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  1. Ack! I think I am going to end up teaching/leading speech and debate at our teen co-op next year! I don't know anything about it. Anyone have ideas for resources, books that I can use? Anything that teaches directly to the student would be awesome. Books for the teens to read over the summer to prepare would be helpful. Anything really! Please help!
  2. This looks interesting. Anyone familiar with it? http://www.learner.org/courses/envsci/index.html
  3. I tried a google search and didn't have much luck for some reason. I'm looking for environmental science resources. I'd especially like a few non-fiction book titles and a light environmental science textbook since this class will be pretty lab heavy and focus on the Middle East which is where we live right now. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. And links to previous threads would be useful too...
  4. And I know you haven't finalised your list, but I'd like to know which ones are in the running? :-)
  5. I'm so thankful for your hard work Rose! DS has already read some of the more popular books. I'm planning on doing this for next year! Our plans were up in there, but this just sealed the deal! And we'll be doing a couple of the BW classes comp. classes as well. DS did the Expository Essay this year so we will do the follow up class at some point in either the summer or next year and then one of the other ones. I signed him up for two creative writing classes for this term/summer to get a credit or half a credit in! :-) Off to go decide on which books to choose.
  6. Has anyone done the Pixar in the Box by Khan Academy? I'm trying to figure out what grades it is for? I want to do it as a high school class for my DS14. It looks like there are different activities aimed at different age/grade levels but I can't figure out how the heck to schedule it! Please help! And if this IS high school level, what would you call it on a transcript?
  7. Does anyone have it? Used it or plan on using it? I'm looking on the website and don't see the book list but I just read that it is over 70 books so one would have to pick and choose. Which books are you reading if that is the case? I'd love to hear any extra details. I'm assuming this would not be a one credit course and would need to be fleshed out with some essays and writing? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all the great ideas! Reading the conversations help a lot. Just signed my son up for the FutureLearn class starting April 24th. Our writing plan has gone a bit haywire with other things taking over so this will ensure that we get some writing in. :-) I'd love to hear more about the Great Utopian/Dystopian Lit class. I'll start another thread on it. :-0
  9. So, how do you teach creative writing? How does one teach it? Is there a curriculum that teaches you to write out of the box? Or do you just give interesting writing projects/prompts and hope the student runs with it? How would you grade / assess a creative writing assignment? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Please help me out. We are putting together a murder mystery party together appropriate for 7-11 year olds in our homeschool group. We bought an age appropriate kit online, but the actual "mystery" part is pretty boring. Does anyone have ideas?? What came in the kit is to put together a hand drawn puzzle and find "Harry" within the puzzle. Anything we can use to substitute with?? Thanks!
  11. Due to a change of plans, my son will be doing Biology next year. He hasn't had much in terms of Biology at all so far. What can we do the rest of this school year and summer to prep for next year?? Any books or resources? Is there particular memory work he should work on now to help him later? Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to figure out what to do for an English credit. It's very likely that he'll do the follow up Expository Essay class through BraveWriter and probably a couple of whatever Literary Analysis classes they offer, one of them being Shakespeare. BraveWriter says to give .25 credit for each of their classes. I'd really like to get in The Iliad and another ancient lit book in there. Also, Pride and Prejudice, Animal Farm, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird. What would you call this class? Just English 9? Should I give him a separate Literature credit or half credit and include a
  13. Have you looked at the BraveWriter Movie Discussion classes? We've taken a couple of them and my DS has really enjoyed them.
  14. Hi. I'm looking for an online geometry class that reviews Algebra at least sporadically so that my son doesn't forget everything he's learned this year? :-) I have been looking at Derek Owens as an option. Thanks!
  15. Thank you everyone!! Putting a list together to include more than just books!
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