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  1. Time for a change. Ds does fine in math but needs frequent review for retention. I was thinking of Teaching Textbooks. I'm not sure which level to go with. There seems to be quite a bit of overlap between Level 7, pre-algebra and algebra. He took the placement tests and did well except for fractions, which as soon as we reviewed them (mult. / div. / decimals) he did fine with. Suggestions?
  2. Thanks! I will take a look. Would love to see a big broadway show, but none of the shows right now are completely bowling me over. What about comedy clubs or small music venues? And we are foodies, so favourite restaurants?
  3. Any insider recommendations on shows, restaurants or places to go? Adults, no children. Thanks!
  4. Any insider recommendations on shows, restaurants or places to go? Adults, no children. Thanks!
  5. I have the opportunity to go there for a week. I'm reading tons of conflicting reports. Some say it is one of the most violent towns in the country, others say it is one of the safest. Some say there is lots to do, others say it is run down and there is nothing there. I'm a runner and very active. I cannot sit still for a week. I don't want to be bored, nor do I want to feel like I can't go long distance running safely. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  6. When I was in Australia last Feb. I watched a show one evening. It consisted of a male host who sat with three people I think on either side of him. He would bring up an obscure fact and the panel members would randomly discuss it. It was hysterical. Does anyone know the show I'm talking about?
  7. Anyone need one or know how I can find out about opportunities? My folks were all set to house sit for someone but then they found out about a very large dog and a few tenants that came with the responsibility. My dad is nervous of large dogs. But they could really use a change and I was excited that they would consider it. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. They just booked my ticket this morning to Melbourne. Do you think it would be cheaper to book a flight to NZ once there or should we do it from here? I'm in Canada. And any idea how prices in Canada compare? I need some shorts and another bathing suit but wondering if I should wait as it is winter here and not much selection in that right now lol!
  9. We are planning on Melbourne as our base, but my partner is very interested in NZ or Tasmania as well. I know we are going to have a lot to squeeze in. He will be there a week before I arrive. Thank you for the links and recommendations! I will get busy looking them up!
  10. Bumping this as I think there were board problems the day I posted ... or else no one had any ideas for me LOL!
  11. I just found out that I will be heading to Australia. A life long dream to say the least!! I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking a minute to give me some pointers on places to visit, things to do, best picks etc. We will be flying into Melbourne and having that as our base. Will be there at least two weeks possibly three. We are a very active couple, I'll be continuing my training for triathlons and marathon, so I will be looking for a good place to rent a bike. But we are looking for places to visit that may be a bit off the beaten tourist trap, although we certainly want to visit some of those as well. We both love meeting people and interacting with people lucky enough to call the area their home. We are also wondering if it is worth the time/effort/money to go to New Zealand for a bit. I understand it is a 4 hour flight. What about Tasmania? I thought I'd check here before I delve into too many websites and books and become over loaded!! Can you tell I'm excited :) Any suggestions would be more than appreciated! Thanks
  12. Thank you Dana, very helpful response! I appreciate your insights.
  13. Thank you! Math doesn't come easy to him, but he does well on the reviews. Still working on having his multiplication facts completely memorized. He needs more work on his fractions and decimals, but I know that will come. Would life of fred fractions work with Singapore 5A and B? or will those have enough practice?
  14. Why stay until the end of 5B? Just curious as to what is in that level that is better than the other programs? Did you use the HIGs? I haven't used them before but thinking I will for this level. I was a ps teacher so comfortable with the material, but think perhaps I should see what they offer at this level.
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