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  1. I don't see lattice in your attachment. In fact, I have no problem with what I read there. What is your complaint? :confused:
  2. I don't have any issues with this sample. I appreciate the instructions for dividing fractions at the bottom of the page. Sounds like your son's school used EM methods w/ enVision. *I won't have that issue here.* Grade 5 enVsion videos. No lattice. Of course it teaches content later than I choose to teach it to my dc. But I don't have a problem with the content.
  3. Dd missed one class and it was easy to log on and watch the webinar. Some kids only do the recorded classes due to other commitments.
  4. I love having a set schedule. It keeps the bar high and the stress low. Our family does well with routine. Online classes fit nicely in this paradigm. As for Athena's, dd9 takes Geography on Wed. Myths will follow that class on Wed. Dd8 does Beast on Tuesdays. We do other online (and outside) classes as well.
  5. Dd9 is taking Greek Mythology Test Prep class from Athena's this winter. It's not necessary but I'm sure dd will enjoy the discussion. The National Mythology Exam Preparation classes are appropriate for students working at grades 3-9. Instructor: Headmistress Athena The National Mythology Exam Preparation curriculum includes: Students will discover stories from Greek, Roman, and TBA mythology as they prepare for the National Mythology Exam. Interactive games, quizzes, and live webinars will help students process facts and practice for success on the multiple-choice National Mythology Exam. Required books/materials: d'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths by d'Aulaire, Ingri, and Edgar (may be purchased from any location) More advanced students may also purchase: Guerber, H. A. The Myths of Greece and Rome, New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1993 This year's theme is Perseus & Mythological Monsters Focus: Norse Mythology d'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths by d'Aulaire, d'Aulaire, and Chabon National Mythology Exam Homeschool Registration - Parents must register their children for the appropriate grade levels at the Excellence Through Classics website. (Athena's Academy will prepare students for grades 3-9.) -Be sure to order the: 2013 National Mythology Exam -and- NME registration & shipping (Not yet available) Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Recorded sessions available for students with schedule conflicts.
  6. When you jump into the high school versions of SG & Beowulf, read this old thread from years ago. :) Better yet, start reading the unabridged now for your own personal edification...if you haven't yet.
  7. :iagree: I have SuperStar Student. My older kids enjoyed it. Dd9 will watch it in a few months. ETA: I have the Tim McGee version. Here is a thread I started from 2008. :)
  8. http://www.landryacademy.com/
  9. Dd9 takes the MCT Town class via Landry. It is excellent!! The discussion with the teacher and class really brings the content alive. The accountability is nice for dd.
  10. Derek, why does he label some of his YouTube vids as MUS? Are they connected?
  11. The enVision word problems/mental math/problem solving sections in grades 4/5 are no where near as complex as SM ip/cwp (3/4/5). But do they need to be? No, imho. Teachers in Singapore receive extensive training to teach that content. ETA: As to the OP, enVision may be considered 'back to basics' by some.
  12. Hunter, enVision is not fuzzy math. I said on the afterschooling board last week that it reminds me of SM. I'm impressed with the problem-solving sections (which is all I require dd to do). I looked ahead and I'll definitely have dd continue w/ enVision 4 & 5. It's 2 hours/week at our ALE. Not a big deal. Dd enjoys her little class. It's a win-win. No nightmares here. We can all sleep well. :)
  13. Grade 3 and up is decent. I looked through every lesson of grades 3 - 5. For public school math for the masses it is sufficient if it is taught well. Dd only does it 'for fun' so I am not a typical customer. She does all 5 lessons in one sitting at home. There is solid math going on in enVision.
  14. Ds didn't go to K until age 6 because the private school wanted boys to be 5 by June 1. He was never challenged year after year. I pulled him out after 5th, he skipped 6th, did 'middle school' in 2 years, off to high school at age 14 for 9th. He's now beyond ready for college. Despite not being academically challenged all those years, he was still stimulated with sports, music and 2 Chinese adoptions that rocked our world. I can't imagine Andrew being a junior in high school now instead of moving forward into the college universe. Each kid is different. One of Andrew's peers was red-shirted and is now a 19-year-old senior and star running back in our state. Colleges want him. His parents planned this from day one. In the end it will save them thou$and$.
  15. :iagree: I am very impressed w/ enVison math at dd8's ALE. Granted, I have only seen the elementary program. A bit slow for my taste, but the conceptual teaching is there along w/ procedural practice. I have renewed hope for our nation's math potential. I know hundreds (literally) of kids in public/private schools who are learning rock-solid math. The tide is turning...
  16. I don't. I never interrupt when they are sucked into math or other 'skill' subjects (reading, writing, music). The rest will get done eventually. We have lots of time for the other content subjects.
  17. :grouphug: We're with ya, Kerry. Hang in there. You have received great advice already.
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