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  1. Darcy, My dc 10 & 12 are buzzing through LC 1 & 2 this year. I wanted to keep it movin' and skakin' so they don't get bored AT ALL w/ Latin. I'm speeding up the pace and expecting a lot from them and I think it is working well. They are retaining the info and I've never heard them complain about Latin once since we started in August. They also meet w/ a tutor 1 hour/week to spice things up. We just added FMOR to help us gear up for Natl. Latin Exam. I'm not sure quite where we are headed next year. My short list is Henle, LItCT or Wheelocks through our local school district. Either way, we will need a tutor or online class because I don't know ANY Latin (but I truly believe in it) :).
  2. Sue, Do you feel the need to do both Oxford Latin & AG? I was hoping that Latin could help us by-pass the formal study of English grammar. My dc also get a fair amount of grammar work done in the context of their writing assignments . I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Thanks!!
  3. Wouldn't miss it! I'm a total SWB groupie -- so I plan to make the trip north. :) I'm looking forward to meeting board-mates there...
  4. ds 10 & 12... Doing LCC heavy these days in prep for Natl. Latin Exam. Subjects: Latin Writing Tutor currently taking break from Spelling, Vocab and English grammar formally
  5. Scott Foresman is used a lot in this area. I was impressed recently when I saw a middle grades math. Very standard.
  6. FMOR is excellent -- especially in conjunction w/ Netflix docs about Rome. It is really coming alive for my kiddos. The pics are beautiful in the FMOR student book. We also bought the teacher guide, which is awesome.
  7. The dvd's are fantastic. We couldn't be happier. I don't know Latin -- at all -- so this is a great way for my kiddos to learn Latin w/o ANY input from me. They also meet w/ a tutor 1 hour/wk. We make about a 5-6 hour commitment to Latin each week. Here is our schedule: Monday: Watch dvd lessons, do workbook page, make vocab cards Tuesday: Study cards, listen to CD Wednesday: Same Thursday: Same + Quiz Friday: Same + meet w/ tutor 1 hour
  8. I uploaded from my I-Photo (on my mac). Go to "browse" and search in your photos in your photo files. Find the picture you like and double-click on it. Hit "save" and it should be there. Good luck!
  9. Famous Men of Rome until Natl. Latin Exam in March Then, back to: SOTW 1 w/ AG, CD's and tests (no craft projects) Teaching Co. dvd's Kingfisher outlining tons and tons of Netflix documentaries Beautfiful Feet Ancient History for Jr. High lots of literature/living books
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