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  1. I'm a little confused with how he went from wks to live with nothing they can do for him to thriving. Don't get me wrong I'm glad just thunk its odd
  2. The otc glucose monitor s can very 20 to 30 points either way. Thats why they aren't recommend ed for babies or small children.
  3. Thats what I thought the fixing reflux fixes asthma
  4. Singular has done nothing for me. No side effects but no benefits either. The symbcort inhaler on the other hand has given me my life back. I went from coughing for hours n endto now being able to function normalpy
  5. My asthma has done that to me twice. Got the flu then a flare up then pneumonia then bronchitis that never went away. Every time I get even a mild cold Ingo on antibiotics if I don't it always sets off ky asthma then I get a severe respiratory infection that lasts for months
  6. I'm sorry I spent 3 wks in the icu with my dad last month. I'm happy to talk if yoi like
  7. It's not about the celebrating or not celebrating its about celebrating then calling it by a different name and acting like its not for Halloween.
  8. I was pretty surprised I said oh but you dressed up last year and went to the church parry I thought that was for Halloween.
  9. Does it also bind calories? 😎
  10. Was talking with a friends five year old I asked them what they did for Halloween. His mom spoke up and said they don't celebrate Halloween only people who worship Satan celebrate Halloween. That they were planning on going to the trunk or treat at church but got sick. Now I have known this family for three years and the last two. They have dressed up in costumes and went to their churches trunk or treat on the 31 st of Oct. Pray tell what exactly is the difference other. Than the name?
  11. I don't like hotdogs or roaches. However it's not worth my time to complain about either to a company.
  12. Has she had her Progesterone levels checked? Is she on folate? Have they tested her for mthfr?
  13. I did about 500 dollars worth of work for some people. Their vehicle broke down and right now they are borrowing veichles from people because they don't have the money to get their vehicle fixed. The people didn't ask me to wait for payment. When they went to pay me I told them that I didn't need the money right now but would in a few months. They kept the money. Now I'm worried I won't get paid in a few months. I just felt bad for the man sole breadwinner not having a vehicle to get to work in or haul his equipment with.
  14. Get a poodle. My poodle catches lots of mice. The cat well I'm not sure what he does...
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