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  1. So, in my notes, I have listed course titles that somewhere... maybe this forum, but I really have no idea where.... Richard Rusczyk recommends. This is just from my notes... Algebra 1, Intro to Algebra book chapters 1-11 algebra 2, Intro to Algebra book chapters 12-22 algebra 3, or Advanced Algebra with Precalculus, Intermediate Algebra book Precalculus, or Precalculus with Introductory Linear Algebra, Precalculus book
  2. My son loves ByLine. He thinks the teacher is really funny. He likes all the readings and assignments. However, his writing has improved so very much this past year, that he doesn’t need the incremental steps (not as incremental as EIW ). So he watches the three videos at the beginning of the week. Then does the assignments. It will take us the whole year because we are pairing it with Essentials in literature 10. ByLine is a lot of work. Or maybe it seems that way because my kid is a very s l o w worker. That being said, we stopped using the extra journal. We did use the extra journal when we did Cover story. And my 8th grade DD was supposed to do ByLine with him. The first week I knew it was a bad fit. She didn’t appreciate the corny humor. Or the premise of using history for chronojournalism. She does not like history. Making her do ByLine would have been torturous in her mind. Instead, she is researching and writing, more of a writing across the curriculum approach. Her current essay is about the benefits of GMOs. That’s my science kid.
  3. We used EIW 9 with grading service. The grading service was exactly what my son needed .... an outside grader to be accountable to who gave good feedback. It was worth the price. The only really complaint was that you have to pick from the lesson prompts for the grading service. We like to use our own prompts. We did not continue EIW for 10th grade because my son wanted to do ByLine... he is a history buff.
  4. Thank you, Reefgazer! I’m going to look that up! thank you, Corraleno !
  5. Thank you! I appreciate your responses! DS will already have (1) Integrated Chemistry & Physics, (2) Biology with lab and (3) Chemistry with lab. And they all have been a slog!
  6. Thank you, Lanny. I appreciate your thoughts! Is there a physics curriculum you would recommend?
  7. DS 10th grade (music, history or criminal justice are possible college majors) is struggling through Apolgia chemistry. We have an amazing co-op teacher and his sister also explains it to him. He has done TT Algebra 2 and is at the end of TT geometry. The math isn’t too awful... but the concepts and figuring out what to do is extremely challenging. So, do we struggle through apologia Physics next year? An easier physics? DD will be using apologia and I don’t like the idea of buying two curriculums, though we do that for math already. Or skip physics... let him do earth science, or forensics or something? Thanks !
  8. Ninth grade! Physics. Apologia possibly also do the advanced book. Science is her thing. Spanish 2 EP and conversational class World history : A Catholic text book with workbook PE : she practices 20 hours a week in competitive gymnastics. English. Probably homegrown. Maybe a Co-op literature class. MatH: AOPS, should be finishing geometry and counting and probability, and move on to Intermediate Algebra.
  9. DS will be 11th next year. It sounds crazy.... so far the plan is Teaching textbooks Precalculus Government.... 1/2 credit. probably use some Hillsdale College classes. I have Notgrass Government book too Economics ... 1/2 credit. Hillsdale College class. And I have borrowed a high school level book in case the College class is too hard. English. ... either an actual program. Or write for government and economics, as well as literature we select. SAT prep. Possibly Easy Grammar 11 since Grammar is a weakness. Hoping for a co-op literature class. science.... Apologia Physics Spanish 2. Just switched to Easy Peasy for Spanish 1, so will continue with it if it goes well. Plus, a 2-hour once a week conversational class. music..... his passion some other elective. Maybe criminal justice or forensics. Or more history. Personal finance.
  10. I really liked it. I definitely recommend it. My son seemed to take it more seriously because it was for an outside teacher. Which was what I wanted. And the grades, as well as the actual corrections and remarks were spot on. His writing definitely improved. We only didn’t continue with it for 10th grade because my son wanted to do ByLine.
  11. I ended up going with EIW 9 with grading service. But so funny to wake up and see my old post!
  12. DD wants to do Apologia Physics and Advanced Physics next year. DS will only do the regular physics. But he would rather do something like Forensics instead (he has already done physical science, biology and is now in chemistry).
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