacy, at all, until he is in his twenties. She found out that he liked my dd because she read his private emails. She informed me. THEN, I stated that I loved them both and understood that they would be attracted to each other. That since they had feelings for each other we really could not be on the one hand telling them to wait and on the other throwing them together into close quarters.
  11. Thank you for all of the helpful replies! Just wanted to let you know that the teens are young and we live in separate states.... they have spent a lot of time together because we have traveled to see each other and they email/write to each other. It is not dating but they have gone beyond just being friends. My friend and her family just spent 10 days in my home. We had a great time. At no time did I sense any problem. I made every effort to show them a great time. My mom's intuition about possible feelings between the two dc was on alert this trip and it ended up being right
  12. Thank you for all of the replies. I will tell you exactly what happened and you tell me where I went wrong.... We have two opposite gender teens. Growing up, we have always stayed in each other's home during trips and allowed t he dc to hang out without much supervision. Well, they have grown fond of each other. I said that we would have to stop staying in the same house together and leaving them unsupervised together in order to avoid any "problems." That's all. She says that she agrees with the decision but does not like that I was so "insensitive" in the way I said it. :confus
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