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  1. No, she doesn’t have to have a sport each year. DD is a competitive gymnast. She goes 20 hours a week. 8th grade technically. But well advanced. We considered doing CC... she wants to be a surgeon, currently..... is highly academic and gifted. Maybe not so much as your DD, so the point might be moot. But for my DD, she loves gymnastics. She doesn’t want to give it up, or go less. Traditional homeschooling using advanced materials and classes lets her do what she loves. All that to say, if she loves cheer.... I would make it a priority. She is only a child once. She could switch to non-competitive though. Or cheer for a local school team. If she only likes it and it is not that important to her. Then that’s different. I would let it go, just let her tumble once a week in rec or something.... and go and research her snakes. HTH
  2. We just started using it this year too. After BTB 3 kids can go into Spanish 4 or AP.... so by that logic, it would work to use BTB as years 1-4. As for us, it moves quickly. But we have a conversational Spanish class that is two hours a week that uses Spanish is Fun 1 as the textbook, and assigns project based homework.... family tree, newspaper, etc. So, I don’t see us finishing BtB 1 in a year.
  3. GeoKitty

    MCT Advanced Academic Writing?

    Thank you for your response. And your link.... I actually do remember that post.... I’ll have to go look at AAW. DD is in the middle of WWTW2, finised Magic Lens 1and the practice book , and is ready for the Poetry book. My edition is from 2015... maybe it is slightly improved. When I quickly glanced through it, I thought we could work with it since Dd is a natural writer. Can you recommend something for academic writing and learning how to incorporate quotes properly? This isn’t new to her.... she just hasn’t developed comfort with it yet... and I want her to learn properly. Which ByLine would have done..... but like I said.... she rebeled. Thank,you so much.
  4. I know this isn’t what you are looking for, but you got me thinking..... When we did Astronomy, my son watched a couple of different series on the SCI channel (I think). I can’t remember what they were called, but they are on all the time... about the comets, planets, stars., etc....... I’ll post when I remember.... anyway, he learned way more form those series than Elemntal science, or any books we had. Maybe, your DD would like to watch the episodes, and create her own fun Ellen McHenry (who we love too) type of activities / curriculum?
  5. Thanks. Yeah, that’s pretty pricey. 😊
  6. So DD was going to do ByLine with older brother. We started it yesterday. She hated it. He loved it. She begged to go back to MCT. So we will.... but we are up to AAW1. I own it. Anyone use it and actually like it?
  7. Wow, thank you for such a well thought out response. When they tour the courthouse or hospital of any such place, it is quite often followed with a quiz at their weekly meeting. The tours are long and information packed. Community service... example was parking cars at a Fourth of July celebration. Sometimes they simply provide a presence, in ful uniform. They do sell hot dogs at events as a fundraiser once a month, but they did this for free at an end of school event. Thank you so much!
  8. DS is a Police Explorer. He completed the 100 hours of Phase 1 of Police Explorer Academy (intense 2-week Academy training that includes Physical training, drills, marching, classes, all of which are graded and include a final exam) this summer.... Phases 2 and 3 will be the next two summers. He has also read and discussed a Crime scene investigation text book with me, field trips to the courthouse, hospital, gun range, done physical training this summer, in additional to weekly meetings, and community service activities. I was thinking that I could use the 100 Academy hours, field trips, and book and easily call it a credit. But should I? If so, what should I call it? Thank you in advance.
  9. My DS did EE Advanced for 8th and enjoyed it. He is not a STEM kid, and it was just the right fit for him. He enjoyed all the hands-on projects and labs that went with them.... though some were overly simple. The tests were more than fair and required a good deal of studying, and he learned plenty. I always recommend it to friends looking for physical science.
  10. Thank you Targhee! 😀😊😀
  11. GeoKitty

    All of AoPS?

    FYI, we found the placement tests to be very easy. I second starting with the intro to algebra book.
  12. Thank you. Wait, so BTB covers Spanish 1-4? I did not realize that. Does the publisher say that anyplace? So with 12 chapters/modules per book, Spanish 1 would be the first 9? Off to find the workbooks and look at them now too. Did you have your kids take notes in a notebook from the iBook lessons?
  13. Thank you! That’s so helpful. 😊😊🎊🎊 I hope it has a good answer key because I don’t speak Spanish.
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