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  1. Klmama..... hmmm, that’s a very good point. Thanks!
  2. I’ve been looking for a health curriculum. I really wanted a 1/2 credit, and it looks like it is a full credit. It’s 40% off today....
  3. GeoKitty

    Classical Composition..which level?

    The levels do build.... what my son did at that age was Fable and Narrative in one year.... Memoria Press has accelerated plans for that. I think I’ve heard that you can even do three levels in one year with older kids. (We didn’t go past Narrative)
  4. Oh wow... thank you.
  5. We have used first start French for middle school..... I don’t think it is high school worthy either. For Breaking the Barrier.... is the App enough? Or do you need to buy the whole set from them as well as the app? Or is there just a workbook to add?
  6. GeoKitty

    Hits & Misses 2017-2018 Year

    DIVE Biology..... just ok. It didn’t meet my expectations. I expected a video lecture every week.... the entire second half of the year there was only one! The review questions sometimes matched the readings, and other times not so much. I bought the lab kit. Still couldn’t actually do half of the experiments without buying even more. In retrospect I would have just bought the dissection kits... we already had slides for the microscope. Algebra 2. Teaching textbooks. Hit! DS likes it AOPS Algebra, geometry and counting and probability..... Hit! DD has been working through all three. Notgrass.... Exploring world history... Miss. DS made me add a ton to it, and he added a second ton. Notgrass... From Adam to Us.... Hit! DD enjoyed it. EIW 9. With Scoring service. Hit! EIW 7. DD should have probably done the same level as her brother or something different. EIL 7. Not sure....... because we didn’t make time for it. However I think it’s great. After me fretting about finishing it, DD says she plans to finish it next year. Progeny press guides.. Hit! We had some great discussions the kid likes Shakespeare now! Map Trek..... so-so. Adequate DS thought he would enjoy it. We got half way though, which was the plan (second half to do next year.) but I think we will call it half a credit and move on to something else..... he is looking at comparative religions, or Wars lol Czech..... New Czech step by step. Hit. Mostly. My language...... the book is not easy to use But it was the best I could find. Elementary Greek one Hit DD likes it.... just does a little from time to time when she wants. at some point she wants to move on to First form greek.
  7. GeoKitty

    CAP W&R Vs. Winning with Writing

    We used WWW for one year, along with their grammar and spelling. It was clear, concise, and independent. I think it was similar to EIW actually in a lot of ways, just without the teaching videos (which we like). We haven’t done CAP but I think that’s a classical writing system? We have used Classical composition ..... which is teacher driven, way more complicated, and even though we liked that one too, felt we actually needed a more “schooly” curriculum.
  8. Actually, I think because it breaks everything down into small easily manageable chunks, that it is good for reluctant writers. DS isn’t a bad writer, but was having trouble with organizing his writing. This year, that really improved. My DD, who naturally writes very organized and following the proper patterns, used EIW 7.... but she found it easy and wanted to just do the writing already.... except for the research report which was new to her. Does that help?
  9. We used EIW 9 this year with the scoring service... the feedback was prompt and really good. They have a lit program and a schedule to combine the two as well.
  10. The Hillsdale class will be American Heritage, one of the free ones on their website, so not actually credit granting. He enjoys their courses. He does all the work, readings and is proud to pass their final exam and receive a certificate of completion 🙂 they are usually ten lessons (10 weeks) I’ve written before how he wants to do ByLine for English which also includes extra work to earn 1/2 credit in history. So frankly, I thought if I have him count hours, we will get to a fair amount for high school, and not overkill. I am hoping at some point soon he decides/agrees to actually dual enroll.
  11. Thank you ladies. Yes, for music DS typically has 3 1/2 hours of instructors provided lessons weekly. Tons of practice, and performing. For that I am just adding up the hours.... probably at 120 will call it a credit... one credit for one year.... US History won’t be following a program .... but will involve readings, at least one Hillsdale college class, research, weekly essays..... still figuring that one out. Thank you!
  12. Thank you. We currently track for Music, PE and next year it will be us history..... which i expect he will spend a lot of time on, just like music. I don’t want to short change him if say he ends up doing 300 hours.
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