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  1. When my DH was in medical school and I was a graduate student, this was the set-up we had. Our desks were fairly large, and we had tons of books on a wall of bookshelves. It worked out great. The whole thing was located in the second bedroom of our tiny apartment.
  2. Yes! It's good to "see" you :) I'm so sorry you're having a difficult time. I'll pray for your long-term health.
  3. This is pretty much my situation, too. My kids call me Gigi (nickname for Gina) so I figure that’ll stick for their kids, as well. My DD11 calls my DH Poppi. I have no idea why, lol. So at some point in the probably distant future, we will be Gigi and Poppi. ☺️ My grandmother called my grandfather Popsi, and I have such fond memories of it that I may start using it for my DH when we get older.
  4. I was sick for 3 1/2 weeks in January/early February. I am still sleeping about 10 hours a night and feel pretty tired during the day. It was a bad illness, and it's taking me a long time to recover my strength. I think the smart thing is to allow yourself the time you need to rest.
  5. We have a huge Wolf. It does EVERYTHING, lol. We also have 2 separate warming drawers under the island that seemed like sort of a silly splurge but are used every single day. I think that if you truly use your kitchen, it's worth it to buy what you really want and can afford. I had a designer remark to me that it was so refreshing to meet someone who actually cooked and baked with their Wolf. I about fainted at the thought of spending so much and then not even using it, :huh: but apparently it's pretty common.
  6. Here you go. Keep in mind this was written before his change in thinking. It's co-written by his wife, who's a dietician.
  7. Dr. O'Keefe is a cardiologist at the hospital where my husband did his residency and fellowship. He was also my grandparents' cardiologist. He's brilliant. When his new work on this first came out, my DH and I (along with everyone else who's familiar) were shocked. It goes in an entirely different direction than what was earlier believed/taught/practiced. Dr. O'Keefe and his family were AVID runners, so it has significant meaning there, as well. He wrote a book years ago detailing their lifestyle before the changes this brought about. I have it here somewhere. I'd be happy to find it if you're interested.
  8. I encourage you to look for the Fabers on youtube. They have many short, instructional videos. Many of them coincide with the Adult Piano Adventures, but you could find the topic that your children are ready for. It's like having a bit of "outside instruction". The Fabers also have the early technique type lessons on their website. There's also an app that goes along with the books so that you can play along, changing the tempo, etc. This is my FAVORITE piano channel. So much great info!
  9. I read this book when my oldest was a baby, and I’ve kept it all these years because I love it so much. All of his books are great — I actually have a Don Aslett shelf, lol. Is There Life After Housekeeping is also excellent to read along with Clutter’s Last Stand.
  10. Was it The Blue Zones?
  11. My DH and I have been on the Disney Cruise twice by ourselves. We’ve been many, many times as a family, and yet we still have a wonderful time with just the two of us. I also have some anxiety about being that far away; but the ships have good WiFi which we pay to upgrade, and that allows us to iMessage and even FaceTime the kids. We’re actually at DisneyWorld right now! The first time we came, they were celebrating their 25th anniversary. Now it’s getting close to the 50th. It’s hard to believe we’ve been coming here that long. It’s been part of our kids’ lives forever. FWIW, we’re staying at Bay Lake Towers, and when we got back tonight, there was a “Minnie van†in front of the building. That might be worth checking in to if you need it.
  12. We love Disney, (World and Land) but I think it totally depends on your family and what they like. We’re actualky here right now, in our “second home.†😉 It was more crowded today than I think I’ve ever seen it. If it’s a Disney Cruise that you’re considering, you’ll still get the “Magic†for sure. It’s definitely more relaxing, yet it still feels like Disney. As for the planning, my DH loves to plan our Disney trips. The excitement and anticipation are so much fun for him. 😊 So if you decide to go that route, maybe let your DH do the planning?
  13. Zoya is the only brand that I use. It's formulated without the 10 most caustic chemicals in most polishes. I have terrible eye allergies to every other brand of nail polish. Every time I touch my eyes / put on makeup, etc., they burn and turn red. I also use the remover made by Zoya. Ulta sells a few colors, but I mostly order online from their website.
  14. Was it Wagon Wheels?
  15. Praying for good rest and a seamless recovery period. I'm glad it all went well. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  16. It will be over very quickly. You won't remember anything. Read through the prep instructions carefully. Lay everything out, set a timer on your phone for the next step, and try to relax. You can do it!
  17. Lord, please surround Jan's brother with your peace and healing. Comfort her family, and give them all strength and hope. In Jesus' name, Amen. I'll keep praying here. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  18. My eyes are so bad there are days when I don't want to leave the house. It's terrible. I look like I'm constantly crying, and it hits quickly. Some days I'm fine. Other days, ugh. It has definitely impacted my life. In my case, I think it's a combination of allergies/autoimmune issues. Mine started around age 19. I've seen all the specialists, to no avail. One thing I did learn, though, is that my tears are too "thick" which leads to more tears made in an effort to clear everything out. I also have some extra eye lashes that are very close to the inside of the eye. Just a weird anomaly that leads to more irritation. On "normal" days (I wake up and immediately can "feel" my eyes): -clean eyes with a warm washcloth -put in eye drops (The drops that work best for me are Patanol.) -take Allegra After working out, I make sure to really rinse my eyes in the shower. On bad days: -add Benadryl to my nightly routine -use Visine "red eye" if I need to go somewhere and my eyes look like a mess I try not to do this often because I've read it can exacerbate things I also had my blood drawn and then turned into eye drops. That sounds so weird, I know, but it's a new thing. My family calls it my "blood drops." It took about a week, and I got a case of drops to keep in the freezer. Once thawed, a bottle is kept in the refrigerator, where they're good for a few weeks. The whole case lasts about 6 months, depending on how often you use them. The great thing is that there isn't a limit. If things are bad, and my eyes need drops, I can use them every 30 minutes if I want to. Since they're kept in the refrigerator, they feel so good, That's a good tip for Patanol, too, which we learned from my DD's immunologist. Keep it in the refrigerator. The coolness really helps with relieving burning eyes. Having these made was not expensive--less than prescription eye drops. I'd like to try Reactine. Supposedly it's the same main medication as Zyrtec, but I've read some things about it working faster. Who knows. I do know that I often react/don't react in typical ways to lots of things, so it may be worth trying. eta: my daily is now Allegra, not Zyrtec, although I keep Zyrtec in the car in case I have a sudden burst.
  19. I've been on 14 Disney cruises. They are great and tons of fun, but there are things that would definitely be difficult for him. For several years, we needed a double stroller, and even that was hard to maneuver around the ship and on and off in the ports. The ships are fabulous, but they're still cruise ships. The hallways are fairly narrow. I can't imagine keeping an ECV in the room. It would be hard to move around it. The hardest thing would be the elevators. They're just too small for the amount of people on board, and trying to get someone on and off in a wheelchair, ECV, etc is extremely difficult. I don't know what Disney's deal with the elevators is. They're so inadequate. There is handicapped seating in the back of the theatre. I've never seen an ECV there, though, only wheelchairs. I don't think I've ever seen an ECV leave the ship in port. It would be hard to get down the narrow ramp. If you managed it, I think it would be really difficult to find a taxi van that was equipped to handle it. You'd be okay on Castaway Cay as he could ride the ECV to the beaches if you and your DS wanted to take the tram. Cozumel has one of the most sophisticated taxi systems I've ever seen, but I don't remember seeing any that could handle transporting something like that. In the Bahamas, he would be okay at Atlantis. Disney has buses that take people back and forth. I'm not sure about the ECV, though. In most of the other ports, it's really not going to be easy.
  20. That's funny. :lol: All of my children have had imaginary friends. We've taken them on vacation and even celebrated their birthdays. Yes, I made cakes. :laugh: They became part of our family culture, and even now I'll ask my kids how they're doing. They all just look at me weird and then smile...
  21. Since you asked about differences, I'll mention the upcoming Holy Day, the Assumption of Mary, which is celebrated on Tuesday. Catholics believe that at the end of her earthly life, Mary was "assumed" or "taken up", body and soul, into Heaven. She was completely without sin, from conception until her assumption. I've found that many people struggle with Mary when they contemplate joining the Church, but just as many of these come to have great regard for her and no longer have any trouble with the doctrine surrounding her. Divine Intervention, maybe...
  22. I'll be praying for good outcomes for you. I hope next week's test goes quickly and easily. :grouphug:
  23. No one here is old enough to have "lived through" the Beatles, but my 9-year-old knows all the words to every. single. song. Two of my kids are in Beatles t-shirts today. :coolgleamA: I really don't know where they picked up all of the Beatles love. They know a ton of useless trivia about all of them, lol. They all love Johnny Cash, too, and I can't figure that one out either. The part I enjoy is the conversations with people who do remember the Beatles in the original time period. It's fun watching them connect with someone who's parents weren't even born when the Beatles started. My youngest will talk and talk with anyone who engages him in Beatles conversation!
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