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  1. My bottom two third molars are partially impacted. The upper two are "shorter" than the other molars. I have never had a problem keeping them clean or cavity free. In my early 20s, I was told that all four wisdom teeth should be removed because to prevent future excruciating pain. I was also told that the wisdom teeth would "crowd" my other teeth. My teeth were nicely aligned then and now 20+ years later.
  2. No, they are not. http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/crd/EM/em32.pdf
  3. We have a shelter pom who weighs 20 pounds. He is not overweight but large for a pom. I suspect he was a shelter dog because he has serious issue with territorial marking although he is otherwise housebroken. Short of diapering him, we have not had success with stopping the marking behavior. We decided to deal with it as best we could and replace carpet after he passes away. Although he is medicated daily for arthritis, every day is good day for him once he gets his engine warmed up in the a.m. He is the perennial favorite dog of the visitors to our home.
  4. My students are middle schooler and high schoolers now, but we followed path you did. It worked well for us. I suspect your children may have suffered same ostracism by some homeschoolers that mine did when they honestly responded to private probing questions. However, we fortunately did not have relatives attempting to proselytize our children.
  5. does not lie to me with the exception of little white lies to fend off hurt feelings.
  6. Hazel Dickens. Woody Guthrie. Utah Phillips. Joan Baez's early recordings. Jean Ritchie.
  7. Since I would rather laugh than cry, I will mosey on over to youtube.com to listen again to Kinky Friedman's "A______ from El Paso." Warning: not recommended for the faint of heart.
  8. I followed Facebook's directions for deletion. After more than two months of no activity at all, as a check, I attempted to login. Attempt was unfortunately successful!
  9. It is practically impossible to erase all personal information on the web. If you are in a licensed profession or on a board of directors, you are out there.
  10. Your large family is a treasured luxury in itself. How many of the families that you are referring to have eight or nine children?
  11. I do not follow why stating that you homeschool would be hurtful or a putdown to professional educators. Are you seeking others' approval of your educational choices? If yes, that is a tough path to travel. You could offer up a more palatable euphemism for homeschooling like "my children are privately tutored" if you wish to avoid controversy. In the long run, there is no shortcut for developing confidence in your own decision making abilities.
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