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  1. I bought the whole shebang and it was worth it. Here are few pics of the first few lessons. The verbal problems book is excellent. Don't miss it. HoE is nothing without the vpb, imho.
  2. Maybe in some cases. My friends with kids with autism would love to have my dd's issues. But that's another subject for another day. :lol: To the OP, dd9 was in a Chinese orphanage and foster home for 14 months. Despite the lack of stimulation, toys, songs, experiences, etc, she still turned out ok. Some post-adoption issues but nothing too severe. We haven't done anything different with her than we did with our other kids who are not gifted/accelerated (not even sure dd9 is). We are a music-rich, word-rich, numbers-rich family. Our kids will be who they are without much intervention by me. I follow their lead most of the time. HTH!
  3. ETA: See Jen's instructions below. Click on the tag below and read our older threads on this topic.
  4. Absolutely. Programs such as Mortenson Math/MUS/Crewton Ramone use blocks to illustrate algebra concepts. Pics here of dd using blocks with polynomial factoring. More algebra with blocks here and here. HTH!
  5. Click on the tag below to see other posts re SF. Many of us have a love/hate relationship w/ SF. Yesterday dd9 learned about mitosis. Last week she was studying a topic that ds said he didn't learn until high school bio.:tongue_smilie: I don't assign lessons. We do the next thing. No labs. It is great for independent learners who like to learn on a computer. HTH!
  6. Dd is taking notes this year. She can't rely on her memory for her online English class. She actually needs to study for tests in that class.
  7. Couldn't be better here. We started up in August so we're on a good clip. Review is done. On to new content by mid-Sept. You asked this question on what I would refer to as a perfect morning. Big kids off and running to classes. Dd8 out the door to our neighborhood ALE (all smiles). Abi's in a 2-hour lesson w/ Rachna on 'graphing systems of linear inequalities' while I'm drinking coffee and watching the lesson from my lappy. I like Wednesdays. :) Landry Academy English 102 is amazingly awesome. We're in love with Mrs. Hathaway and the class. Both dds enjoy Athena's online classes -- as well as enrichment subjects (music, art, tech, sports, chinese, etc). No complaints. :bigear::lurk5:
  8. I have a copy of Jacobs Elementary Algebra. It has set 2 answers in the back.
  9. Dd9 started alg at age 8 with HoE, TT Alg 1, MUS Alg 1 (second half), Crewton Ramone and our online tutor, Rachna, who did SM cwp/ip with Abi. She didn't do prealg formally. She did basic math and then algebra. It worked well. :) ETA: Dd9 will be doing 'alg' for a few years. No rush. Dd8 is playing with prealg concepts with Crewton Ramone. She is doing HoE while doing basic 4th grade math (just starting decimals this month).
  10. TT Alg 1 is fantastic. I'm glad you made the leap. Did you know that the author, Greg Sabouri, offers phone assistance/tutoring if needed? I just read that recently and asked about it when I placed my last order. We just started the new TT Alg 2 this month and I really like it. I have used every level of TT with my younger dc at various times. I own every level from TT3 - Geometry. Big TT fans here. If you need more word problems you can supplement easily. I like to add other resources to TT but many families use TT successfully as a stand-alone math program. Keep us posted on his progress. :)
  11. Dd8 is enjoying the Beast class. It is a fun add-on to the books -- but not necessary. She doesn't learn a ton from the actual classes. I think we've been spoiled with private math tutoring online. Dd9 likes the geography class. She is learning much more than if we did it on our own. The discussions are fantastic. Greek mythology starts next month.
  12. :iagree: We come at word problems from a few different angles. I'm picking and choosing problems from various resources. Ben/Crewton Ramone does word problems/applications with my dds online. Real-world algebra problems with Ben are a kick.
  13. You can't hand TT to a kid and walk away. You can't expect elementary kiddos to do math 'independently' without conversation daily from the parent/teacher. When my dc do TT, I am in the same room. We talk, talk, talk. Re the 'level' of TT...Dd8 is doing SM4 and TT6. Don't look at the number on the book cover. I have always used TT 'ahead' with success. Some use it on grade level with success. Just go with what your student needs -- not by the number on the book. HTH!
  14. From the other thread.... I respectfully disagree. Dd15 is in AP Spanish (level 4). She plans to take AP English & History next year with more APs her senior year along with other college classes. Taught right, the classes are 'special' and the students should receive recognition. The AP test score will speak for itself. Derek, I don't consider my older dc's schooling a race to nowhere. I watched the original movie a couple years ago when it was discussed here at length on the forum. The movie did not influence our choices. I like what we have going here for all our kids. Yes, we play the game. Will my dc have brain dump on some material? Sure. I'm not concerned. College-level, AP and college-prep classes -- combined with excellent teachers -- has been and I hope will continue to be a fruitful combo. My 4 dc LOVE learning. What more can I ask for? :)
  15. Dd was 8 when she 'passed' the aops prealg placement. Regardless, it wasn't a good fit. Too wordy for all involved. It was a little too slow/deep for what we wanted at the time. I used sections of the prealg text (and videos) as supplement to our other resources. No 'discovery' here...yet it worked fine for my goals. Now dd9 is using sections of the aops intro to alg text and the videos as supplement to her other alg materials. Ds used the calc book as a supplement to his summer calc class. I love RR and the folks at aops. Dd8 is enjoying Beast. I look forward to hearing how it goes with Button. :) ETA: As to your original question....I wouldn't skip SM5.
  16. I respectfully disagree. Dd15 is in AP Spanish (level 4). She plans to take AP English & History next year with more APs her senior year along with other college classes. Taught right, the classes are 'special' and the students should receive recognition. The AP test score will speak for itself.
  17. Both dds refer to a spreadsheet on our bulletin board in the hallway. (I create the spreadsheet on Sundays for the following week). They cross off work as they go. Dd9 needs to keep track of her assignments for online classes. Dd8 is obsessed with managing her own work for her classes at the ALE. It's a side of her I haven't seen before. I like it. Less work for me. :)
  18. Shameless plug. It works beautifully for dd9 who is working on alg 1 content this year. Great for parents who need hand-holding. The word problems are just right. Not too hard. Not too easy. Lots of spiral review. Tons of practice of concepts and computations. It is much easier than the alg 2 that dd15 is using at private school (Prentice Hall). I consider TT Alg 2 on par with a traditional algebra 1 (not aops, of course). Anyone else using the new 2.0 version for your young'ish alg students? How's it going? We're using it with other resources. It feels good to have a set math plan for dd9 for the year. :bigear:
  19. :iagree: Dd8 just spent one full hour doing functions with Crewton Ramone online. An elaborate problem about a donut factory kept her focused and interested in content that is 'typically' reserved for older students. Now dd9 is doing similar functions & graphing problems this hour with him. That donut factory has been busy cranking out donuts this morning. :) Dd9 has been doing algebra for the last year with her other tutor, Rachna (via Cybershala). Hands On Equations helped to light the fire but an enthusiastic algebra tutor fanned the flames. I'm convinced that most students -- not just a small portion -- can do algebra very young with the right teacher, the right resources in the right venue. For some it is with mom & dad. For some it is in a b&m class. For some it is online or with a local tutor. My girls never doubt their abilities because we treat algebra as if it is child's play. Nothing scary. Certainly not drudgery. Throw out the notion that algebra needs to start in middle/high school. I wish someone would have told me this when my older dc were in early elementary. It is not a race. I am not competing with anyone. My goal is that my girls love math. I am so thankful for the opportunity to expose my dds to fabulous teachers who make it come alive. My older dc have excellent teachers in high school & cc. I am blessed.
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