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  1. I'm not assigning lessons or following any lesson plan. We work on it for one hour/day together. I sit with her and we read & discuss the content. We use the interactive portion and the audio of the workbook. We've used it for a few days so I don't have a ton to offer yet.
  2. It was the first sentence from The Hobbit. She recorded her discussion with her kiddos about 5 years ago. I've been her biggest fan ever since.:001_smile:
  3. I bought the homeschool edition and it looks slightly different from the school version. Nothing drastic. User-friendly. Nice features. Well worth $80. Dd15 is doing the last chapter as review before starting alg 2 at school next month. Not sure if I can delete her scores for younger dd to that chapter next spring/summer.
  4. I have a bit more info this morning since I purchased the 1-year subscription last night. Both dds were disappointed when the free trial ran out yesterday. I guess that's a good sign. Only odd answers are included in the end-of-unit problems (on the school version). The 'progress' tab will be handy. It follows progress, attempts, retries, scores, etc. We will only do the application word problems in the first few chapters and jump right into ch. 4 on Graphing. This program is quite comprehensive. Tech support fixed any glitches with Apple's new update (mountain lion) so we're golden. ETA: I'm a bit confused. I seem to have the homeschool version on my Macbook and the school version on my iMac. They are set up differently. Still working on this...
  5. Great question. The elementary program would be too easy for a 9-year-old imho.
  6. I did not buy the lab materials. They will do the virtual labs in SF and online elsewhere as well as outsourced labs with a tutor (winter) and another local class. If dd was using the program as intended (late middle school) I would stick more closely to the script. We do so much science that I'm not trying to align them all. They seem to enjoy random exposure to topics. Try the logic board for info on the SF hands-on labs. :)
  7. Rosie has a bunch of games for her c-rod vids. Perhaps you could adapt some for use with the blocks.
  8. Bummer. My older dc built that car years ago without any trouble. Hope the rest of it works better for you.
  9. State: DC District: Science Fusion Homeschool School: Your name
  10. I took about 500 photos. Here are about 20 or so: Our 2-week east coast trip last spring...DC, Alexandria, Gettysburg, Philly, Newport, Plymoth Boston Our trip to Plymoth, Mass.
  11. I'll add that EiE recommends you do the unit after doing a traditional unit first. EiE is a supplement/add-on. That's why we'll start the electronics EiE unit after we do a bit of EE and a section in Science Fusion.
  12. :iagree: Thanks! We'll have to wait and see. I think we'll be ok without complete solutions for now. :001_smile:
  13. I am. The price was $27 for 1 middle school module for 1 year. I bought 3 modules.
  14. We will start EE in a few months. My olders used the first version years ago. I have the new one which we will use over 2 years.
  15. :001_smile: Did you buy the blank maps yet? I still need them.
  16. I thought the samples were quite thorough. For the middle school modules, it appears that multiple kids can watch any element of the online portion. It doesn't keep track. You can log in and out of the program to watch and re-watch. Skip around. Whatever. Dd is writing in her consumable workbooks.
  17. :lurk5: My girly-girls love Lego NXT.
  18. Yes, my older dd took English 2 via TPS a couple years ago and we loved it. I begged and pleaded to the teacher of Adventures In Writing to let dd9 take that class this year even though she is not 10 yet. The teacher said no. I was thrilled when I read on the MCT yahoo group that Landry offered MCT classes. I signed up dd9 the same day. I plan to enroll her in Mrs. Frederick's class at TPS when she is older.
  19. I think so. I would wait unti HSBC has another sale.
  20. It's over 100 degrees here today so we're cooped up inside. Seemed like a good day to start with Module A: Cells & Heredity. We watched the student interactive portion. We then read a few pages of the first chapter (along with the audio portion), stopping to fill in the blanks and discuss, make diagrams, etc. This will be our routine and it fits with her learning style. It's a nice blend of computer, audio/visual, workbook, discussion. I'm not going to 'make assignments' on the website since we'll be doing the program together. We won't be doing the tests but will do the unit quizes. I'm still searching the depths of teacher resources for the answers to the workbook pages. Calling customer service tomorrow. I'm sure it's right in front of me but I don't see it. :tongue_smilie: ETA: I found the answers to the workbook pages. Right where they are supposed to be. :) The content is very through for a young student. I don't expect dd to master/memorize all the vocab and content. The feel of this first module reminds me of Biology: Exploring Life by Campbell which I own. HTH!
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