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  1. Jumping on the Mac bandwagon. I have an iMac, kids each have a Macbook, and husband has a Macbook Pro. We love our Macs!
  2. Mary Pope Osborne's Tales from the Odyssey Just about anything by Jim Weiss The Little House books
  3. I use a stacking file crate from staples.
  4. I use them as an end of chapter review worksheet for my 4th grader. She uses the book to look up answers if she needs to, which seems to be fairly seldom.
  5. I'm just finishing up Chemistry II with my 4th grader. We really enjoyed it, and I think she learned a lot. Some of the pages in the Science Encyclopedia were a little over her head, but it was pretty easy to rephrase it so she could understand. We did have problems with The Mystery of the Periodic Table. It seemed to me to be more of a middle school level book. We are going to go ahead and do Physics II in 5th grade, and Biology II in 6th. The format works well for my DD, and she loves all the hands on stuff. :D
  6. Honestly, last August the Bistro was terribly disappointing. We used to go every year for DD's birthday, but after that experience, I doubt we'll be back. The service wasn't absolutely awful, but it wasn't good, and the food was only so-so. That said, the store itself is awesome, and the people who worked in the store were too. It was just the bistro that was disappointing, which is sad because it used to be really good.
  7. It's more expensive, but Ipad has apps for both Kindle and Nook, so you could have both types of books. It has the touch screen too, and the screen is bigger.
  8. I voted 13, but we really only got DS a phone at 13 because he ended up needing to stay home by himself for a few hours one afternoon a week, and we no longer had a landline.
  9. You can go to the Soaring With Spelling site and download the table of contents for the level you are interested in. That lists the theme of the words for each week. For example, the first few lessons of level five are- long vowel sounds a, e, and i, long vowel sounds o and u, short vowel sounds, r controlled vowels, and contractions.
  10. There's a download of the correct map here: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/store/activity-book-3-the-story-of-the-world-early-modern-times-pdf.html
  11. Six kernels of corn. This was when the child was about a year old. At around the age of 11, I had to remove a piece of craft foam from his ear, the kind with the sticky back that kids use a lot. A few months after that, a tiny playmobil coin in his ear required hospitalization and sedation to remove. Nothing since then, and he's now 14, so perhaps he finally learned his lesson!
  12. 5th Grade: History- Second half of SOTW 2, First half of SOTW3 Science- NOEO Biology II Writing- Finish WWE 3, move on to WWE 4 Grammar- The new curriculum coming out that follows First Language Lessons, if it's published in time! Reading- Novel Studies, plus a poetry unit Spelling- Soaring With Spelling Level 5 Math- Calvert 6th Grade Art- Handle on the Arts Apprentice Arts Vol I Latin- Latin For Children B 9th Grade- Keystone online high school. Probable courses are Geometry, French II, English I, Chemistry, World History, and Game Design.
  13. We listen to a whole chapter, then go over all the questions for that chapter. My DD is 9, so I don't know if that approach would work for a younger child.
  14. Not to insert tiny plastic coins from a playmobil set in his ear. This child was eleven at the time, certainly old enough to know better. It eventually required a hospital visit and sedation to remove.
  15. I have had this problem with my 14 year old. Now he must show me his completed assignments each day, so I can see that he has actually done the work.
  16. DS is working on the American Revolution in social studies, waves in science, point of view in english, a web quest in algebra, and he's starting a new section of French. DD is starting a new spelling lesson focusing on letters in the correct order. Phonics is adding ed and est. We learned about homophones and homonyms on Time 4 Writing. For literature we are working on a Norse Mythology lapbook. Art is learning about Leonardo da Vinci. We have just started chapter 14 of Latin for Children A. DD and I have started a new schedule where we do all the previously mentioned subjects every day, then do history one day, math one day, science one day, and geography one day. I haven't decided if we'll be doing math or science today. If math, she'll be working on dividing three digit numbers. If science, we'll study phosphorus and sulfur.
  17. I wanted to do the Pharos Lighthouse activity from Chapter 25. I am not sure what to wrap around the pringles can though. It says to use the middle template. I don't have a middle template, just the base template and the top template. Am I supposed to make copies of the base template and use that for the middle too? Thanks!
  18. I'm using Latin for Children A with my 9 year old. We like it pretty well. Some of the maxims that begin the chapters are religious, but otherwise no religious content that we've run across.
  19. I lost approximately 100 pounds on medifast, and have mostly kept it off. I gained a few pounds back, but that is a good thing, since my weight had dropped almost dangerously low. The key is to continue to eat well after you stop the program. They give you guidelines about that, x number of veggies a day, x amount of meat, etc. Hope this helps!
  20. Already have most of DD's 5th grade purchased. DS will continue with Keystone for high school, so really nothing to plan there.
  21. We actually made it out. We were hoping for Starbucks, but they were closed. So was Wal Mart, surprisingly. Kroger and Publix were open, so we bought some groceries. We had food before, but now we are really set. :D
  22. Hey, you're right near us! DH couldn't believe it this morning when I told him how much snow is out there!
  23. The complete set of Are You Being Served dvds. DH did look for them, but he couldn't find them locally and it was too late to order from Amazon. I did get an iPad though, so I can't complain! :lol: I will order the dvds with the money I got from my parents. :D
  24. An Ipad! I only just took it out of the box. I was kind of afraid to break the plastic wrapping, thus rendering it unreturnable without huge restocking fees. :lol:
  25. My DD got the pyramid too, and she tried to put it together herself. She finally had to get her dad to help her though, and it took the two of them most of an hour to get it together correctly. They kept having pieces left over. She had a great time with it once it was together though. :D
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