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  1. We have done: Astronomy with field study Forensic science with lab (currently doing) Physical education included horse back riding, hiking in National Parks, and games like horseshoes etc. will be visiting Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Boston as part of history/government
  2. Oh man, we plan to do the physics next year sure hope they start to offer the online schedule. The one for chemistry is so nice.
  3. When we bought the chemistry curriculum we received a code to go a direct link to the online schedule. My husband set this up on the desk top as a direct link. So we just click on it and we are have the schedule.
  4. Learning Language Arts Through Literature (the Gold Books) have Short Stories, Poetry, and Novel studies for World, American, and British History. We are only going to use parts of the guides.
  5. The world history seems okay to me. We won't use the American History though. I started watching those and I could really see the liberal slant in them. Blessings, Pat
  6. My dd is going back to TT because the algebra we have been using is taking so long to complete and she feels better using TT. She is college bound, but not as a STEM student. As to whether a student can use TT if they are going to college, yes I think they can. I think the best thing is to have the student in the program that is going to teach them and move them forward and that they can feel comfortable with, whether the program has consistently good reviews or not. The college will test your student for placement anyway. Going through TT will most likely put your student in a good starting place in college as long as they understood the material and with TT they are probably going to understand it since they have such good explanations of each problem. I'm thinking if you have a student headed for a STEM degree in college you would probably want them to go through another pre-calc or calc class before heading off to college. JMHO Blessings, Pat PS. My ds went to public school for 9-12th grade and his single biggest complaint about math courses was that they did not explain the material well or tell why you did something. He didn't encounter that teacher until he went to CC. Ds didn't do great in his high school courses but he did well in the college course. A Student that hates a program or can't understand the material will never do well with that course.
  7. This is what my son had in school, a class called Conflicts in U.S History. They watched movies, read historical fiction, and wrote papers. I wish I could remember all of the books they read and movies they watched. Some of the movies I recall are: The Patriot and Gone with the Wind. This was one of my son's favorite classes because it wasn't reading a textbook and watching documentaries. There are so many movies about the major wars the U.S. has been in. Blessings, Pat
  8. Yes I agree about 30 minutes a day. Blessings, Pat
  9. Essentials in Writing is what is working best for my dd. Easy to use and covers the different essays and research papers.
  10. Thank you for your replies. I am going to check out Friendly Chemistry. It looks the most appealing for my daughter at this point, possibly Conceptual Chemistry. Blessings, Pat
  11. I'm looking for a chemistry curriculum for dd for next year. She is more of a creative mind loves art and music. English is her favorite subject right now and math/science on the bottom. This child has always loved nature and animals so we always thought she would do something with animals. Although it is not looking like this right now, I still want to give her the science background just in case. Is there a chemistry program that you would recommend that would engage and teach the subject matter without being too much for her (technical ??). No Apologia we tried that for biology, not a good fit at all. Blessings, Pat
  12. We haven't used this but it always looked good to me. I hope to get dd to use this sometime in the future. Blessings, Pat
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