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  1. That class sounds very frustrating, I hope your email produces some change. I have two German learners here that I could probably wrangle in to a Zoom conversation. When my dd has some extra time during the German block on her schedule she often watches a few German tutors in YouTube, like Your German Teacher or German with Anja. When I worked alongside my dd learning German with her we used the beginning of German Essentials by Eugene Moutoux, which is online with a bit of instruction and exercises with answers. I agree with your sentiments that the only way to make progress learning a language is to use it and think about it every day.
  2. We are in the midst of juggling this issue also. We have limits on computer use hours - but that is hardly foolproof when some classes take place on the computer. On one side of the issue, we have check-in meetings on Friday so that I understand how each class is going, what the plan is for the weekend and when, specifically, weekend work is going to happen. On the other side I've had to accept a level of procrastination that is uncomfortable to me, as long as things get done. The fact that he agreed that there is a problem is key to working towards addressing it. Highlight areas that are not problems and pat yourselves on the back! Then brainstorm ideas for addressing the problem areas and, importantly, how will you know if there is backsliding and what the consequences will be. I find this time of year to be particularly tricky, nothing is new anymore, the school year mountain looms large. It is time to buckle down and that feels hard.
  3. SusanC

    Teen JAWM

    Hey, maybe this is progress since the disdain is in the form of a question!
  4. 2 hours, every other week, shopping for 5 people. I spend 45 minutes at Meijer because invariably i need at least one thing in each corner of the store. Then I go to Aldi and make two trips through the store which takes me about 1¼ hours. I start with produce and dry goods, pay, bag and load into the car. Then I return and do dairy, meat, and frozen. My lists are organized by store and my two week menu is attached in case I need to make changes on the fly.
  5. My dc are old enough that i can go (every other) Wednesday morning while they start school work independently. I guess feisty customers aren't early risers. What in the world are people fighting about at the grocery store? There is plenty of toilet paper and this year's must-have Christmas items aren't out yet!
  6. Maybe some cardboard rivets and a pack of flat boxes from a U-Haul store. Ye-es, if the mess level is mentally manageable. 😉
  7. Sounds stinky! Here are some random ideas that may or may not be anything you haven't already tried! Could you travel for a few non-coop days and leave the high schoolers to do their thing? Maybe 3 nights at an Airbnb with some nature activities nearby and cereal/sandwiches/hot dogs every day. Alternatively, or additionally, can you change your approach with the 9yo to make it less exhausting, even just temporarily? What about doing some high quality work with dd5 before picking up the St Bernard's leash? 😁 Sorry to hear about your coop disbanding. That kind of shift often requires some mourning on my part. Can you still do some outside playdates with a family or two? Some other random ideas are a week of super easy meals, a day a week for 3 months of teaching housekeeping skills (tricky way if getting some help with the tedium), find an enjoyable, reasonably educational tv show for the three of you to watch regularly, institute a morning walk or bike regardless of the weather....
  8. I can take my dc into the ped's office for a nurse visit to get vaccinations. These tend to be very quick in and out, less than 15 minutes face-to-face. May not work for everyone, but I wanted to mention it since not everyone knows about the possibility.
  9. I read an interesting study a few years ago that showed that measles actually erases a good portion of your body's previously acquired immunities. So that many young kids who contract measles die from subsequent reinfections of things they had previously acquired immunity to. The study only looked at young children.
  10. Aw, poor Ralph Wiggums. I have a soft spot for him ever since:
  11. Boy, this is a tough question because all the homeschoolers I hang with (here, mainly) are pretty wildly independent and individualistic. Her state most likely offers a virtual option, so she should probably check that out. There are some other mail-in options that might work, Calvert? The American School? Does Oak Meadow have classes that would work like this? You could do some internet searching and see if any of those would be suitable. "All self-paced" is a recipe for trouble for most people. This is because it is so hard to muster up interest in spending time on something you are reluctant to do - human nature! She will likely have to act as a schedule keeper for her ds, and this can easily lead to conflict. She must be clear in her head, and with him, about what minimum requirements she has in order for him to graduate. One thing she might consider is arranging an apprenticeship with a local electrician that she could use as a carrot for finishing a less-favored subject. Of course she has to follow any legal requirements, you can probably help her figure that out. If she doesn't want to take college off the table it would be worth looking at the entry requirements for your in-state university, particularly for a degree that is his area of interest. They should both be crystal clear that once he is out the school is super-duper unlikely to accept any work they complete on their own. I am hesitating to add anything else because there are so many unknowns - if she pulling him because he is bored in school and not interested in excelling on their terms that would be a whole different ball of wax than if she is pulling him because he is a reluctant schooler and not being well served in this by his high school. Also, their personal relationship would have an impact on recommendations - adversarial? She should probably try to get as much out of the way as possible, close relationship? She could set herself up as his ally. Best of luck, I hope the discussion goes well. It is generous of you to try to give her some help.
  12. Oh, will there be more seasons? I liked that show!
  13. So sorry. That happened to me too, but it assumed I didn't mix it will enough. In my case I was painting a walk-in closet, so it isn't particularly noticeable. Is it possible that after a month or two it will match? A mysterious chemical process akin to paint drying that lightens the color? If not, then in a month or two perhaps you will be up for repainting. (Sorry)
  14. No. I got approved for AP Physics a couple weekend ago in a bit of a panic, but then got my DS enrolled in a class. I don't know, but can't imagine, That you can order a test to administer yourself. A lawsuit might be helpful for "homeschool-kind", but i doubt it would help your child. The legal process trans to be so slow. If you're child does not take the AP test, the class can still be beneficial. Is it a subject they could CLEP if needed?
  15. Duolingo Khan Academy isn't an app (right?), but it should be. What do we need, more bandwidth? 6G? Monument Valley isn't explicitly educational, but it was fun problem-solving
  16. One of the reasons I'm resigned to encouraging my ydd to attend b&m school is that when her older siblings leave the house (twins) the daytime dynamic will be so different and quiet that I'm worried she will be unhappy. Did you ever deal with this kind of shift? I'm also a bit worried she and I will end up like the Calico Cat and the Gingham Dog, but we can anticipate and deal with those kind of issues! 😄
  17. He's not alone. I remember this happening to a neighbor years ago.
  18. I totally get the feeling. My ydd told me that she wanted to try b&m a couple of years ago. I didn't handle it totally professionally, 😄, but I told her that 8th grade was when I would consider the transition. In practice that means that at the new year we are going to have to decide if I need to buy curriculum for '22-'23. More recently she has said she might want to stay home for school. Ironically now that gives me conflicted feelings, I had made my peace with the idea! After a period of grieving I have come around to the idea having benefit for all of us. I'm intentionally avoiding discussing the topic before next calendar year, my emotions don't need the roller-coaster.
  19. When we tried it I was dissatisfied with the way they handled siblings, and didn't like having to buy blocks of lessons up front for use later. At that time it was tricky to schedule lessons, hopefully that has changed. My biggest beef was that's although it is great for conversation, I was still on the hook to come up with reinforcement and practice activities for the other days of the week where we didn't have classes. With some poking around in their website I was able to find their scope and sequence document for high school, which helped me decide where my dc should start, and how far I thought they should be able to go. That might be helpful for you.
  20. I have a Eureka Boss that I don't love, but which has been "fine" for the last 20 years. I almost replaced it 5 years ago, but then realized that i hadn't changed the bag in forever and that was why it was no longer picking up. Easy fix and no problem returning the replacement I had ordered to Home Depot. 😂 It has been just "fine" the whole time, and it was relatively cheap, which was particularly important 20 years ago.
  21. How about some great socks? I love a funny sock.
  22. I'm not strictly rural (more like a pretty rural small city?), but the order for common, random things that I placed today had an earliest arrival date 6 days out and Amazon Super Special We Love the Earth (or something) delivery 10 days out. They give me a list of delivery options that all sound the same, and sometimes are literally named the same, and are all a week to 10 days out. No more "we'll get that to you tomorrow". I'm not upset, they never loved me, it was always just about the money. *Sniff, sniff!*
  23. I just got a wrist ruler after admiring them longingly this summer while I was on a car trip with a knitting project and no measuring device. Units based on 8½ or 11 can't answer all my measurement questions.
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