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  1. It wouldn't bother me at all if an adult stood in line for smaller children, elderly folks, people with disabilities, etc. :001_smile:
  2. Do you WANT to do this? If not - please don't let anyone else convince you that you need to change your skin colour.
  3. You have no idea what sort of gross images flashed through my head with that title. :laugh:
  4. Nope - there aren't any here. Just a small store that is part of a large chain and one little used book store that overprices everything. (seriously)
  5. So….if someone makes their own colouring page, worksheet, science experiment, or whatever to go with X .. it's illegal? That doesn't sound right...
  6. Used to moderate a group of about 400, with about 15 messages a day. I'm still in the group. I just hit delete without even opening if the subject line doesn't interest me. For another group, which averaged about 40 messages a day, I used the digest option. Didn't find it confusing. Those are small(ish) groups. ;) One of the groups that I was in for a long time has over 3000 members - and that's AFTER they split and made a few smaller related groups. My poor little inbox. :scared:
  7. Okay…are ya done whipping yourself? :tongue_smilie: Teasing, but kinda serious. Why the guilt? because you wanted an iPad? Is that such a terrible thing? If you'd rather have that than the Kindle thing, then save up and get it.. take the Kindle money and keep adding to it for a bit - depending on how long that takes, it might be a Valentines or Easter present instead of Christmas, but you'll have what you really want.
  8. Nightmares don't have to make sense and I don't think they have any age limits… I have a five month old baby who has both good and bad dreams - it shows on his face.. smiles and laughing in his sleep (for the good dreams) and lip out, whimpering/crying, sometimes waking right up and wailing (for the bad dreams).
  9. Those posts don't sound very apologetic to me… they sound more like "okay fine, don't get your knickers in a twist" backtracking after realizing that this might alienate a big part of their customer base. And this: We have also been disappointed in more than a few moms who have said, "We never bought the manuals- we do FIAR by just reading the books and downloading freebies online." That's a shame for them and their children. …is just plain rude.
  10. I'd be happy to vote :D if it wasn't connected to facebook - I don't like stuff that works that way. A regular website where I can vote (even if it requires a quick sign up with an email) is fine… but not facebook stuff.
  11. yeah because it takes so long for the website to load…. oh wait, hi there 2011. :tongue_smilie:
  12. Anyone who "likes getting the emails" must belong to a small group… with a lot of members, you either get swamped with hundreds of individual emails or you get the garbled confusing digest. BLECH. I can't stand yahoo groups.
  13. Yeah really….guess all those homeschool blogs with project ideas [hey look at the mummies we made for X!] are gonna get shut down eh? :rolleyes:
  14. Or, they are doing what they believe God has told them to do.
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