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  1. We saw it tonight and loved it. We're planning it to see it in IMAX next week. I read that Emma Watson had to prove that she could sing to get the part. We had a good discussion on the way home about beauty and beastliness both being on the inside. And yes, Gaston was perfect!
  2. We need to meet there sometime! I know! It's weird! They built a garage on the side near the Art Institute, and the entrance is underground now from the garage. It's so strange. We're a couple of hours away now, but still visit fairly often. The Plaza is really different, too. Some of the landmark stores are now gone.
  3. Wow, this brings up memories for me! I went to UMKC, and most Fridays, a friend and I went to Gates for lunch. It stressed me out, too, and I was a regular! Walk in the door, and BAM! The Nelson... my favorite field trip as a kid and one of my favorite places to take my kids as a grown-up. It's weird to me entering through a garage, but that's progress (I guess ;))
  4. Wow, her things are gorgeous! I'm saving her shop!
  5. My older DD had a few, but it's younger DD who is AG obsessed, lol. She has 7 dolls so far. Her room is full of her "set-ups" and I just, in fact, took pics the other day of it all because I want to remember this time. She has Lea's fruit stand, the OG kitchen, the AG dining set, a sewing set, a gardening set, several beds, Julie's bed, the OG wardrobe, a lemonade stand that she turned into Grace's "French Treats for Life" stand (that's her made-up name ;)) several pets and their things... it just goes on and on. She loves to craft her own things for her dolls. Her sister makes jewelry and charms from clay, so that gave her the idea to make doll food from clay. She has gorgeous cupcakes, sandwiches, petit fours, macarons, and a bunch of other stuff. She also makes jewelry for her dolls from clay. Two of her doll's beds were made from the doll boxes, and she made a stand-up wardrobe from a box and the string that came on an AG bag. It's adorable. She also makes stop-motion movies with her dolls. She's figured out so many things with them. That's a different sort of play all together and not something a lot of kids would be interested in, but my youngers are influenced by their older film-making siblings in this way, so it's just an extension of play for them. There are some Youtube channels devoted to crafting for your AG dolls. My dd's favorite youtuber is AGoverseasfan. It's a girl in Australia. I'm not sure how much crafting she does, but she has a huge collection. Do you have a subscription to the AG magazine? They have ideas in there, too. In the last issue, there were miniature AG magazines to cut out and staple together for your dolls. Have fun with your crafting! There are endless possibilities!
  6. I've got a 9-year-old who can sing any Beatles song. His favorite album is Sgt. Pepper :huh: It's hilarious to see the 70-year-olds come up to him while he's wearing a Beatles shirt and be drawn into a huge conversation about them. Which one was left-handed, who spent a lot of their childhood in the hospital, where did they sign the contract to officially break-up, and on and on. We took all of the kids to see a group that tours the country singing the Sgt. Pepper album. Guess who sang along with every song... The looks on peoples' faces were priceless.
  7. Oh, my gosh! I'm suddenly 10 years old again, roller skating under a disco ball... It's funny how a strutting John Travolta appears in my mind right along the 3 of them :coolgleamA:
  8. I had one of these! I loved it. I started elementary school in the 70s. I remember the teacher using large manipulatives in the front of the class: felt pieces in earlier years, fraction pieces in later years, etc. One of my clearest memories involves flashcards. In the third grade, everyone was expected to memorize the times tables, 0-10. We spent A LOT of time in the back of the room, one-on-one with the teacher, going through multiplication flash cards with a timer. Everyday, there were worksheets full of facts that were also timed. To this day, my math facts are solid, lol. That was a major academic year in my elementary school, and I loved it. We also learned cursive and were expected to use it exclusively beginning in 4th grade.
  9. Ha! I think all the Cassidy obsessions fall into the same generation. ;)
  10. Yes, his step-mom. In the show, they talked about their early years, his younger brothers/her sons, (Shaun was the obsession among all of us 10-year-olds ;)) their professional endeavors together, the extended family. It was so interesting. She sang, they showed footage from Oklahoma, The Partridge Family, and a bunch of other stuff. It was fantastic.
  11. Yes, it is sad. My DH and I saw him and his mother (Shirley Jones) perform together a couple of months ago. It was sort of a look back at her life, mostly narrated by David Cassidy. They were both fabulous. She is still stunning.
  12. We love our Cavaliers so much. In many ways, they are the perfect companion dog. But they both have health problems that would be impossible to deal with in a dorm, and out of all our dogs (and there have been many!) they were the hardest to house train, by far. And while they both weigh about 26 pounds, I can't imagine either of them fitting into an under-the-seat carrier. I guess it's possible, but they wouldn't be comfortable. ETA that if you could find a mix that was part Cavalier and another smaller breed, that might be a great dog.
  13. My DD is the one with the crazy dreams here. The other night, she dreamed that I was going to have another baby. :laugh:
  14. LOL, just reading your description makes me a little nervous... listening to raccoons and bugs while in a sleeping bag... It's so great that there are people who enjoy nature in that way. I'm definitely not one of them. :laugh: My "waterfront happy place" is the Ritz-Carlton on Grand Cayman. Sitting in a cushioned beach chair, listening to the waves and the sound of someone asking me if I need more iced tea. Watching the sun drop into the ocean and then heading to dinner at a fabulous restaurant. The next time I'm there, I'll think of the wonderful description you just gave of your campsite!
  15. Oh, wow! Sounds like a fun time. I can't wait to see the transformation!
  16. That's such an awful feeling. I hope they find it. We've had the same thing happen multiple times over the years. Sometimes people are helpful, sometimes not... Once my DD's stuffed animal was mixed up with the sheets. My DH went to the front desk, plopped DD on the counter, and stayed there until someone went to the laundry room to find it. They did, and it had been put into a plastic bag and placed on a shelf. The front desk person was saying, "It's not in the lost and found." Well, no, it wasn't lost... Another time my DS left his stuffed animal in the bed after we'd checked out. I went back to find it. The front desk called the housekeeper, who said it wasn't in the room when she cleaned it. I said I knew exactly where it was and wanted to look myself. The maintenance man happened to overhear and offered to help me. We went up, I pulled back the blankets, and there was my DS's stuffed dog. The room hadn't even been cleaned yet; the tip I left for the housekeeper was still on the desk. Ugh. Another time, my DS left a tiny little stuffed giraffe (his stuffed animal's toy ;)) in a hotel room and I called once we were home and realized it. The head housekeeper barely spoke English, and I didn't have a lot of hope. The next day, she called me back to say she'd found it. She transferred me to the front desk to arrange shipping to get it back to us. We've lost numerous things at DisneyWorld, where they have a huge lost and found system, and we've never gotten any of them back. All this to say that, in my experience at least, you just never know how it might turn out, but it never hurts to keep trying. :grouphug: I hope you get it back.
  17. I've been homeschooling since my oldest started kindergarten; this is our 16th year. It's our family culture. The older 2 are in college, and the younger 2 are elementary age. DS1 is a physics major. DD1 is majoring in sequential art.
  18. I typically go on a cruise every year. I have what i bring for myself and my kids down to a science. :mellow: I bring mostly knit skirts that are just past the knee and knit tops that can be mixed and matched plus 2-3 cardigans. I also might bring a non-wrinkiing dress. During the day, I wear a skirt and top with comfortable shoes and minimal jewelry. At night, if I've been inside most of the day (not hot/sweaty) I put on dressier jewelry and a cardigan and change into nice sandles for dinner or shows. If I'm leaving the ship for a beach, I'll wear a swimsuit under a knit cover up that looks like a sun dress. No one will look twice at your choice of swimsuit. Plenty of women will have on the same type of thing. These are hands down my favorite shoes for walking around, and they look cute with skirts or pants.
  19. I'm so sorry. What a difficult time you all must be having. I grew up in the KC area. If your sister is in Independence, I'd look toward being in either the Blue Springs or Lee's Summit school districts. COL/taxes are higher on the Kansas side in the areas that I'd feel comfortable living/good school districts. I have family in Denver, and I don't think I could deal with the weather (or the higher COL).
  20. There are a couple of women at my church (Catholic) who cover their heads during Mass. While it hasn't been a requirement in a looongg time, I see it (and the Church states it) as a woman's choice to do so.
  21. I love Storytime Treasures! I've never used Abeka, but from the descriptions in your list, I think you could leave out Reading and Language. Are the 10 books in Reading phonics readers designed to go with the Abeka program? if so, you probably want them. If not, I'd just use the books in Storytime Treasures. There are some spelling words included in ST, but MP uses SWO at the same time for spelling and their own handwriting program for handwriting.
  22. Wow! I can't believe it's been a year since your DH's transplant either! I'm so glad that he's doing well! Liver transplant surgery has come so far in the last 10-15 years. Both of my big kids are in college. My son is majoring in physics, and my daughter is an art student. They're both thriving. My younger two are still in the homeschool routine, and I'm thankful for that! I'm enjoying the elementary years again. I hope your DH tolerates the ERCPs well. I know they're not fun. I think of you every time my DH mentions liver transplant surgery, and it's so nice to read your update!
  23. Melissa, you and your husband are amazing people. Truly amazing. With all of your experience, I'm sure you probably already think of him as "younger" than his years, but given his background, he may be much "younger" emotionally than many 8 year olds. So much of his emotional energy has been spent just learning to cope with his circumstances. Do you think he realizes that he's lying? It's a strange thing, but sometimes it is actually unconscious, especially if it's been developed as a defense mechanism. Sometimes psychological testing can pick this up in adults, and it's an interesting thing. When someone is presented with this, they may think it's so absurd that they actually have no problem telling other people about it: "That test said I was lying unconsciously. Can you imagine?!" Well, yes, the people around them usually aren't surprised at all. But somewhere in their backgrounds, there is almost always something that caused enough trauma to set this off as a defense/survival mechanism, even when it is clearly no longer needed. :grouphug: to you. You're doing an awesome thing.
  24. Prayers for you and your sweet baby. It's wonderful that you're able to move around and can go to see him. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
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