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  1. DD wants to do Apologia Physics and Advanced Physics next year. DS will only do the regular physics. But he would rather do something like Forensics instead (he has already done physical science, biology and is now in chemistry).
  2. Did your DD complete BtB levels 1-3?
  3. You’re welcome. I don’t speak Spanish, if I did, and could help the kids, that would make it much easier and less overwhelming.
  4. I have asked that in a few places. It seems that 9 chapters would do it. FWIW, we started BtB 1, and just switched to Easy Peasy Spanish 1 last week. The concepts just came too quickly without enough review for us. And that’s with a once a week conversational Spanish class using Spanish is Fun 1. We have also had too many personal issues effect us the past few months, so probably have not devoted the necessary amout of time.
  5. Sure! I think this should you straight there....
  6. Essentials in Literature is relatively new, from the Essentials in Writing EIW people yes, DS loves Hillsdale classes. He wants to use them next year for government and economics. But I may sneak in a textbook too. We will see.
  7. Breaking the Barrier Spanish..... so far a miss. Butbto be fair, we have had a very difficult last couple of months, a tragedy that I’ve posted about before, and a gymnastics injury DD hasn’t been able to walk in almost four weeks... it turned out to be a bruised bone and sprained acl.... so she will walk. But anyway, the curriculum might be fine in different circumstances. I’m thinking of switching to Easy Peasy Spanish. Hillsdale College changed their free class structure.... dropping all actual lessons and quizzes... that messed up our year as well. Then, due to complaints, the college put everything back in place. Right after we revamped our plans. So thatvhas been a bit wonky too. Essentials in Literature 10 has been a great fit. ByLine has worked well... DS enjoys it Though DD was supposed to use it as well. She did not like it at all. MCT WWTW2, Poetry and Humanity, re reading Magic Lens 1.... has all worked for DD. AOPS and TT Geometry are perfect.... one for each kid Lol Apoogia Chemistry has been a big hit too. A bit too slow and easy for DD, but DS finds it challenging.
  8. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Thank you again. You all are wonderful . The funeral was this past weekend. ? as we try to move forward, we are on a “do what school you think you can handle” schedule.
  9. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Thank you, everyone. I truly appreciate it. I do keep reading and reading your posts. It really helps. ?
  10. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Momto3boyz.... Thank you. I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine. ?
  11. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Pen..... yes. That’s the one. DawnM ..... they actually brought in grief specialists. Not school counselors. But yes I agree. Schoolwise, they are doing what they feel like. Thank you, all.
  12. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Yes, our church has started grief support. It will be ongoing. The grief counselor has offered extra for those in need. The public school grief counselors are available to us Homeschoolers .... our church youth minister asked. I don’t think I want to go that route though. No reason to go into the school. I think talking to our priest has helped the most so far. Thank you!
  13. GeoKitty

    Tragedy.... need advice...

    Thank you. Today, We did a little school. The kids picked what they wanted to do. Followed by art and music. We will take it day by day.
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