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  1. We had a house on our street that was unoccupied for a couple of years. My (very vague) understanding is that the house is in some sort of trust and can't be sold. If someone from the family doesn't want to live there, it sits empty. ETA: I don't know if they can rent it out. I get the impression no one would want the hassle.
  2. I’m not anonymous but I am so grateful for this thread. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My TSH was 9.61 & my doctor hasn’t been much help beyond telling me to take the thyroid medication she prescribed. This thread gives me some places to look for further information, so thank you 😊
  3. Are you on Instagram? Search hashtags for #nonfiction or #nonfictionbooks or similar things & you can find many, many recommendations. I love the Instagram book community 💙📚
  4. Oh, I did not know about this! Thank you so much for mentioning it 😊 And I agree. BB pretty much ruined all other tv shows for me, too.
  5. I loved 90210 back in the day but I'm afraid to watch this one. It just seems...sad for them as actors. Like, haven't you moved on to something else? Are you trying to relive your glory days? 🙈But I've only glanced at the previews for it so I might be way off base.
  6. I had a client once whose given name was Harold but he went by Hank. When he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade (this would've been in the early 1920s), his teacher that year refused to call him Hank because she'd been jilted by a Hank. So she said she was going to call him Hal. And that's the name he went used for the rest of his life 😁
  7. I've used Kohl's to return items to Amazon 2 times now. Amazon sends a QR code to your email. Kohl's scans the code, gives you a receipt, and takes the return. It doesn't need to be boxed up or anything. Kohl's takes care of it all. The actual process takes less than 60 seconds. And Kohl's give you a 25% off coupon for purchases in the store (ya know, since you're already there 🙂). That coupon is good for 7 days.
  8. I've been in and out of the blogging world for 10ish years. The money now is being made either in affiliate sales or selling your own products. You use the blog to draw traffic to your website. Blogging itself probably won't make you much money. But if you have products you can create and sell, like digital products, you can do very well. Assuming there's a market. (edited for punctuation.)
  9. I'm happy to make a $5 or $10 donation to a charity that someone cares about, but I'm old-fashioned enough to expect an acknowledgement of said donation from the person who wanted the donation made. Just a simple 2-word "thank you" post. I did it for a family member who posted about it. I was happy to do it. And this is a family member I'm not close to so I wouldn't normally have sent a card or gift. It's a cause that she is very, very passionate about. And while I'm not as passionate, I could get behind it. She never acknowledged that I made the donation. I'll never make another donation for her again. 😒
  10. As mentioned above, I just expect to not accomplish much except work on those days. I keep my expectations to a minimum and recognize that I'll likely be cranky those days so I try to avoid stress and annoyances.
  11. If you are interested in self-publishing your book(s), check out Joanna Penn's site, The Creative Penn. She is a very successful self-published author and has hundreds of articles and podcasts on her blog about the writing and publishing process. She has also co-written a few books with other authors and has articles and podcasts about that as well. I think she's even written a book about co-writing. In addition to her blog and podcast, she has a book out called How To Write Non-Fiction. And there is a course you can take that goes deeper than the book. I have not taken her non-fiction writing course but I have done her course on writing a novel and I was very impressed. I'm quite confident that I could write a novel based on what I learned from her in that course (how good it would be is another matter 😉 )
  12. I follow Kate from The Small Things Blog for all my hair stuff. She's a former stylist-turned-blogger and she does a lot of product reviews. You might try looking at her site and seeing if she recommends anything similar. She often does low, medium, high-end categories when she is testing products.
  13. I had my daughter tested recently when she was in for some other stuff. The only reason I mentioned it to her doctor was that I had been tested and mine was crazy low, like 7 or 8 with 30 being on the low end. So I was worried that she might be deficient, too. But her levels were perfectly normal. Edited for grammar.
  14. Sling Blue has the NFL network. Do you not have Sling Blue? That should give you all the NFL games, shouldn't it? I currently have a tab open for Sling because I'm trying to decide if I want to shell out the money for Sling Blue so I can watch the NFL network. Or do I want to go bigger, get both blue and orange and have ESPN as well so I can watch college games, too? Or do I just settle for whatever I can catch on network?
  15. I'm part of a (paid) book club where the host/owner "rewards" those who offer to lead a discussion from one of the chapters. Everyone who leads gets the next month's book for free. But this is a paid group so the owner/host isn't necessarily losing money by buying books for those who participate. I don't know if there's a way to make it work for a more casual setting.
  16. Very cool! I'm not in KC but I do love Baroque ❤️
  17. I don't post on Facebook that often anymore, so when I do, it's usually on a child's bday. And it's sort of a catch-the-extended-family-up kind of thing. "Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter, yada, yada, yada." It's intended, on my part, to show them what kind of person she is becoming, what she is interested in, what's happened over the past year, that kind of thing. And then I usually post something on our wedding anniversary. We've been married 18 years and I'm proud of that. I think he's an amazing man and a wonderful husband and father and I want everyone to know it ? But it's usually very simple, a couple of lines. This year I just posted 2 lines of lyrics from our wedding dance song.
  18. I typed a long reply and it got lost. I listen to a lot of self-publishing podcasts because I love books and I want to support indies. And maybe someday I'll write some books. Check out Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn. She is a very successful indie author and podcaster and I know she has interviewed at least one children's author. Mark Dawson is another successful author and well-respected. I'm not super familiar with his work but I hear his name a lot. Kirsten Oliphant is another well-respected author who has a website and podcast. I've actually used Kirsten's coaching services and would highly recommend her. Those are the mentors that come to mind first, but if I think of more, I'll be back. Good luck with your book! ?
  19. It's mostly about books but I plan to expand the posts to include other resources that might be useful to women.
  20. When I was a teen I loved heavy metal/hard rock/rap/hip hop, all the stuff with questionable lyrics. (Metallica is still my favorite band. But I also enjoy Baroque very much. And "I Can Only Image" by Mercy Me brings me to tears every time I hear it.) I will tell you the same thing I told my mom. Half the time, I couldn't understand the lyrics. It's not like enunciation is a feature of metal. But, this was the late 80s, early 90s. It's not like I could hop on the computer to look up the words. Now kids can do so. I loved, loved, loved the music. For me, the music and the lyrics were completely separate things. The message of the song was never on my radar. I don't think my musical choices have had any effect on my relationship with God. And I don't, at this point, censor what my children listen to.
  21. When I scheduled my appointment they explained my options but recommended the 3D mammogram because it was my first. If my insurance had not covered it, it would've been a $60 charge.
  22. What is a fortune? I see some classes that are thousands of dollars and those are way out of my league (Marie Forleo's B-School for example). But if I can pay someone I trust and respect and have followed long enough to know that they know what they are talking about, I don't think a couple hundred dollars is out line. I see it as the same as hiring a fitness coach to help me with my weight lifting technique or hiring a nutritionist to help me learn healthy meal planning techniques. If I want to learn about email marketing, I'm going to hire someone who can teach me that because I think it will be faster and less expensive in the long run than me trying to pull together the resources to teach it to myself. I also think it's a matter of spending enough time "with" the person who is doing the sale to learn if they really know what they are doing or if they are just trying to make a sale.
  23. A couple of thoughts because I'm deep in research phase right now for a potential business. I haven't really seen what you've experienced but that may be because you and I are looking at different industries. Webinars are huge right now. And they are designed to sell products, frequently courses. The good ones will provide a fair amount of useful information during the webinar. But for the nitty-gritty, solid instruction, you will need to buy the course. Creating an online course is a lot of work but if done well, is a great way to provide a lot of people with your expertise. You can help a lot more people with a course they purchase than you can if you are just doing one-on-one coaching or selling a book. Podcasts are done to help others, spread information, but also to build a presence so you have an audience who wants to buy your product. Yes, in the end, they want to sell. But in all the podcasts I've listened to across writing, marketing, & business niches, the people doing them aren't interested in selling to just anyone. They'll be the first to tell you not to buy if you have doubts and they all offer money-back guarantees. They genuinely want to help people while at the same time, make a living. Webinars and podcasts are part of how they make that living. I can imagine they are some sleazy sales people out there and I wouldn't recommend listening to them but there are a lot of great people of there who are selling products that are really beneficial.
  24. Yes. I, like a previous poster was relatively fearless in my 20s. Postpartum with my first, was my first experience with bad anxiety (I was convinced someone was going to rappel down from the roof of our condo building and break into our 3rd floor apt and kidnap dd) but it did level out mostly. But it came back hard in my early to mid 30s and I just lived with it for several years. It was very limiting. I finally talked to my doctor and she prescribed an anti-anxiety med that has made a world of difference. I'm so thankful for it. I'm in my early 40s now.
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