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  1. Yes, you can log in to your parent account and delete her grade so she can redo the lesson. Look at Khan Academy if you need to supplement a concept.
  2. :iagree: I use TT 'ahead' along with other 'conceptual' resources. MM is ideal for price & ease of use.
  3. When are you going to start your own online classes, Kathy. :)
  4. There is not a separate solutions guide with problems worked out for me to prep with. If there is, it is not convenient to use mid-lesson. I like TT since I have the answer key and the entire problem is demonstrated for every problem (IF you need it). I love KB. I wish it worked for us. Thankfully we have so many fabulous options. ETA: After years of using workbooks/texts, it was slightly cumbersome to do an entire lesson online. I would do the lesson 'ahead' of dd. It would be handy to have a workbook in front of me as a guide. I have been spoiled with the ease of TT and SM. I don't want to discourage anyone from purchasing KB. They have a generous 30-day trial.
  5. Pics of our basement schoolroom (photos taken 2 years ago) :)
  6. :iagree::iagree::iagree: If parent/teacher doesn't need a solutions guide/answer key. :) Great idea! :)
  7. Did you purchase the HS version? I cancelled my KB alg 1 today. I need a solutions guide & answer key. It's a fabulous program but I need more hand-holding. :)
  8. Just a quick update... I received a refund from the lovely folks at KB since I need a program with a complete solutions guide and/or answer key. I love KB Alg 1 -- and so does dd9 -- but I need more hand-holding. Parents who don't need solutions/answers will do fine with it. Back to TT Alg 2 to finish algebra 1... :)
  9. :iagree: Dd9 is finding her Landry English class challenging & fun. Grammar Town, CE and Para Town, taught by a pro, is such a blessing. Dd loves it. This content is meant for a class setting, imho. Mrs. Hathaway adds a lot of color commentary and interest. Athena's geography class keeps dd busy also -- but it is not 'busy' work. Athena's Greek Myths starts soon and she'll be over the moon to have friends to chat with about mythology. Interacting with the teacher and other students online is a thrill for her. Her online math classes are stimulating also -- on many levels -- as well as her music, mandarin, art & tech classes. When work is done she reads, reads and reads. I never hear, "I'm bored," or "I'm done with everything and I don't have anything to do." Thankfully I don't hear that from any of my dc. Phew. :)
  10. Dd is using this for chem at private school. Fantastic text.
  11. I let dd use a calculator in cwp 5. She doesn't use one in algebra...yet. :) KB Alg 1 teaches how to use a graphing calc. Dd will think that's fun.
  12. I used this with my youngest at age 7 because she said she 'hated' reading. It was frustrating for her so I needed to change the game. RR works. I read to you. We read it together. You read to me. :)
  13. You are sweet. I hadn't read this until this thread was revived. Thank you. :)
  14. Yes. They love Ben and learn a ton from his videos and their weekly online lessons. He is unique. I wish I knew about him when my older dc were in early elementary. His non-traditional approach is refreshing. :)
  15. My dds have online tutors for various aspects of math. Dd8 has a Cybershala.com tutor for Singapore challenging word problems/intensive practice. Dd9 has this same tutor for algebra. They are working through high school level algebra 3 times/week. Very effective. We love our tutor, Rachna. The results are fantastic. A one-on-one tutor is ideal for accelerated and/or gifted students. Dd8 takes Beast online via Athena's Advanced Academy. They both do math w/ Ben Rogers/Crewton Ramone for a fun algebra supplement once/week. We do online classes for other subjects also. I am very picky about what I want and how I want to get there. Individualized instruction (by professionals) is my preferred method. HTH!!
  16. :iagree: Dd8 loves it. She is taking the 3A class via Athena's Academy (following a few months off & on of us doing it on our own). Yesterday Aly had a chance to show off her mad mult skills to the class. Confidence-building for sure. After a fascinating and somewhat challenging intro to Beast, now they are skip-counting. :tongue_smilie: Oh, well. She enjoys every moment of her Beast class. Headmistress Athena is wonderful! Beast is easy, then hard, then easy, then hard. Not typical but we love it anyway.
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