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  2. Clonlara has a one semester government class that is just fine to fulfill that requirement. It is asynchronous, very doable, yet still adequate.
  3. One of the reasons we are moving house is for our health. I am working full time and my office is in the middle of a small town which has almost all the services you need. So I run a lot of errands on foot at lunchtimes, keeping me naturally active until I retire in eleven years. I live five miles away in a small village that only has a post office - three mornings a week. I post few letters. I can see from Husband's lifestyle (he consciously exercises three days a week and walks the dog for 40 minutes most days, but he sits the rest of the time) that small village living is not the best for being active. We will be moving to a larger village/small town that is walkable so that we can get natural exercise into old age: shopping, carrying purchases, going out for a coffee, etc.
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  5. You are still dizzy and weak. You still have a fever. You should be home in bed, not out meeting with the pastor. You certainly shouldn't be driving if you are dizzy. Phone him. Skype. It's easy for him to say he'll chance it, because people don't usually get this sick. I guarantee no one wants this, and they don't understand how awful you have felt if they are expecting you to be there. Just because you are a little better doesn't mean you are well.
  6. I am really sorry! We also found our perfect land, had all the financials ready, and were set to make our offer... on the day I found a tiny blurb in the ordinance amendments that meant we couldn’t build a single family residence in that zone. :::sob:::
  7. Also, even though I am still feeling pretty awful, I assume everyone will be expecting me to jump back into running everything. And I’m worried about that. At least the church thing just has to be done. I’m still dizzy and weak when I stand or even sit for very long.
  8. I feel a bit better. Temperature is 99.5-101 range. Headache and body aches are still there but better than they were. I can sit up for a short while but I still get weak and dizzy when I stand. Unfortunately, I need to have a meeting with our pastor in the morning. I told him I was sick and he’d risk it. So I am hoping that I can get out without too much discomfort. Trying to decide if I should go to the doctor, since it’s Friday and medical attention may be challenging.
  9. Yes, people had some work arounds. You can check the YNAB forums for more details on how different people handled it. I just never figured out a way to handle it that made me happy.
  10. The three Club settings are Open (public), Closed (invite only), and Private - that's the one that can't be searched. I think this group currently still just Closed, although the group owner is trying to change it. Appears to be hard to change the setting once the club is set up??
  11. Wow, thanks @mommyoffive I will be leaving preferably from SMF (Sacramento), SFO is a possibility but would be much more of a hassle. It will be around May 22/23 2020 until May 28/29 2020.
  12. Is the group set now so it can't be searched? "Secret" or something?
  13. Oh...Isn't Hannah's Homeschool Helps on yahoo? She has awesome timeline cards and copywork sentences for all the Story of the World books.
  14. we'll put stuff on a cc, because we get that 5% (or whatever depending upon card) back. but it's paid off immediately. we never pay interest on cards, because we don't keep a running balance. 2ds came to me the other night and was sharing how much it pains him when he sees clients who pay cc interest. (he's an accountant at a cpa firm, still living here. saving for a down payment on his first place.) he also shared how he'd had to talk down a client who really wanted to cash out an investment making 9%, to pay off a heloc charging 3%. He was educating the client that he's making more on that secure investment than that loan costs.
  15. In your situation, I would probably choose AG it can be done in a shorter timeframe.
  16. Husband buys from a specialist, high quality butcher online. We only eat meat two or three nights a week, so we've decided to go for quality.
  17. University of Montana Western is the one in Montana. My friend's daughter is there. I think they are the only state school with that system. Low tuition cost there too.
  18. ...goodness! That was a lot of money!! 😁 But, I just rushed to order right away, because you get a few free items & free shipping for life if you place your order within a quick time frame. I have been meaning to try it, thanks for the reminder. Ordered the bacon as @itsheresomewhere's friend suggests, and pleased that my IP baby back ribs will be a monthly staple since my box will likely not change each month, and I made sure to add them in.
  19. Ack!! Maybe Myvelopes is more what I want...I hate to jump ships too soon. The items you mention (that I didn't quote) about reimbursements and roll overs are items that may cause me problems, as well. I just love the look of YNAB - it is my Pages Document come to life, you know what they say: imitation is the highest form of flattery LOL, so maybe I will find a way to tweak it to give me what I want w/out it being an exact snapshot. You know, not tell it everything haha My brain may fry if I do two trials, YNAB and Myvelopes at once. But, it may just be the shot in the arm I need after not homeschooling in a few years!
  20. I'm glad that worked for you! I could see it working well for some segments of the population, but not for others. The cash back is like free money!
  21. ((Bookie)) Praying for your mom and your family. Expected or not, it is still hard. Scotsman is back from California. No more work trips for a while. Yay! I messed up my lovely planners so now I have the fun job of recreating them each week. Remind me to leave well enough alone next time. I had a big meeting with Quiet Boy to talk about high school plans and curriculum choices. He said it really finally hit him that he is growing up. He's not too sure how he feels about that. We have math down (Saxon), but the rest is a bit convoluted. He took a look at Time4Learning high school offerings and liked what he saw. I think it is a "soft" choice, but the cost is doable. Good thing we have time to work it out. Tomorrow I get the fun of having a similar conversation with The Girl. I must also make a menu. I have burned out on cooking so need to find some motivation. Got any good recipes that are simple and not spicy? We like lots of chicken.
  22. If she likes to write, maybe doing NaNoWriMo? If she likes to draw, I have suggestions on that front that worked well for my artsy kids in various subjects and produced some impressive work. Math is harder. I wonder if you could go sideways in math for a bit, and study something like geometry. Teach some constructions and things like that, which could be shown as evidence of her work without causing her extra stress.
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