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  2. Oh, well done!!! Love the colour: perfect for a home and business (Keep going, you're nearly there!) Thank you for the healing thoughts and prayers😘
  3. ds is going to do projects this summer - he's all gung ho currently to replace all outlets and switches (the outlets need to be). and how about paint first..., so need ideas for colors... I have travertine, that must be dealt with. otherwise, I have hardwood floors.
  4. At that age, my kids would probably be contacting the kids themselves to plan it, assuming that each kid would in turn ask their parent. If I was going to be there too, then my kids would tell that to the other kids, I guess with the assumption that if their parents questioned it they could call me. That said, we live in a fairly small community which has always felt very safe, and there really aren't too many places to hang out!
  5. Well done on both the 'tect challenge, and on your other categories too!!! (I gave a small groan when I saw that your Zak has an 's' on the end 😄; I missed that fact - think Peter Zak the composer - and will need to find another book to complete this months detective challenge.)
  6. Yes, our street has 3/4 of a million dollar homes and double wide trailers intermixed. It makes sense, perhaps, to go by what school you attend but that only helps to know the quality of different programs and teachers were similar not race or class since we have 1 high school for most of the town. Some on the edge of town travel to the neighboring school but once again rich and poor are mixed together.
  7. My two oldest (brother and sister) shared a room until somewhere around 9 - 11? Of course, they changed clothes in private. They knew that if the door was closed, the other was changing and had to stay out. On the other hand, I can see other arrangements working out, if necessary. Such as Fairfarmhand's example of older sister with younger brother.
  8. This is a brilliant idea, actually. Mine was much more mundane. I was actually thinking of one of those craft fair booth tents, the kind where you have a roofing thing that lets light through but not actual sunshine, and has detachable or roll up sides. That platform tent is much more hefty, and I imagine that it would last longer. A little dark, maybe. But it’s so inviting. Probably too nice for exercise equipment in the back yard though. No, this would be for back yard glamping when the house is hot in the summer. (We don’t have appreciable quantities of mosquitoes here, so open air like that would work just fine.)
  9. After hearing back from the school re:CELF-5, I feel fairly confident that dd is okay in that area. As far as math, I still need to ask about method/structure of instruction. I was going to ask today, but dd has requested a tour of the school, and that took up a lot of time. I’ll send an email at some point. Is the best strategy Ronit Bird? I bought all of Kate Snow’s books as PDF’s on sale awhile back. Any other tips on math?
  10. I just ordered Complete Guide to ACT English by Erica Meltrer and For the Love of ACT science based on the good Amazon reviews. I would like recommendations for ACT math prep books. There's this College Pand's ACT math that I hesitate to get now. If you have used math ACT books that improved scores a lot, please recommend them here. I like to have separate subject prep books. Ds will also use prep books with practice tests to get the full tests for time management practice. He would like to take ACT in September. Thanks!
  11. Even if they organize it on their own, I am in the “trust but verify” camp. I love that my kid takes initiative to plan details, but since there are non-drivers and parents whose kids leave them out of the loop, I have found it a good idea to contact the parents to make sure they are also informed and on board with the plan.
  12. I think I would probably be okay with it until either one begins puberty. For my child this was early, at around 8 years old.
  13. I'm home. Now I'm going to go to bed so I can go to work in the morning. And then do school. And then go to work...
  14. Wow that’s quite a property! I was thinking you could roll up the sides of a yurt. Maybe what I had in mind is a platform tent? Adding the link because maybe you want to order one.😁
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  16. Tech staff is all on vacation. I just need a new iPad. This one is having myriad issues. But I've been spending money like it was water lately. So, I don't think I'll be getting a new iPad anytime soon.
  17. Since this is a homeschool board here is a unit-study-worthy explanation of corn pollination and fertilization:
  18. I gave dudeling someone's old phone and he's on it uses sprints towers? I can control how much he uses, so it's <$15 a month. (and only because I added the minimum of data as it's better tracking. I installed life360 to track him.)
  19. In case it wasn't obvious I'm a bit passionate about corn. My farmer grandpa was known locally as The Corn King and I helped grow and sale sweet corn on the family farm when I was a kid. That's the background to my username 🙂
  20. Storygirl


    Down with wallpaper!!! Although I do know that it is used again nowadays, I did not see any wallpaper in the many houses that we looked at when we were house hunting 1-2 years ago. So I think it is more of an accent here and there. I've seen it more on HGTV than in real life. The houses I grew up in, in the 70s and 80s, were heavily papered. Most rooms had an accent wall of a complimentary design, and most also had a border. Mom liked to decorate, and her houses always looked nice for the time, but they would be considered hideous today, I think. I still remember the wallpaper hanging guy who put up all of the paper in the house we moved into in 1980. He was a little old guy, and we were fascinated by him, because he would put a full cigar in his mouth at the beginning of the day, and by the end of the day, it would just be a stub. But he never lit it, and he didn't spit, as far as we could tell. I was sure he was eating them.
  21. You want to plant enough at a time that the pollen will fertilize well; corn is wind pollinated and every kernel has to be fertilized individually (that is what all those corn silk strands coming out the top of an ear are for--they catch the pollen, which comes from the tassels at the top of the stalk). Anyway, just a few stalks doesn't always give you enough pollen coverage for full kernelled ears to develop; you'll want to plant a decent sized patch.
  22. Done with stats and micro! Micro was my last prereq for program application, but unfortunately, I have to wait allllllll the way until January for the next application cycle. So now is a year of twidling my thumbs. I will take a few BSN corequisites next semester, then a full semester off. I plan on seeking out volunteer work at our local hospitals. Other than that, a lot more gym time! Next semester I'm only taking one class in person.
  23. We’ve done a major downsize. It’s fine for now, but if and when ds ever marries and he and his wife have some grandchildren for me, I’d like a third bedroom (our condo has 2 BR/2BA). The one thing I really miss is having a laundry room. Our condos don’t have in-unit washers and dryers, though there are several on-site within our complex. In fact, it is fewer steps from my bedroom here to the community laundry room than it was from the MBR to our laundry room in our last house. But, it’s still a pain, and you can’t do laundry in your bathrobe.. Dh knows I don’t like it, so he does all the laundry now. So, I’d wish for a third bedroom and a washer and dryer - stackable in a closet would be fine!
  24. I know this is a chit chat forum, but I feel like there are more people on here who have gone through the entire HSing so can give me a better bigger picture opinions. I am trying to map out middle school for my oldest, how will be in 6th grade next year. Here is what I am thinking so far for the next 3 yrs. We do secular homeschooling Math - AOPS - pre-algebra, algebra, geometry LA - AAS and EIW (levels 6, 7 and 😎 - is this enough? I am slowly working through English from the Roots up and some other vocab books with all three kids as well. Should be adding anything else? Science - biology, chemistry and physics. Most likely Elemental Science with lots of add-ons History - I am completely lost! We are barely through SOTW book 2, while doing BYL level 2 this year. He can do so much more! Do I continue with SOTW and BYL in order or skip to level 5 of BYL and moves into American History. Not that it matters, but I will most likely give him books from BYL to read either on his own or we'll do it together (he still loves it when I read to him). And he will "catch up" World History in high school? Geography - we just do a "country of the week", sometimes it takes longer. We also do some art and music. We haven't done any Social Studies bc I still can't figure out what exactly that means but we have plenty of discussions and readings about govt process, various economic events and cycles, etc. What else?? So, would love love love opinions, suggestions and comments. Thank you
  25. I would send out a group text. DD13 has just finished seventh grade, and, although the kids make plans by texting each other, adults still need to be involved. DD did suggest friends gather at Chipotle for lunch on the last day of school this week, and people showed up without any parents chiming in. The kids sat together, and the moms sat together. But we were all coming from the school, and most were going back after the lunch break for a final ceremony. Also this week, DD was invited to spend the night with a friend, and the friend's mom texted me. We did have a situation a few months ago, where DD and a friend made plans to meet at a movie at a certain time, and then DD just informed us. DH took her to the theater, and there was no friend there. They called, and the friend was still in bed and her parent had no clue that a movie was planned. After that, we told DD that we had to connect with a parent before plans could finalized. DD's group of friends seems to be trying to arrange a gathering at a friend's house tomorrow, and DD is even telling me that she can get a ride there. I don't really believe it until I see some evidence that a parent has approved, since it involves showing up at someone's house. It sounds like what you are doing is most like our Chipotle gathering. I think if you send a message out to parents, they will feel assured that the plan is real and is happening and not just a whim of their kid, and they will be more likely to show up.
  26. @parentYou don't have to watch the entire TWSS. If you have the IEW SWI, it will prompt you when to watch a section on TWSS. It's not that bad when it is spread out like that. I actually thought TWSS was pretty useful in understanding how the program works, why they teach certain skills and how you should approach your students. I know people said you can use SWI with TWSS, but I am not into teaching writing, so it works for me.
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